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  1. TG-55Panthercules

    Developer Diary 212 - Discussion

    Looking really good so far - actually looking forward to this one almost as much as to Flying Circus
  2. TG-55Panthercules

    Can't see the wood for the trees

    Hiya HH! I haven't messed with maps/trees in BoX at all, but I did have to get a little deep into the tree issues with RoF when I did my mod to get rid of the jaggy forest zig-zags along the trench lines on the western front map - you might want to take a look at that thread (and some of the other threads mentioned in it) for some discussion of how playing around with forests/trees worked in RoF: https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/50481-zig-zag-forest-fix-mod-western-front-released/
  3. TG-55Panthercules


    I'd be wary of trying to judge the shade of blue from looking at the old B&W photos - lots of colors were rendered very oddly in terms of lightness/darkness in those old film stocks. The one thing that struck me about the original version (and even more so about the latest one) is that the blue seems to be too light. If you think about it, he's obviously trying to pattern the color scheme after the American flag, so it seems almost certain that he would have used a darker blue, one more closely matching the blue in the flag itself (e.g., much more like the darker blue on the Hat in the Ring symbol, which was also drawn from the American flag).
  4. TG-55Panthercules


  5. TG-55Panthercules

    [MOD] Draw distance increase (ships, stalingrad smoke)

    I believe what he means is that you have a separate mod package for each type of plane. Then, before you start BoX, you decide which type of plane you're going to be flying, and you use JSGME to activate the one mod package that corresponds to your chosen type of plane. Then you start BoX and fly that plane in whatever kind of mission you want..
  6. TG-55Panthercules

    Career Campaign AI planes despawning

    Am away from my BoX PC so can't check it, but it sounds depressingly similar to a problem we've had for years in RoF - apparently in RoF (for some reason I never saw explained) they tied the enemy aircraft despawning event to distance from the player's flight leader's plane, instead of the player's plane, so you would get situations where enemies would despawn right in front of you because you had left your flight leader (or he had left you) and were chasing something that got too far away from your flight leader. Sounds like maybe they replicated the same weird choice in the BoX career mode.
  7. TG-55Panthercules

    Adjusted navigation lights Mod

    I'm so glad you were able to do this. This was one of my top priority mods on my wish list, and I took an early run at it as soon as mods on mode became available, but was unable to find the right mechanism for it. Since then, I've been away from my BoX PC so haven't been able to keep trying, and now it looks like you've saved me the trouble - thanks!
  8. TG-55Panthercules

    Vickers - lMG 08/15 rate of fire

    There was also a set of mods Bucksnort created for RoF (based on original mod work by gavagai) that set the guns for what were believed to be historically appropriate rates of fire for various different periods during the war. I'm sure there was a thread or two about the subject on the RoF forums at the time discussing the topic at length (especially this one: https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/39146-reduced-rate-fire-mod/page-2 - unfortunately many of the links in that thread were broken by the forum software conversion a few years ago and I haven't been able to fix them).
  9. TG-55Panthercules

    [MOD] longer smoke/contrails

    Looks interesting. I'm not sure how long these things should be, so I'm not sure yet whether or not I'd use this. But I'm certainly intrigued by the possibilities. Can this (or something like this) be used to make the fires/smoke from the crashed planes last longer? (and if so, could that effect be done separately from making these aerial smoke trails longer?)
  10. TG-55Panthercules

    BOS on Ebay

    You can find the current prices for BoS from the official store here: https://il2sturmovik.com/ I'm not sure if there is a sale running currently or not, but they have been running them fairly frequently and I think it has been as much as 50% off in some of the sales. If the copy you buy is truly new/sealed as it says, then it probably should be OK, but I'd be wary of buying a used copy of the game off eBay or anywhere else - lots of people have done that only to find that the associated key/code for that copy has already been used by a prior owner and what they bought has been useless - basically a very expensive coaster.
  11. TG-55Panthercules

    Skins, in case you missed it

    OMG that's so cool. Really wish I wasn't away from my RoF/BoX PC and can't check any of this out. How do the old RoF skins look in FC?
  12. TG-55Panthercules

    Possible to replace default skins with custom skins?

    Yes - it is possible - take a look at this thread for some ideas/info that should be helpful: You might also want to check this one out: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35026-guide-to-replace-the-ai-skins-in-career-mode/
  13. TG-55Panthercules

    Controls Responses

    My experience as well - now if we could just convince the hardware makers to start offering good FFB sticks again we would be all set.
  14. TG-55Panthercules

    Big list of fixes and upgrades (desired based on RoF)

    This. In my testing, I found that the combination of "improved gunnery" with the "Reduce Lethality" mod (by gavagai) yielded much more satisfactory and seemingly realistic results than the stock version with or without "improved gunnery" (but in my view stock without IG was better than stock with IG, since the latter does seem to become the kind of wing-shedding festival Trup mentioned). Unfortunately, since most MP servers don't allow/use mods most MP folks don't get the benefit of the combined effects.
  15. TG-55Panthercules

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    I was one of the guys who got the prescription lens inserts for my Rift for about $25 (including shipping) last year. It was a combination of 3D-printed frame/holders and a specific pair of cheap glasses from Zenni Optical that the 3D-printed frames were designed to work with. They have worked great for me, and are much easier than trying to get the HMD on and off over my glasses (which is possible, but klunky). And they are easy to take in and out, for when I want to let one of my sons try out my VR setup. Not sure if there's a similar option for the other VR HMDs, but I wouldn't be surprised if a Google search would find such a solution (that's how I found my Rift solution).