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  1. Yeah, I've calmed down now. It's all good. I was just very tired of converting data and made a knee-jerk post.
  2. Why is a serious flight sim using mmHg as a unit of pressure? inHg or hPa are the standard units of measure in the aviation world. What gives here?
  3. Wish I had known about this. A month or so ago on WoL I was shot-up during startup on the airfield with no AC in sight. Server crashed shortly after as well.
  4. Devs have stated Single Player is where their focus lays. I wouldn't get my hopes up about a fix any time soon.
  5. ? If you're standing on the brakes you should be able to throttle up to 45% no problem. That warms it up fairly fast.
  6. The server operators are extremely reluctant to share any of their back-end, which is within their right but disappointing. You're going to have to learn to reinvent the wheel.
  7. Interesting. No matter how much I play with my settings the map colours remain consistent. At least on Coconut's server.
  8. Yes, so incredibly realistic that with a mission ambient temp of 21°C you have to warm your engine for 5ish minutes. It's an absolute joke IMO and does nothing to improve the experience or gameplay. Winter or fall temps? sure, fair enough. I personally think it's dumb but if the TAW creators want it fine. Again, in summer temps? dumb.
  9. It's the way BoS labels the data, until the devs fix it you won't see the name. Thanks for the response. Loving the software.
  10. Interesting. All I am able to see are objects within my visual range. This has been confirmed with a flight on my test server with 40 players on. Is there a way to set up TacView to record server wide? Like it does in DCS? Or is this not supported by BoS? I'm really enjoying the software and our group is definitely going to be getting some licenses.
  11. Coconut's Expert Server is what you want. http://coconutside.eu:81/
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