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  1. I also very much hope to see IL-4 appear! In fact, I am willing to buy any bomber at the price of a PREMIUM EDITION. But I may be a minority?
  2. Can you share the skin of PE2 with us? please~
  3. I have been focusing on bombers since 1946. In the BOS era, I was surprised at the fineness of the machine gunner's seat. But unfortunately, so far we have used a streamlined bomber interface. I hope I can return to the correct bomber one day.
  4. Yesterday, I got a pleasant experience with my friends on the server. Thank you team for making such a great server. Would you like to ask if the bomber must land at the airport that was originally taken off, otherwise the team will lose a bomber?
  5. Even if they can't do PTO because of actual difficulties, I only hope that they only pay attention to World War II. If they really do Korean war, it is when I leave IL2.
  6. 9./JG5_a9305093

    Air waltz

    Author: IV./JG5_Poork
  7. I really like this style.
  8. Congratulations on your successful mission. But be careful not to be as funny as we were a few days ago...
  9. author : III./JG5_xjllovefy
  10. Thank you for joining friends Author: III./JG5_sanjiaoE
  11. Why does the background have the national flag of Japan?
  12. In this action, 2/3 of our group was a novice who participated for the first time. So the results were quite bad, but we are still very grateful to you for helping us to record it.
  13. After this revision, I cannot video in the game. How do you solve it?
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