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  1. Indeed, despite in the name of holy immersion a player should rather hop on what's available and enter an arena with 200 teammates and opponents.
  2. I should like to add that emergency means for a combat pilot, now and then, save the plane and consequently his skin, not collect points to shine with friends To a remark that wasn't
  3. Holding my breath for a whole minute lasts forever, which happens when I need emergency power, maybe the players who believes more than a minute emergency power should be normal should review their tactics or join the navy
  4. You are, what did you think, that males are genetically superior sim gamers? That you want it be represented, seen the rolling smiley, is a solid argument for NOT representing female pilots in the game :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. How far you manage to twist the head over the shoulders in this kind of slim-fit cockpits?
  6. Funny how some can scream murder for the wrong position of a gauge in a dial and how briely the option to reproduce a female pilot (who served in real combat) can be dismissed.
  7. I really count on the AI being up to expectation. As I feel it, and I hope to be wrong, in human controlled scenarios there will be essentially La5's, Yak's, 109G2's and FW190's, all of which I am personally not fond.
  8. What is really funny is that combat pilots try to keep the mission as short as possible (they get tired and when they are tired the danger of being killed is higher), but I see that many, understandably, size the preferred duration on their gaming schedule. Once again, immersion is more of a point of view than a consensual measure.
  9. This is what camouflage is for. At times, according to angle, light and background the target briefly melts in the backround such that the hunter loses the instant track of it and has to lock on again. It is so in the natural world, it works bothways for hunters and preys according to various camouflage schemes adapted to the offensive and evasive behaviour and to the natural environment. If you wish not to lose sight of a target ever once you have seen it, you must ask the developer to implement a short range Radar with a 360 degrees (spherical) reach or demand that all the players wear single colour bright orange skin. Btw, 300m might feel a short range, when you seat behind a computer, but put yourself at 300m from an object the size of the plane you were chasing and please tell me your impressions.
  10. A couple of engagememts each of two minutes are extenuating, with a couple of minutes between them, assuming survival, it makes six. Take ten minutes to navigate to the target and there's more than plenty of navigation. Provided one tries to perform the mission and enters the fight instead of avoiding contact or scouting for lost planes in places distant from where intervention is requested, it makes sixteen. Double it and there's plenty of time to get back to the closest friendly airfield if the airplane can manage.
  11. Indeed. Pe2 female crew routinely flew night raids overcoming considerable physical requirements of the plane, for real, including dying. Two pennies humor drenched with cheap beer from individuals who consider a challange to play a videogame seems displaced.
  12. Next to the Ju52, SM82. Purchased by LW for heavy lifting, operated by RA in the theater and period and yet unknown to the majority, apparently preferring the usual set of imaginary aerodynes.
  13. The crucial question of which one between the Fly and the Bolt would get the upper hand keeps me awake at night
  14. True. most of propaganda depicts 200's, pictures of 202's in russia are much more rare. Also true that those (twelve?) 202's saw all the action they could take in the months they were there.
  15. http://www.stormomagazine.com/ReferencePics/MC200/MC200VignaValle.html This was the workhorse and this saw action. The other was a pretty girl sent over there to take propaganda pictures. Get real instead of claiming immersion.
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