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  1. Hi all I want to show my gratitude to Thorrahrafn (hrafnkolbrandr) by the organizated event, really a distinctive point in simulation. We joined a lot of pilots, with intense fights, to the point a bit of lag appeared. I saw my oportunity with the AI, as there was a lot of good pilots, and focused on balloons and drones. Of course I got some kills of real pilots but there was thruly aces like Ben Dover who left few options to the rest of mortals All in all, we got 90 minutes of very intense dogfight, people fighting for the longest streak, avoiding to die, in spite of bombs over airfield, not an easy tasks. Well, I got some nervous and sudoration, if you get for real, the exciting is measured in tons Again my total gratitude to Thorrahrafn and the comunity for the event
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