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  1. I would love to have a go unfortunately i swear too much and have a harsh Belfast accent Hals und beinbruch
  2. 9./JG52 Will fly Blue Hals und beinbruch
  3. Hi Smokefan were not currently active in BOX . But will be having another look at it soon. Thanks Hals und beinbruch
  4. Sorry for the delay in answering , in a word no. Not at the minute . Just pop in to this forum now and again have a look around then bugger off again. Personally i am waiting for the P47 to make its appearance because i love that bird. Might pop into one of the servers to have a quick buzz around but as a unit we fly CLOD. However i will put it around the Staffel and might have another bash at Box series. Hals und beinbruch
  5. Oh yes my South Afican chum tis i Stappers now flying for Fat Hermans lot and LOOOVING it Hals und beinbruch
  6. What a beauty the f model is, cant wait to get into that. The detail in the Welly gun position looks fantastic with all the rivets around the metalwork good job fellas Hals und beinbruch
  7. Salute Boo , many thanks for arranging this event , I am away on hols but on getting in contact with my Staffel mates I know they enjoyed it big time. We look forward to the next one ,well done mate From all at 9./JG52 Hals und beinbruch
  8. Hey V your gonna struggle to fit your fat arse into an obutto lol
  9. Yeah np mate best to fly with dudes around your own time zone. BTW this is not a recruiting post by me just a reply to someone who wanted a bit of help with the game and flying FW190 threre is a separate thread in this forum for recrfuiting.Also look at the above post there a bit of info on there about finding bods to help you out Hals und beinbruch
  10. Hey mate myself and a couple of pilots from my staffel 9./JG52 have just started getting back into BOS and decided to give the FW190 a go.If you want to wing up with us for some sorties your more than welcome. We are Euro trash except me and Mindle cos we are UK based, Brexit and all that lol So if that timezone suits you and you are interested then pm me or reply on here. Hals und beinbruch
  11. Nice to see you got FNBF up and running again Tip Hals und beinbruch
  12. Best wishes fellas from all at 9./JG52 (Karaya))
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