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  1. Saw this in the Tobruk e-mail and pre-ordered it along with Tobruk. Haven't flown the P-47 yet but am looking forward to doing so in this great-looking campaign. Thanks for doing all the hard work so we can have more fun
  2. Looks great - too bad it doesn't support VR yet. Been waiting for decades for a good North Africa sim, so I went ahead and pre-ordered anyway - hopefully if they get enough sales they will have the time and money available to eventually add VR support. Fortunately there's plenty of VR-enabled content available in IL-GB to keep me busy until that day comes.
  3. I found the instructions I made for myself back when I was using symbolic links for my RoF mods - I've pasted them in below, in case you might find them useful: Run the following from an elevated (admin) command prompt (there's a separate entry on start menu for this): mklink /d "(insert full path to the new (empty) folder you want to create)" "(insert full path to the existing folder you want the new one to point to)" example - using symbolic link to enable RoF MODS to be stored on a different hard drive (e.g., drive F) from the main RoF games folder on drive C : mklink /d "c:\Games\Rise of Flight\MODS" "f:\RoFMODS" In this case, put all the actual mod package files in the "real" folder (F:\RoFMODS) and JSGME will think they are in C:\Games\Rise of Flight\MODS where it expects them to be
  4. Been a few years since I tried this, and it was with RoF at the time, so I'm not sure if it would work the same way with IL-2 GB. I was doing it with respect to moving my RoF MODS off of my space-limited main drive, but I think the concept might be applicable to the skin files themselves. At any rate, there was a way using the concept of symbolic links to be able to put all your mods onto a separate hard drive, and make JSGME think they were on the main drive. You might want to explore the possibilities of using this approach with the IL-2GB skin files.
  5. Great video - thanks for sharing it and the related news. I take comfort in the posts above that this will also affect the FC birds, but I sure would like to see some video featuring those FC planes, if you feel like making another video any time soon. Hope you and the team in Moscow manage to stay safe in these dangerous times.
  6. No, you do not need to buy the game through Steam in order to use VR with it.
  7. Just the way Steam works, as I understand it. Yet another reason why you should buy all your IL-2 GB stuff directly from the dev's website rather than through Steam.
  8. Made it to the last two of these and had a blast both times. It was great meeting up with Jason and several of the community members I'd only known through the forums over the years, and lots of fun playing around with the great setup in the IL-2 GB booth when crowds died down a bit. Not sure what my travel situation will be later this summer (already had to cancel a cruise this month because of some family medical issues IRL), but I'll be there if I can. Certainly recommend it for anyone who has a chance to get there.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions folks - turns out it just started working again last night for no apparent reason. Back to the great spam war of 2020
  10. LOL - maybe so. I've tried everything I can think of (multiple browsers, new user profiles, multiple PCs) other than resetting my router (I have no desire to take down my whole internal network, Plex server etc. when everything else is working and I can get to every other site I try except for RoF, and when the RoF site was working for me just a couple of days ago). Oh well, I guess it was probably time to take a break from trying to police that place anyway.
  11. Yeah - this was done a long time ago - check out this thread (and specifically the earlier thread mentioned therein) for details: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/56049-map-in-vr/?tab=comments#comment-855392 It worked really well back then - I hope/suspect it still does, but I haven't been able to get my IL-2/VR rig working for the last year and a half or so and haven't been able to try it lately.
  12. Weird - I can't get to the RoF forums or to riseofflight.com at all, from either Chrome (which was working just fine until yesterday) or from Firefox, which I fired up just to see if maybe something had gone screwy with Chrome. Guess I'll try from one of my other computers later and see if that changes anything. [edit] Doesn't work from my laptop either - very weird
  13. Just wondering if anybody else is having issues - I haven't been able to reach the RoF forums site for about the last 24 hours.
  14. Isn't that the way it's supposed to work, or do I misunderstand how trim flaps (tabs) work? I would have thought that when the trim tabs move down, that would force the elevator to go up, which would force the nose up (and tail down), thus rendering the plane "tail heavy", which is what you say you are trying to do by turning the trim wheel backwards. Am I missing something?
  15. I haven't seen anything about this being acknowledged, but I can confirm that it is indeed backwards on the in-cockpit compass of the SE-5a (or else the airfields, NML and the sun positions are backwards).
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