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  1. One of my squad mate's ride...
  2. High quality team brings high expectations.... Take the rude comments as a recognition of the global high quality of your work. I know it seems stupid but most people can't think out of good/bad, black/white. The quality level of this simulation is among the highest I've ever seen. We have tons of improvements, we have regular patches, and we have quick hotfixes when there is a problem. I don't usually throw flowers to the team but this time you guys deserve it. So be it.
  3. Another famous one...🤩 And I've redone this skin having found better and more detailled data...
  4. Thank you very much... Normandie Niemen yak9 are on the way....
  5. Ok no tracer I understand but no smoke trail?? Come on, did russian had magic powder that left no smoke at all? Whereas every other nation's shells leave a smoke trail in the air?🙃
  6. I-16 canons shells lack smoke trail and have no tracer....
  7. I do love the new damage model. But is it normal that 20mm shells from I-16 canons lack smoke trail and tracer rounds? It makes very difficult to aim now...
  8. Well we will have to adapt to the new rendering... As we did with the actual one...
  9. FW190A8 fired shells casings transparent...
  10. Only the pilot has an oxygen mask... Copilot, gunner, bomber have to do with nothing...
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