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  1. Just read this now after being away with work , i am absolutely blown away by this news ,Gutted. Words fail me. RIP Chunko mate
  2. Well , what do you know a screen shot of us in the pilot list back in the day when we used to fly these missions and a screeniy of my trusty 109 after a run on an il2. Hals und beinbruch
  3. Hi there yes we have a channel on TAW ts and a channel on ATAG ts. Hals und beinbruch
  4. Sorry mate forgot to put it up its http://www.9jg52.com/ Meyer
  5. Salute all. This Staffel has now officially become active in BOX. And is currently flying in the excellent TAW campaign. We are looking to add some pilots to our ranks, so if your interested send me a pm on here or apply officialy on our website. Hals und beinbruch 9./JG52 Meyer
  6. Salute Kwaitek, R.I.P Condolences to his family and squadmates From all at 9./JG52 (Karaya) Hals und beinbruch
  7. I would love to have a go unfortunately i swear too much and have a harsh Belfast accent Hals und beinbruch
  8. Hi Smokefan were not currently active in BOX . But will be having another look at it soon. Thanks Hals und beinbruch
  9. Sorry for the delay in answering , in a word no. Not at the minute . Just pop in to this forum now and again have a look around then bugger off again. Personally i am waiting for the P47 to make its appearance because i love that bird. Might pop into one of the servers to have a quick buzz around but as a unit we fly CLOD. However i will put it around the Staffel and might have another bash at Box series. Hals und beinbruch
  10. Oh yes my South Afican chum tis i Stappers now flying for Fat Hermans lot and LOOOVING it Hals und beinbruch
  11. What a beauty the f model is, cant wait to get into that. The detail in the Welly gun position looks fantastic with all the rivets around the metalwork good job fellas Hals und beinbruch
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