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  1. At the moment, when my tank is hit and say only my gunner dies, this puts me out of action and forces me to bail and grab a new tank, as nobody will replace the gunner in his position. War Thunder has a pretty nice system in for this. In the meantime though in IL-2 it's a bit of a hamper because one hit that might not have killed anyone else in the tank, or maybe I got bombed and my driver's hatch was open, I need to drop everything because of the loss of one guy.
  2. I brought it up in CB about 2 weeks ago, and a couple people were saying they havent noticed, I imagine because they have low-grade headphones (or not even headphones, but external speakers). This has been an issue for many many months now, and I've been alerted to nearby allied aircraft because of it, saving me quite a lot when flying axis. To add to this thread overall, this is an issue that really only seems to plague the allied aircraft, and at least every single allied BoBp aircraft.
  3. Another day goes by, and it's still silent on the dev side...
  4. There are no coolant and aftercoolant vents on the P-51D ingame. It's not even there on the model and yeah overheating doesn't really happen often with the 51 ingame, but I thought I might as well give a heads up. At minimum perhaps the model could be corrected. The vents can even be faked w/o changing the model by use of the diffuse, alpha channel and normal maps.
  5. While at it I'd like to request a bump in the rendering distance for tracers and contrails. The rendering distance for fire and their smoke trails off of planes is waaaay farther than tracers and contrails as it stands now. I can't really comment on plane spotting though, as I use the Rift S. Last time I played IL-2 on a monitor was December....it's been a while
  6. I was also of the opinion that tech chat is really just fluff that wasn't a necessity and got in the way more than anything (everything you need is right in your cockpit, but...), and normally I'd still think so. But it was brought to my attention that at least in the P-47, it's not possible to check what your bomb and rocket fire modes are, as the switches and indicators are not animated. So to get around this issue, it might be a good idea to have tech chat turned back on until this bug is fixed?
  7. Thing is, there seems to be a different experience with .50s between singleplayer and multiplayer. In MP, it's in fact no small minority that share these opinions. When shooting at players, they can take quite a bit of .50 and carry my lead back to their home to be recycled and then shot back at me 😆. However, if I go into a place with AI, such as Combat Box training, the experience with .50s is rather significantly different. Fires happen a lot, I'd say twice more often, as do pilot kills, against the AI. The issue with .50s I believe is probably mostly in this area....why is the ruggedn
  8. VR in IL-2 stutters really bad when action starts. It's actually no joke made the game nearly unplayable. This never happened when the deferred shading update dropped. Between now and the update that followed deferred shading I've been absent from the game, so I can't pinpoint which hotfix essentially broke the game. While I'm at it there are other issues. The game crashes fairly often, normally once or twice a week. It's the most unstable game or sim that I have. AND there is this weird issue that hits occasionally where my head is suddenly glued to the canopy glass, and ALL of my co
  9. Supergirl created and flown by myself https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kN4wtlrLZ6AbDADuLGrDRbsrndbAqxsi
  10. Please take a look at the drag modeling from damage. It's very exaggerated for minor hits, and then not for major hits. It's very inconsistent
  11. Can we get that gun harmonization for .50s? For the 51 right now (haven't checked 47) fire off all six guns fire at once, in sync. I suspect we might not have dispersion patterns currently either, but it's harder to notice that.
  12. Bump. I want to see this. It gets really irritating when just my gunner is killed, and it essentially puts me out of action, even if his death is the only serious damage I got, and even if I'm no longer being attacked. This is making it difficult to enjoy tank gameplay.
  13. I took a look at his sortie log, one of his kills was only spawned in for four minutes, the plane never took off. Confirmed, Amni vulches. And it's not just Amni participating in this kind of activity of orbiting and vulching, but it happened a lot with 262s when they came out. To be clear, I don't have a hate streak for Amni, the groups, etc. Tbh these are new names to me. But this is the activity I noticed, and it's in the logs for you to take a look at.
  14. So this was my first time on TAW. Not just the server, but the entire campaign. The second map is due to end tomorrow, in favor of the axis. These are things I've noticed, liked, and disliked about TAW. Good things 1) I love the dynamic system. The importance of objectives and how they affect aircraft and the front lines is brilliant. This already makes this server top tier on the Great Battle's server list. No other server has had a system like this, and is significant enough for me to label it as one of the best servers on the list, and in some ways the best. This is incredibly e
  15. The exhaust trails in IL-2 are absolutely overdone. I understand that these trails were visible (particularly using the water injection), and the fuel was in rough shape. Honestly, the intensity of these trails on average need to be toned back by like 40%, maybe 50%. But it varies per aircraft. Such as the Merlin powered aircraft, there should be hardly any trail behind them, even during WEP (as they aren't water injected, and it's merely a little bit more throttle allowed). Not saying for Merlins it should be non-existent, but it needs to be toned back a lot. On top of that these exhau
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