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  1. So there was extra delay with NV*** from UK to battlefield, this was reasonable when front line squadrons didn't suffer heavy loss in air combat or by Flak, no need to replace old A/C. It seems in late 1944 only late EJ*** arrived battlefield, we don't know how many of them equipped with Sabre IIB. Still no stories about EJ828 and NV715.
  2. Do you have the record of A/C series numbers for all tempest Squadrons before 1945? Picture and text record are OK. I believe with the series number and production rate, we can figure out the service time frame of several production batches. Pay attention to these A/C In late 1944, EJ800-EJ846, EJ859-EJ896 (probably 11lbs boost) NV639-NV682, NV695-NV735 (definitely 11lbs boost) @Talon_ @56RAF_Talisman
  3. 1)A portion of 2nd Batch with EJ*** series number was equipped with Sabre IIB engine which always has 11 lbs boost on 100/130 fuel. 2) All of 2nd batch production joined the war before 1st Jan 1945. Futhermore, NV715 (3rd batch) had a victory on on 23 Jan 1945, NV715 is the 63rd A/C of the 3rd batch, with 12 A/C production rate, the first NV639 was five weeks earlier, obviously joined the war no later than middle December 1944. 23 Jan Bf109 1 486 S/L A.E. Umbers SA- (NV715) Rheine Another reference, http://www.hawkertempest.se/index.php/survivors/2015-01-19-19-22-20/nv7783 Nv778 joined army on 26 Jan 1945, while NV772 had a victory on 1 Feb 1945, so NV772-778 joined the war on later than late January 1945. 1 Feb Fw190 1 274 F/L W.J. Hibbert JJ-M (NV772) Rheine area NV778 is 49 after NV715, 4 weeks time gap, NV 715 probably joined the war late December 1944, then NV 639 was no later than late November 1944. Conclusion: More than 60 Tempests of 3rd batch(With NV***) joined the war before 1st January 1945.
  4. Second production batch of 300 aircraft built by Hawker Aircraft Ltd, Langley, Buckinghamshire. EJ504, EJ518-EJ560, EJ577-EJ611, EJ626-EJ672, EJ685-EJ723, EJ739-EJ788, EJ800-EJ846, EJ859-EJ896. Series 2 aircraft, Sabre IIA engines with modifications, short-barrel cannon, spring tab ailerons. Deliveries commenced 5-44, completed 9-44; average rate of production approximately 18 aircraft per week. Second production batch of 300 Tempest Vs built by Hawker at Langley: EJ504; EJ518-EJ560; EJ577-EJ611; EJ616-EJ-672; EJ685-EJ723; EJ739-EJ788; EJ-800-EJ846; EJ859-EJ896 Sabre IIA or IIB, Hispano V cannon, spring-tab ailerons Deliveries commenced 5-44; completed 9-44 18 aircraft per week. (From Francis K Mason Hawker Aircraft Since 1960, 1991 page 567 http://www.hawkertempest.se/index.php/piloter/victories 29 Sept Fw190 1 56 S/L D.V.C. Cotes-Preedy US-C (EJ721) Emmerich area 29 Sept Fw190 1 56 F/L A.R. Moore US-M (EJ741) Emmerich area 19 Nov Me262 1/2 1/2 486 P/O O.D. Eagleson F/L Taylor-Cannon SA- (JN858) SA- (EJ828) Rheine The last A/C with EJ896 series number, is 55 after EJ828 which had a victory on 19 Nov 1944, that's only three weeks gap(18 aircraft per week), so the last A/C of 2nd Batch(EJ896) joined the war no later than 10 December. This is the hard evidence that SabreIIB engine involved in 1944's battle.
  5. Good points, but let's be conservative. 1) Assume modification from IIA to IIB took place from 1st September 1944. 2) Assume this modification 100% completed in 28 February. From March 1945, 60% victories from 3rd & 4th production batch, plus upgraded IIA for 2nd batch tempests, I believe most Tempests were on 11 lbs in March 1945 on front line. 3) Assume the modification rate is linear. 1st September 1944 is Day one, 28 Feb 1945 is Day 180, then 1st January 1945 is Day 123, which means 123/180= 68.3% of Sabre IIA had been modified to 11 lbs boost when Bodenplatte began. On 30 November 1944, around 50% Tempest were 11 lbs boost. Above is the most conservative estimation, when your multiple things are considered, perhaps more than 80% Tempests were on 11lbs boost when Luftwaffe began to attack on 1945 new year‘s day. In September when Dora appeared, 5 victories, all by EJ, on 29-30 September. In October, 4 victories, all by EJ & JN. In November, 6 victories, all by EJ & JN. In December, 37 victories, all by EJ & JN In January 1945, 44 victories, 1 by JN, 2 by NV, 41 by EJ Around 52 victories in 1944, 37 of them = 71% of all 1944 victories took place in December when more than half Tempests were 11 lbs (most conservative estimation). My conclusion: For bodenplatte operation scenario, 9 lbs Tempest is the minority.
  6. Tempest Production: 1st Batch: Start with JN. ? Engine 2nd Batch: Start with EJ. Sabre IIA engine 3rd Batch: Start with NV. Sabre IIB engine 4th Batch: Start with SN. Sabre IIB engine Sabre IIB engine was always 11lbs, while Sabre IIA engine was 9 lbs initially then converted to Sabre IIB. Is it correct? According to Tempest Victories: http://www.hawkertempest.se/index.php/piloter/victories In September when Dora appeared, 5 victories, all by EJ, on 29-30 September. In October, 4 victories, all by EJ & JN. In November, 6 victories, all by EJ & JN. In December, 37 victories, all by EJ & JN In January 1945, 44 victories, 1 by JN, 2 by NV, 41 by EJ In Feb, 21 victories, 11 by EJ, 10 by NV In March, 35 victories, 20+ by NV, several SN, others are EJ In April, 61 victories, 46 by NV & SN, others are JN/EJ. Conclusion: In January 1945, production 3rd batch with Sabre IIB Tempest were in the service, but the quantity is small. In February, Sabre IIB Tempests account for 50% victories. From September to December 1944, Sabre IIA engine Tempest were the absolute mainstream, however, their conversion to IIB status is unknown. We don't know how much of them were upgraded to 11 lbs setup in late 1944.
  7. Tempest couldn't shoot down luftwaffe when they couldn't find them in July & August 1944. When Tempest squadron bases moved to the continent? Tempest,109 and 190 are short ranged aircraft.
  8. Do you mean July & Aug 1944? Tempests were busy shooting down V1 in 1944 Summer, that's my memory.
  9. http://www.hawkertempest.se/index.php/piloter/victories Tempest had victories in Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. 1944. In Game, on D day(Operation Overlord) Fly a 9 lbs Tempest against 109G6/190A8 is quite interesting. On 8 June, Luftwaffe lost three 109G due to Tempest. In 1944 late, totally 21 Fw190A/G? shot down by Tempest, none of them was Dora. In the whole January 1945, the bodenplatte operation, no Dora lost due to Tempest. Dora did get involved in Bodenplatte, but I guess Dora and Tempest did not meet each other before Feb 1945.
  10. Third production batch of 199 aircraft built by Hawker Aircraft Ltd, Langley, Buckinghamshire. NV639-NV682, NV695-NV735, NV749-NV793, NV917-NV948, NV960-NV996. Sabre IIB engines and spring tab ailerons. Deliveries commenced 9-44, completed 2-45; average rate of production approximately 12 aircraft per week. early 44: 9lbs late 44: 11lbs early 1945: 13lbs
  11. Excited to fly Tempest in the new IL2 series!
  12. Hello Alex, I'm Glen. Looking forward to your contribution for Tempest again!
  13. Nice to see my post 5 years ago. BOBP almost makes my dream come true.
  14. If it's 11 lbs in BOBP, I will buy it.
  15. Don't be too modest,your English is OK.
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