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  1. I also very much hope to see IL-4 appear! In fact, I am willing to buy any bomber at the price of a PREMIUM EDITION. But I may be a minority?
  2. Can you share the skin of PE2 with us? please~
  3. I have been focusing on bombers since 1946. In the BOS era, I was surprised at the fineness of the machine gunner's seat. But unfortunately, so far we have used a streamlined bomber interface. I hope I can return to the correct bomber one day.
  4. Yesterday, I got a pleasant experience with my friends on the server. Thank you team for making such a great server. Would you like to ask if the bomber must land at the airport that was originally taken off, otherwise the team will lose a bomber?
  5. Even if they can't do PTO because of actual difficulties, I only hope that they only pay attention to World War II. If they really do Korean war, it is when I leave IL2.
  6. 9./JG5_a9305093

    Air waltz

    Author: IV./JG5_Poork
  7. I really like this style.
  8. Congratulations on your successful mission. But be careful not to be as funny as we were a few days ago...
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