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  1. Yeah - I just wish they had made it an option. If people wanted to choose easy/dumb AI they could, but the rest of us could actually enjoy having AI that tried to use their planes in accordance with their historical strengths. Since they already had different levels of AI experience in the game, it's too bad they couldn't figure out a way to have retained the different behaviors in some way linked to those AI experience levels. I'm all for catering to the masses in some respects - it's just disappointing when something good has to get lost for everybody in the process.
  2. That was after the change from the BnZ AI behavior SYN_Ricky was describing. I was so bummed when they made that change. It probably was because some folks found it boring trying to fight against the earlier AI, especially in SPADs or other Entente aircraft that the German planes couldn't catch. But personally I really liked having that variety in AI behavior - having to worry about AI that would come back and dive on you if you lost track of them, and learning how to turn away from them to lure them into coming back so you could turn and attack them before they wised up and ran off again. After the change, it seemed like every fight against the AI quickly devolved into a treetop merry go round.
  3. Shamrock - check your PM for codes - message seems to have gone through this time.
  4. Hey Shamrock - just saw your thread and realized I also have a couple of those code cards (so, two 25% and two 50% codes). I didn't want to horn in on your thread, but if you wind up with more "winners" than you have codes, maybe you could go ahead and give out these extra codes to the extra winners ? Tried to PM you with the codes but got weird message that you cannot receive messages (maybe your mailbox is full?) so I figured I would have to post here after all. Let me know how I can get the codes to you (or who the extra winners are and I can send the codes directly to them). Was great meeting and chatting with you at the Expo. Thanks for all you do to support the team. Cheers, Panther
  5. Wow - had a real "Jurassic Park" moment there when those giraffes started walking by 😁. Never really been a fan of civilian flight sims, but if they really do release something decent that looks like that I might have to change my mind about that.
  6. Lots of fun at the Expo today, despite all the mechanical problems with VR and joysticks flaking out, etc. Given my famly issues, a house purchase/move, etc. and related complications for the last year, I've been unable to fly for about a year, and it was really weird flying without VR, but I did manage to down a few Bf-110s and 109s in a Mig-3 when things died down a bit late in the day (so maybe it is a bit like riding a bicycle after all). The motion platform was amazing to watch in action, and the crowds kept it busy pretty much all day. Still a bit steep for my budget, but maybe one of these days. Had a great time looking over SYN_Requiem's shoulder while he gave ShamrockOneFive a real-time turorial about flying the ME-262 - even better than watching his tutorial vids on Youtube
  7. Still in Tampa so far, with a few more things to take care of tomorrow before heading over. Expect to be pulling into Orlando late tomorrow night - looking forward to seeing some folks at the booth on Saturday!
  8. Was able to make it to the one in Vegas last year - it was awesome and the IL-2 booth with its VR setup was amazing! This one in Orlando is a little closer to home, so... already registered and booked my hotel room - really looking forward to it !
  9. Looking really good so far - actually looking forward to this one almost as much as to Flying Circus
  10. Hiya HH! I haven't messed with maps/trees in BoX at all, but I did have to get a little deep into the tree issues with RoF when I did my mod to get rid of the jaggy forest zig-zags along the trench lines on the western front map - you might want to take a look at that thread (and some of the other threads mentioned in it) for some discussion of how playing around with forests/trees worked in RoF: https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/50481-zig-zag-forest-fix-mod-western-front-released/
  11. I'd be wary of trying to judge the shade of blue from looking at the old B&W photos - lots of colors were rendered very oddly in terms of lightness/darkness in those old film stocks. The one thing that struck me about the original version (and even more so about the latest one) is that the blue seems to be too light. If you think about it, he's obviously trying to pattern the color scheme after the American flag, so it seems almost certain that he would have used a darker blue, one more closely matching the blue in the flag itself (e.g., much more like the darker blue on the Hat in the Ring symbol, which was also drawn from the American flag).
  12. I believe what he means is that you have a separate mod package for each type of plane. Then, before you start BoX, you decide which type of plane you're going to be flying, and you use JSGME to activate the one mod package that corresponds to your chosen type of plane. Then you start BoX and fly that plane in whatever kind of mission you want..
  13. Am away from my BoX PC so can't check it, but it sounds depressingly similar to a problem we've had for years in RoF - apparently in RoF (for some reason I never saw explained) they tied the enemy aircraft despawning event to distance from the player's flight leader's plane, instead of the player's plane, so you would get situations where enemies would despawn right in front of you because you had left your flight leader (or he had left you) and were chasing something that got too far away from your flight leader. Sounds like maybe they replicated the same weird choice in the BoX career mode.
  14. I'm so glad you were able to do this. This was one of my top priority mods on my wish list, and I took an early run at it as soon as mods on mode became available, but was unable to find the right mechanism for it. Since then, I've been away from my BoX PC so haven't been able to keep trying, and now it looks like you've saved me the trouble - thanks!
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