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  1. From the TV show, it would be the Cheese Shop sketch. From the record albums, it'd have to be the Novel Writing sketch: But my all-time favorite is the Constitutional Peasants scene from the movie:
  2. Isn't that the way it's supposed to work, or do I misunderstand how trim flaps (tabs) work? I would have thought that when the trim tabs move down, that would force the elevator to go up, which would force the nose up (and tail down), thus rendering the plane "tail heavy", which is what you say you are trying to do by turning the trim wheel backwards. Am I missing something?
  3. I haven't seen anything about this being acknowledged, but I can confirm that it is indeed backwards on the in-cockpit compass of the SE-5a (or else the airfields, NML and the sun positions are backwards).
  4. Mossie, Me-410, Ar-234 and a map with the potential for being adapted for FC down the road - done and done!
  5. Hey Dude! You might want to check out this thread about how to get a map to show up inside the game in VR so it looks like it's down in your cockpit/on your knee-board: Haven't been able to fly (for various RL reasons) so haven't tested it lately to see if it still works with FC, but it was extremely cool for BoX.
  6. If you properly activated the mod package in JSGME and it doesn't appear in game, the two most likely culprits would probably be: 1. You don't have "mods on" ticked in your settings - updates often reset things like that to default, so it may may turned your setting to "mods off"; or 2. You haven't got the mod package installed in the proper directory and/or there's some problem with the folder structure of the mod package you are using. The easiest thing to do would be for you to post a screenshot or type out your folder structure from your IL2-GB main folder down to where your modded skins are located. Then folks can tell you whether you have them in the right place or not.
  7. Just saw this in the news - a B-17 has crashed while trying to land at a Connecticut airport - rescue operations are underway: https://www.yahoo.com/gma/world-war-ii-plane-crashes-connecticut-airport-143000576--abc-news-topstories.html Hope at least some of the occupants survived, though it doesn't look promising from the pictures. Thoughts and prayers for those folks and their families.
  8. NICE! I got the e-mail announcing that they were back from the printers and would be shipping soon, but I haven't gotten mine yet. Probably won't start it right away (still trying to finish up volumes 1-3) but it will be nice to have it in hand anyway.
  9. Had the same problem a few weeks ago (I think when the new campaign went up for sale) - tried and failed twice, once with my usual credit card and once with PayPal. Tried again a couple of days later and everything worked fine - never did figure out why it had the problem in the first place.
  10. Make sure that the last entry is the only one checked - sometimes when you click on it all the ones above it also get selected/checked, in which case you get an all red tint to things (see screenshot below):
  11. Have you checked your settings/options screen(s), to make sure that the re-installation of the game didn't somehow reset the FFB option to "off"? Might be worth a try.
  12. If it's the same problem, I wonder if the nav light mod also fixes this A-20 issue (or could be made to do so) - anybody know? (I'm not in a position to test it myself for a while)
  13. Type of Improvement: Display of thumbnails/preview pictures for custom skins Explanation of proposal: The selection screen for "official" skins displays a small thumbnail/preview picture to aid the player in the selection of a skin to use, and it is possible for modders to edit/replace these preview pictures (e.g., as I did when creating a mod with historically-marked German skin variants for some of the official skins). However, currently there is no such preview picture displayed for "custom" skins, and when I tried to do the same thing for custom skins that I did for the modified official ones I was not able to cause the game to display the custom thumbnails. I propose/request/suggest that the same or a similar mechanism as already exists for official skins be added to enable the game to display preview pictures for custom skins (or if such mechanism already exists perhaps you could provide some hint/instructions on how modders might trigger it to happen). Benefits: There are some wonderful skins being created by the community for IL-2 GB/FC (so many that it is increasingly difficult for players to organize them and find the ones they want), and this would make it much easier and more enjoyable for players to be able to find and select the custom skins that they want to use.
  14. Can't say for sure, but it doesn't seem so. Out of curiosity, I tried replicating for my personal skins what I had done for the official skin replacements, but it had no effect. Not sure why they wouldn't have used the same preview picture capability for custom skins that they did for the official ones, but if they did I haven't figured out how to trigger it.
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