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  1. Remonter le temps This site is from the IGN (Institut Géographique National) the french national survey administration. It covers the whole France and you can compare actual aerial photo with historical aerial photos taken just after world war II. As an example I've attached a screenshot with the airfield of Saint-André-de-l'Eure wich is in the boudaries of the projected map. On the 1947 photo you can still see the scars from allied bombing on the airfield. It can help your map designers with the rendering of any city, airfield, harbour, railway station according to aerial photos taken from 1947. And PLEASE dont put the Pont de Normandie at the mouth of the Seine as they did on Cliff of Dover map (it didn't existed in 1945!)
  2. Strange choice for map boundaries when you look at the real map for the battle of Normandy.....
  3. Non aucun intérêt d'essayer de raisonner quelqu'un qui a la réflexion d'un enfant de 4 ans.... Entendre une litanie d'insultes de bac à sable n'éveille pas mon intérêt. Je te laisse à tes fantasmes....
  4. Je me permet de faire une légère remarque (après vous en ferez ce que vous voudrez): Ce post est intitulé "Houhou ......y a quelqu'un là dedans?" A priori il n'est pas dédié aux debriefing de vos sorties hebdomadaires... Faites donc un topic dédié.... Je dis ça je dis rien... mais après vos procès d'intentions sur le topic "skins en WIP et RC " qui a disparu il me semble qu'il serait bon que vous appliquiez à vous même ce que vous exigiez des autres...🙄
  5. Hey guys your alpha is tuned for painted aircrafts on aluminium ones. Yours skins would shine more with a proper alpha tuning. Just an example:
  6. The "Le Grand Charles" was only nv994 wich had not the croix de Lorainne painted on the radiator . NV724 on the above photograph had victory markings, croix de Lorainne and black spinner...
  7. Great update it brings countless hours of playing to figure out every detail included and game improvement. I have a question: do you guys plan to make a winter version of Rheinland map? Operation Bodenplate happened in the heart of winter and it was a very snowy winter....
  8. Thanks all the needed data was there. Now I can go to the drawing board.
  9. Hi all the PzIII can be skinned with two templates one for the chassis and one for the shurtzen. With these two templates we create two DDS, but how do we make them work together in skin selector? What is the correct naming for the two elements?
  10. I was on client side and I had no message of server overload. Anyway I'll ask for harware specifications of our host in order to sort things out.
  11. No we didn't see this message wich is strange. And we did run run other dogfight heavy mission and it runned just fine. This is why I suppose too much bandwith usage at the beginning with mission generated which is problematic with coop missions as we cant re-join later as it is possible in dogfight missions.
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