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  1. This looks very cool - how customizable is it? I have almost everything I need mapped to my flight controllers, but there are maybe 3 or 4 things that I still have to use my keyboard for - it would be great to be able to use a very small version of this concept just to handle those very few things and thus take my keyboard entirely out of the loop.
  2. Yeah - I worked with VikS to add several hundred unit default and ace/other pilots' personalized skins to the career mode in Rof several years ago. I'm pretty sure I still have the underlying data we used to support that effort, and I'd be happy to help with doing the same thing for the FC2 career mode, if they (the devs) want me to. Of course, since there hasn't been a skin poll/submission/approval process like I administered for RoF, I don't have the same visibility that I had with RoF into which skins have been done for the FC planes at this point, so that would be a bit of a challenge, b
  3. I found a neat setup for my Rift CV1 - a 3-D printed frame for some lenses from a cheap pair of glasses from Zenni - there's an old post in one of the early VR threads about it here on the Forums somewhere. Worked perfectly and cost a total of about $25 (USD) including shipping for the whole thing. Haven't replaced my CV1 yet, but the availability of something similar for whatever new HMD I get will be a big factor in my ultimate decision.
  4. I'd missed that thread - thanks for sharing that. The main focus of my work with the Devs on the RoF career mode was getting all the squadrons/units to use their appropriately marked default/generic skins during the appropriate time periods during the war, and also to add in the possibility of seeing the personal skins of several hundred aces or other actual pilots with the appropriate squadrons/units during the times they were flying with those units. I think it added a lot to the IQ (Immersion Quotient) of the career mode, but we were never able to create a mechanism that would assign diff
  5. Hey Luke - glad to see you working on stuff like this. I haven't really messed with IL-2 career mode yet (waiting for FC2 for that), so I don't know how it handles the issues of skin assignments. I know I was able to work with VikS on the RoF career mode files to incorporate hundreds of skins for the units/pilots in that game - is there any chance that the IL2/FC career mode will have that same sort of skin-related capability? I'd be happy to pitch in again on the FC portion in this regard if that would be any help. Cheers, Panther
  6. OK - the final versions of my streamer/scarf mods for Flying Circus are ready - you can D/L the complete package here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/q6x1ponwl028igp/FC_-_Panther's_Scarf_and_Streamer_Mods_-_Complete_Pkg_for_JSGME.zip/file Just unzip this package into your MODS folder - that will install the following 6 separate mod packages: 1. FC - Panther's BE-1 (British Empire) Scarves and Streamers for JSGME Scarves and Streamers: Roundel Colors - Stripes Roundel Colors - Bars
  7. The first of the Entente versions of my scarf/streamer mods (British Empire pack #1) is now ready for D/L, and is available at the link below for those who like to fly Entente planes: <link removed - link to final version is in post #8 below> I think they're working as planned (see screenshots below), but if you see any problems with them please let me know. I'll probably wait till I finish all the other packs and put them up in one complete .zip file for ease of downloading and installation. Of course, you can only use one version/package at a time, since they
  8. After doing some more testing in different lighting conditions, I felt that the streamers were looking too dark in FC compared to RoF, so I've updated the package from the previous post to brighten up the streamer colors a bit for better visibility in FC's lighting conditions. Updated link (and a new screenshot) are below: <link removed - link to final version is in post #8 below>
  9. OK - the first of the completed scarf and streamer mod packs for Flying Circus (Central Powers Pack #2) is ready for download - you can find it here (it's JSGME-ready - just unzip it into your MODS folder and activate it with JSGME): <link deleted - see post #8 below for link to final package> Once I get them all done, I'll collect all the links in one post for ease of reference. In the meantime, I thought some of might want to play around with this first one and see if you spot any problems (seems to be working in my tests so far - see screenshots below)
  10. Ok - couldn't resist one more test before bedtime - got the menu text and preview pictures for the custom streamers working (see screenshot below). Will polish up and repackage my RoF streamer mod packs and get them posted here, hopefully over the next couple of days or so.
  11. Ok - stumbled onto the scarf files while I was looking for more streamer-related files, and decided to run a quick test. Figured out how to make the modded scarves show up in game (see screenshot below), though as I suspected the end results might not really be worth the trouble. Also haven't found out how to affect the menu/preview pictures, so more work to do.
  12. [UPDATE] - Final version of complete package is now available - see post #8 below for link. I was finally getting around to testing out some of my new personal skins for FC, and it took me a couple of missions to figure out where the settings were buried to remove the streamers that kept showing up in the quick missions. That got me wondering whether it was possible to mod the streamers in FC like I did for RoF, so I tried just a copy/paste installation of one of my RoF streamer mod packages in FC. Lo and behold, it actually works!! (see screenshot below). Appa
  13. Awesome news - was getting really worried that FC might not get past its initial release and never get a real chance to become a viable successor to RoF. I certainly hope that there's going to be more to FC2 than just a few extra planes, but I'll be there with my pre-order $$ as soon as they'll take them in hopes that this dev team can continue to work their magic and smooth out some of the inevitable bumps in the road. Thanks to Jason and team for giving one more reason to hope 2021 will be better than 2020 has been.
  14. Hey Folks - those of you who no longer frequent the RoF forums may have missed the following post by a fellow who has built and flies a DH-4 and who is currently engaged in a project to create a documentary focused on a couple of American Squadrons that flew the DH-4 during WWI. His post describing the project has been pasted in below: The documentary titled LEGENDS OF THE SKY: THE LIBERTY DH4 tells the story of this amazing aircraft from its inception through its lifespan. Of course it was made for combat, we have interviewed two aviation historical experts who have shared two
  15. Well, that's one way to get it - so, how are you enjoying your new gear now 😄
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