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  1. Were all the 4 guns being triggered by the same trigger in the FW190D9 (and a couple of other german aircraft)? No dual stage or anything like that?
  2. Thank you very much for your answers - they are very informative. It all makes sense - there is no "Jack of All Trades"! The way the War in the air was fought changed over the years and no single airframe could suit all the needs. I still have a few questions if you don't mind: In the old Il-2 Sturmovik I simply adored the FW-190 A8. I was never an ace but I could kill anything and everything with a bit of luck and patience. Do you think the upcoming A8 could flip the charts and establish itself as a "BF Successor"? On the other hand we will also be getting a BF109 K4. Unfortunately, all I remember from the good-old Il-2 was that is was heavy... How do you rate it's chances in the upcoming Update? Last but not least is the Dora... Am I right in thinking that she was the ultimate Queen of the high-altitude BnZ? Or was the Kurfurst in her way as well? The DCS Dora left me with a bit of a "is that it?" kind of feeling. Perhaps it was only due to the damage model and lack of a proper map (now available). Either way, I'm hoping for more and wonder if the ultimate dogfighter is among the upcoming aircraft. You must admit that if after Bodenplatte we are still calling upon Freidrichs and Gustavs to face the Mustangs there is something wrong here..
  3. Hi, As far as I know (from reading the forums), Bf109 F4 is considered the most manoeuvrable Messerschmidt in Il-2, with the Bf109 G2 following closely (with higher climb rates and dive speeds but smaller turn rate). How do the FW190 A3 & A5 fare with the new FM (which totally messed up my understanding of the "Il-2 Aircraft Usefulness Ladder")? I always thought that being the most modern Luftwaffe fighter aircraft in the game they would outclass any of the Bf109 family planes. They do so when armament is concerned but can they really compete in the "Best Fighter" race against the Bf's? Someone once told me: " If you want to take someone out of the sky use the Bf, if you want to do this wearing white gloves go for the FW".. That made me think that the Focke-Wulf was superior. Faster rolls, more power, more ata, stronger guns etc. However, reading some posts here and on other sites I see many people criticising the 190 and preferring the 109. I personally hate the barely-telegraphed pre-stall and lack of frontal visibility but overall I'd stay with the FW. Could you tell me what your thoughts on this subject are and how potent you think the FW190 is in dogfighting compared to the 109. Thanks for reading!
  4. Thanks a lot! I only now noticed your response! I will try it out tomorrow! Thanks!
  5. I'm confused too. With the text aids enabled the "neutral 0%" position seems to be at a "-0,5 degrees" on the gauge... :/
  6. I'd like all the Axis aircraft please, if possible...
  7. Hi, I have convinced a few of my friends to purchase BoS (it's a start ). We wanted to get a private mission/server with no time limit and all the available flyable aircraft. I have already applied for the second account to run the DServer from but tonight I discovered that I cannot use the Editor as it crashes giving me 3 different D3D errors. I found here that others also have this problem and so far the fixes from 1C/777 did not help. I tried the official auto-fixes and RegEdit'ing the registry myself but with no luck. Would anybody here be willing to create a mission for us with the below parameters and send the file to us so that we could run it? - 10:00 am - no time limit - all aircraft (BoS, BoM, BoK, Collector) available on one field - all aircraft ground start - all mods available I assume the password is setup in DServer, not in Editor? Thanks!
  8. Thank you both for your answers. Oh well, I guess I'll live On the other hand I pre-purchased BoK but see no BoK Campaign yet. I suppose BoK Early Access doesn't enable this just yet?
  9. Hi, I have a question about the Tags under my forum picture. I'm a proud owner of BoS, BoM and BoK but as you can see in this post only the first and third tags appear.. Any idea why? Thanks in advance!
  10. Same here. Tried all the above suggestions but nothing works for me :/
  11. How is BoS FM compared to DCS (Dora or Kurfürst) FM?
  12. Is Oculus Rift 6dof or 3dof?
  13. Anticipating the 109 we all look like a bunch of kids in front of a candy shop waiting for the door to open...
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