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  1. I have that too. It's a virus? It says "HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED"
  2. Me 262... ummmm... well 2+6-2=6 YES!!!! launch is 6th June confirmed.
  3. I want the DD now or I will kill a kitten!!!
  4. No DD this week? Only can be one thing HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!!!!!!!
  5. And I think that in some cases the P47 have the same issue with cowling flaps.
  6. I am not sure if you are ok with this but I describe mi procedure: -Center with Numpad 5. -Put your head where you want trying maintain looking forward. I recomend in german planes with non centered cross move your head when the cross is aligned with right eye. -Now press F10 for save the position. -For ensure you are ok look forward with the relaxed head and hit Numpad 5 again. When you hit F10 the game saves this position as default for that plane only. You need do this every plane in game. If the position is too forced you can make this procedure in steps. If you don't like this position in 2D mode, repeat again when are in 2D mode and again in VR mode. Sorry for my bad english. Edited because I wrote "left eye" when I mean "right eye", sorry.
  7. YES!!! Thanks for the help. I didn't find that new keys in the bottom. Thanks to both.
  8. I was trying interconnect the controls but I can't do it. There's a key for that? I try CTRL+S without result, maybe I am doing something wrong. I have all real in realism options.
  9. Some flights and duels with Dr1 in VR and I don't regret every euro I spent in Flying Circus!!! Thanks devs for give a new life to RoF!!!
  10. Jason, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!!! Years awaiting for a reworked RoF and I have Oculus now. Don't forget bring back the bombers again.
  11. I think that canon weight higher because the barrel goes between cilinders. 109 pilots had canon in the floor, with higher mounted cannon you would need longer nose too.
  12. I have a good experience with it. If you have your left eye better than me with german gunsights. I only see some blurry (40 or 50% maybe) with that eye, maybe if your lazyness is bigger you can have problems but it's ok for me. You sense that you are inside of the cockpit really. If your fault is not severe you will goes well in VR, that was my concern too before get the VR goggles.
  13. No problem mate, I have a lazy eye too and my lazy eye is the right side... a shame for german planes (my favourites BTW). But it doesn't stops the VR inmersion at all. You only need lean a little bit to right to see with the left eye. If your lazy eye is the left no problem. A workaround for cases like mine would be cool BTW.
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