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  1. I recommend to install Java as it is not integrated in MS Edge. Only Adobe is Flash is integated, but has to be activated manually.
  2. … guess you all fly fighter missions/campaigns, don't you? We actually fly a dive bombing campaign, but since 5.04 we unfortunately do not face any russian fighters at all. Sometimes some PE2 show up, fly past and will get downed by 109s escorting us. Guess I still haven't found correct settings.
  3. I depends on the game versions the participant owns. Creating a PWCG coop Campaign we "select all" available planes in PWCG. In the coop mulitplayer lobby (dedicated Server) a participant can see all planes provided by PWCG for the mission, but he can only jump in planes he owns. All other planes are disabled and can not be selected. Hope I got you right.
  4. First of all thank you very much for all that fixes and the actual version!! As for your question; I'm a bit confused as I'm still searching for the option to tell PWCG that human pilots will attend the flight prior to create a misson. (i.e. by simply renaming AI Pilot names to human pilots names). Is there a way to do so? One other thing; I could not test for a long time being on biz trip. Did you change the waypoint system? Yesterday we took off an noted that the target was not marked with a waypoint in the map. As we passed the first or secord waypoint suddenly we got the red target marker for a short time in game and on the map. It disappeard after some time and we got the next waypoint symbol. The red marker did not show up again. This happend two times. Clean 5.02, new campaign.
  5. Hell, still on a biz trip. Can't wait to get home an test the actual version. Thank you so much Pat!
  6. ...sure, but if you are new to this, how should you even divine that "simple settings" will still have an Impact once you tried to configure the mission via the "advanced settings"? In my understanding advanced settings will always override simple settings. Anyway, thank you so much for the hint and the time you spend for the community!
  7. Thanks for that hint. Gonna give this a try today. 6 missions over Stalingrad and we got a single message that anywhere else one (1) IL2 was shot down. We thought that we already doubled the amounts of flights, but who knows what we really are doing there...
  8. So it was coincidence, only. The Stukas were lucky again.. As for the waypoints; no need to "get rid" of waypoints if there is way to disable them in the briefing or simply tweak an entry in the advanced config. I spent hours tweaking the Flight category with no success, but I did not check the Mission Limit category… my bad, sorry. One more thing; is it important for the success of the mission to return to the airfield where we depatured, or can we land at any safe airfield behind the front line? Thank you Pat.. und dank Dir Yogiflight!
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