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  1. Premier d'une surement loooongue série....
  2. Juste par ce que les membres de mon squad me les réclament à cors et à cris de les faire...
  3. I was on client side and I had no message of server overload. Anyway I'll ask for harware specifications of our host in order to sort things out.
  4. No we didn't see this message wich is strange. And we did run run other dogfight heavy mission and it runned just fine. This is why I suppose too much bandwith usage at the beginning with mission generated which is problematic with coop missions as we cant re-join later as it is possible in dogfight missions.
  5. It was coop generator V4.00. Airfield attack with 3 playable A20 and 3 playable Yak1 in cover Airfield spawn far from target No german playable flight medium air activity Medium clouds Mission set at dawn Nothing really special set as you can see... We experienced server connection lost randomly happenning to random player right at the beginning (we didn't have time to take of). So I suspect too much bandwith usage (ie random player onnection lost). The host was on ADSL with very good ping and high bandwith but not fiber optics for the moment. I read that V5.00 brings trigger activated AAA wich is a very good point, perhaps can you do it for AI planes populating the map too? I know it's a lot of work but it would be a step more in optimisation. Anyway your utility is very good it's just a suggestion to bringt it better.
  6. Hi Vander First thank you very much for this utility witch is a tremendeous step forward for all players that want to play coop but who has no time or capability to use the mission creator. With my squad we tried to run a mission generated with your utility. But we had problems we do not use a dedicated server so the player who host the game plays it at the same like on old IL2-1946. We encountered connection lost because the mission was too much demanding for the broadband even with reduced activity and reduced player number (we were only 6 players with no more AI controlled planes on flights A and B). I think that it was a problem of optimisation with all the AI flights and objects that are generated to populate the map and who are generated no matter what type of objective or mission is chosen in the mission generator. Can you make this AI objects and flight activated with triggers so they are generated only if players are closing in a certain area? That would be a great optimisation and mission generated would run even smoother for everyone. Anyway thant you again for your hard work it opens up a lot of possibilities for everyone and your tool should be integrated in official release considering its benefits.
  7. Non désolé mais il y a déjà pas mal de temps que je ne partage plus mes skins qu'au sein de mon escadrille... J'ai soupé des coupeurs de poils en 4 qui me disaient que la cocarde de fuselage faisait 1.75m de diamètre et non 1.80m.... (surtout avec les pixels photoshop c'est super pratique...). Bref je ne skinne plus que pour mon plaisir et aussi pour celui de mes potes de vol. Libre à tout le monde de refaire les mêmes ou d'avoir leur propre interprétation.
  8. Pas très politiquement correct....
  9. Les skins de La5Fn sont en test au sein des FAW. Si j'ai des retours positifs je les rendrai publiques sur le site de France-Simulation. Un aperçu des skins en question:
  10. Et le barbacue aussi en plus il fait beau aujourd'hui!
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