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  1. Thanks for that info, appreciate it. What I'm hoping for, is new voices for the UK - for Cliffs of Dover as well the expansion of course. Does "Commonwealth voices for those flying Commonwealth Squadrons" cover that? (apologies if that is a dumb question!). Thanks -
  2. I am hoping that there will be new player and new AI squadronmate voices. Of course hoping for repair and improvement of the whole AI communication menu too, but those voices.... I know this might sound to some like an unimportant thing to single out for it's own thread, but for me as a single player guy if it's the same horrible AI communication, with the same one or two guys flying for the entire RAF like has been the case since 2011, I just don't know if I can handle it. Any chance? If not with release, is it something genuinely on the team's list? Buying either way, but fingers are crossed! Thanks and good luck with the release. PS I'm sure you have done some work on the AI in various forms, as release approaches it would be cool, particularly for single player folks, if you could maybe start up some threads/posts highlighting it. Even if it's not that much, or it's coming after release, a few paragraphs of info regarding what you've discovered since working with the source code in regards AI improvements/plans would be worth as much as months worth of screenshots and videos.
  3. Really great news about the career mode ! Can't wait to try it out.
  4. Thanks so much for getting this going! And thanks Jason for supporting it. Just had my first try; had a BosCampaign freeze/crash after I had created my pilot and tried to double click on the pic, maybe this was because I hadn't flown a mission yet so there was no pilot log to see? Anyway tried again, this time went just fine. Used simple config and had air activity on high and ground on medium, very long load time for the mission but once in it everything played normally (i.e. I was shot down pretty fast). Time accel only went to 2x for some reason, unless that's all we're still allowed to go to? It's been a while so I'm not up on things. Great to see this up and running, and hope you enjoy your vacation Pat!
  5. Well if that's true it might make sense as to why it's been restricted across the board. Hopefully this will come to pass, and time compression can be freely used in Offline mode. Of course, across all modes would be great, but I can at least see the point (not that I necessarily agree with it) of restricting it in online mode. In Offline mode, I can't really think on why you'd restrict it (unless of course like Mastiff mentions it actually breaks something in the game).
  6. Yikes, good point - hadn't even thought about that. Finkeren, I was thinking mostly about custom single missions or campaigns, where flight times might be longer than in the existing campaign system. By the way I agree that the way the existing campaign is structured the flights are pretty 'short'. I get that you don't see it as much of a problem, and that's cool for you, but it's all relative, know what I mean? Your (and even my) 'short' flight might be something entirely different to another person with different circumstances. I guess my main question is, in playing in Offline mode, why not have the opportunity to use more than 2x time compression if you'd like to? Am I wrong in thinking that in Offline mode, you can't add anything to your XP/unlocks?
  7. Since it's not looking so great for any increase in time compression past 2x in 'online' mode, I'm hoping to make a case for at least allowing it in offline mode. The case being, well, why not? If you're in 'Offline' mode, you can't zip through the missions to gain unlocks and xp (which I guess is why it was capped at 2x) right? This way people who play custom missions or campaigns can start the sim in 'Offline' mode and use time acceleration (or not) to their heart's content. Of course I'd rather just be able to use it past 2x in any mode I want to, but I think making a suggestion for offline mode would at least take care of any issues the devs might have with regards to unlocks. What do people think? I feel like it could be another good issue for them to compromise a bit on, make people (well, me at least) a little happier in having some more control over how I'd like to play.
  8. Hi at work and wondering about time compression - if someone who has activated the unlocks wouldn't mind letting us know, can you go above 2x time compression in the campaign now? Really hoping you can
  9. I'm wondering about the same thing - really hope we won't still be stuck at 2x! Great news about the maps and unlocks, it's appreciated; and nice to know you're listening and open to compromises.
  10. Glad someone bumped this thread, played the game again recently to check out Veteran66's mini-campaign (fun) and was bummed to realize that time compression past x2 is even disabled in offline mode. I really hope they revisit this, both in 'online' and 'offline' mode for single player. It just doesn't make any sense to limit the players choices like this. Add me to the list also of people wanting an option to turn off SSAO. For me personally it's not a performance thing, just hate the gauzy effect it gives the screen in cockpit.
  11. Just played the first mission and really enjoyed it - thanks for putting this together! Blitzen, try pressing the letter "O" to bring up the briefing, which brings up a helpful (to me at least) size map. I don't think he made any waypoints with the missions, so you basically have to navigate on your own. Autopilot only circles around (I guess) if there are no waypoints to fly to. I just headed toward the area on the map which indicated 'the front' (red arrows showing army movement, hashed red/blue type lines for the front, etc) and patrolled around there until something happened. The briefing (or maybe the voiceover?) says something to the effect of 'patrol the southwest area' so I patrolled more around that part (the bottom) of the front.
  12. Would be nice to be able to use time acceleration (past 2x) in the single player campaign again; I'm really hoping one of these updates brings back 4x, 8x and 16x.
  13. Agreed - one of the few things I dislike about the Rise of Flight career mode is seeing other players stats when you're in the campagin screens, it 'spoils the mood' a bit I think. There's a button to hide them, but they're always 'unhid' when you go back to the campaign, just doesn't really belong in my opinion. It's cool for people who are into stats and checking out what other players are up to, but just keep it in a different section, or on webpage or whatever.
  14. As a single player flight sim fan, I'm really happy to read today's dev diary and hear that there is hope for a better/different campaign system coming in the future. Seeing this great simulator you've built put into this incongruous shell of unlocks and XP has been pretty disheartening, it's good to know you are aware how many single player fans out there are interested in something else. Please, please keep people updated about these plans, even if they change; just getting an update and knowing that you guys are working on it will I'm sure allieviate a lot of disappoinmtent people felt and get more positive discussions going. Also, great news about possibly more AI aircraft, it really helps add to the feeling of a 'living war' seeing different aircraft going about their buisness.
  15. I really feel like there has to be some kind of genuine misunderstanding on the devs part as to what most flight sim fans are looking for. And I say flight sim fans as that's what most everyone here is, whether they are people who enjoy the single player experience exclusively, multi-player exclusively, or a combo, they like flight sims. Why would removing autopilot and taking away anything but 2x time compression make most flight sim fans happy? How would that make a single player flyer happy? How would that make a multi-player flyer happy? I really just don't understand the reasoning behind it, especially after the feedback about the campaign.
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