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  1. I use a desktop with rolling chair setup on a wooden floor. The VKB T-Rudders are perfect for this setup. I get no chair motion at all while using these pedals. Plus, I personally love the up/down movement of the pedals. It just feels more intuitive to me. Probably because they were my first set of pedals that I stuck with. I originally tried the Saitek Combat pedals with the same desk setup, and they just didn't work. I couldn't use them without my chair moving, and they felt very wrong for me. My brain just didn't want to make the connection. After only one attempt at using them, I sent them back. So for me, the T-Rudders was a completely better experience than the traditional pedals on rails. As far as a desk setup goes, you can't go wrong with the T-Rudders if you can afford to loose the toe brakes (I find the lever axis on my MCG Pro is very satisfying to use as brakes). The build materials and quality make them a bargain IMO.
  2. Same as dburne (per your advice). I love this setup. The trims I use there are elevator and aileron. Rudder trim is setup on my keyboard since it's used much less.
  3. About the set delay option in Joystick Gremlin, do you have a recommended setting for this? I was not aware of this feature.
  4. Use the opportunity to get some rudder pedals. Your life will be changed forever. 😉
  5. The VKB T-Rudder pedals are a great choice to go with rolling chairs. I have a rolling chair on a wooden floor, and because of the up-down configuration of the T-Rudders, I have no issues keeping my chair in place.
  6. I have a Maxnomic Classic Pro model. I originally got it because they're compatible with MonsterTech mounts (I never did get the mounts though). The chair has a price tag, but I can tell it will last for many years. Their chairs are available in different sizes to fit your height/weight. At first I regretted my purchase because any gaming session lasting longer than an hour would become extremely uncomfortable. After about a couple months I noticed I was no longer feeling any discomfort and realized the chair just needed to be broken in. Kind of like a good leather bicycle seat has to form to your sit bones. I now have zero complaints about the chair and am happy with my purchase. I also like it because it looks professional, and not like a teenagers wet dream.
  7. I just recently noticed Formation lights addition to keymaps. Any info on what planes have them, and how to use them is appreciated.
  8. The U-2 is also a good plane to let your spectating friends give a try, if they've never touched a flight sim in their life. 😉
  9. They're back in stock on their NA site. 😁 EDIT: Oops, no KG12's.
  10. From what I was just reading on the ED forums, I guess switching between left and right fuel tanks on the P51 was a real thing. Although, it was in intervals of about 30 minutes. So that doesn't seem too bad. I would not be adverse to a Fuel tank toggle control. But if that did exist, we should also be able to select whether to even use the fuselage and/or drop tank or not.
  11. Did pilots have to switch back and forth between left and right side fuel tanks?
  12. As long as I can keep them both bound to the same control, I'm happy. 😁 That's exactly what I wonted to confirm.
  13. I already do have a second button mapped to Weapon group 3. The problem is that not all overwing guns use Weapon group 3 (like they should). That's my entire point... We already talked about this in another topic. This is a bug report, not a debate.
  14. Because of the way the majority of dual-stage triggers work, planes with overwing guns are not working correctly. Dual-stage triggers work fine when the guns share the same aiming point as in WWII MG/Cannon armed planes. With the introduction of the overwing guns on the SE5a and Albatrose DVa, overwing guns are assigned to Weapon group 2. With this configuration, the main guns on Weapon group 1, have to be engaged in order to fire the overwing guns on Weapon group 2. This breaks the cohesion of a dual-stage trigger and causes the two different firing arcs at the same time. For example: My dual-stage trigger is configured as Weapon group 1 on stage 1, and Weapon group 2 on stage 2. On most of these triggers, stage 1 has to be firing in order to engage stage 2. This works fine as long as all the weapons share the same firing arc. But on the Albatrose DVa, the overwing guns fire in an upward trajectory away from the main guns. But in order to activate them, I have to also be firing my main guns. This problem also arises in the SE5a when the overwing guns are set to the upper firing position. On the Sopwith Dolphin the overwing guns work correctly only if both overwing and underwing guns are equipped. This is because it correctly assigns the main guns to Weapon group 1, underwing guns to Weapon group 2, and overwing guns to Weapon group 3. But if you only equip the overwing guns, and not the underwing guns, the overwing guns are then incorrectly assigned to Weapon group 2, creating the same problems that exist with the SE5a and Albatrose DVa overwing guns. The solution is to always have overwing guns assigned to Weapon group 3, regardless of the aircraft or other mods that are installed on the aircraft. This way dual-stage triggers can be correctly used on both WWI and WWII planes.
  15. Okay, makes sense now. I vaguely remember finding a plane that had both, and thinking "everything I know about Prop pitch has been undone". This kind of clears things up for me.
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