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  1. Hi all: my deepest gratitude to the team Lots and lots of enjoying moments spent at the sim, no words to express it
  2. Hi all I am having problems since a time with clouds and blurring, tried differente settings with no success. When an object like a plane is in front a cloud, a blur is surrounding the object shape Here an image is better explanatory My current graphic settings My system is an Intel i5 6500 (3,2ghz) 16Gb Ram and a Nvidia GTX 950 (Sure not the best but it used to run IL2 ok, with a solid 60FPS in all times) What can I do? Thanks in advance
  3. If I am still on time, please register me as central, Pasao But I can fly whatever could be needed Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all the comunity I am sure it has been discussed many times, but also I have suffered it many times, as many as I play FC It is a pain to fly near every time with the stick near all full foward in more or less degree depending each plane Coming from ROF where we have response curves for each plane, I am not going to request the same, but almost something you can fix the neutral point of elevator in land (like -44% in Dr1 by example). The instant you relax the pressure, stall appears as the plane suddenly jumps up. To have the oportunity to fix in settings the initial pitch or displace the movement of joystick, only for ww1 planes Please, give it a thought about it, a simple solution, something. Thanks in advance
  5. First of all, I want to congrat you for the magnificent job Just as a suggestion, could be possible to have ranking per plane as we have ranking per pilot? May be an improvement to a better knowledge of plane types and their perfomance regards
  6. Just some sugerences Older games have had heavies, b17, b24, lancaster... they are a classic Well, one way to avoid limitations of number of AI gunners y to treat all them as only one, I know it is a simplification but it is efective. All the gunners from a plane aim to a single point, all like one, the you have limited computing time for multiple gunners, they are acting as onlyone Take this as an idea
  7. Buenos dias Hace muchos años que conozco a Supongo y tambien hace muchos años que le doy al Radio Control. Siempre que vuelo este avion me acuerdo de el por la gran aficcion que tiene y en especial con el 109. Estas pasadas navidades en un calenton rapido me hice un Me 109 G de corcho y electrico con un acabado muy maqueta. Queria algo que pudiera llevar montado en el coche, llegar a la pista de vuelo sacar y volar, pero que fuera bonito. La casa Dynam hace unos modelos muy majos, a falta de bateria y receptor, la calidad es china, dan un poco de guerra, pero que seria el aeromodelismo sin problemas. Enlace al modelo: http://www.dynam-rc.cn/Product/view/id/176.html Que decir, el modelo tiene una presencia muy buena y vuela realmente bien, lo peor es el aterrizaje, el tren retractil es muy delicado y ademas es estrecho, con facilidad para capotar Despega en apenas 2 metros y trepa muy bien, la acrobacia básica la hace toda: Loopings, toneles, hammerhead, immelman, caidas de ala...... Volando parece el de verdad, menos el sonido claro. Se monta en un pis pas y esos acabados en madera o fibra cuesta mucho conseguirlos en casa, y todo por 150 eur, ¿que mas se puede pedir? Unos datos: Envergadura 1,27 metros Peso 1450 gramos Potencia 500-600 watios (1cv son 736 watios) ya os podeis imaginar la relacion peso potencia Tiempo de vuelo 12 minutos (Le puse baterias de 4S 3000mah) Pongo unas fotos que se aprecia mejor:
  8. Hi all I want to show my gratitude to Thorrahrafn (hrafnkolbrandr) by the organizated event, really a distinctive point in simulation. We joined a lot of pilots, with intense fights, to the point a bit of lag appeared. I saw my oportunity with the AI, as there was a lot of good pilots, and focused on balloons and drones. Of course I got some kills of real pilots but there was thruly aces like Ben Dover who left few options to the rest of mortals All in all, we got 90 minutes of very intense dogfight, people fighting for the longest streak, avoiding to die, in spite of bombs over airfield, not an easy tasks. Well, I got some nervous and sudoration, if you get for real, the exciting is measured in tons Again my total gratitude to Thorrahrafn and the comunity for the event
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