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  1. I downloaded and installed the mod last night without issue. I use 7zip to extract it.
  2. When I built my new pc I reused my old storage drive so I copied my BOX install to it then copied it back to my new pc main drive put a shortcut from the new folder on my desktop and launched from there, everything worked fine.
  3. I hooked up my Lenavo headset to try out the new zoom features and I found I'm just as bad Iding planes in vr as I am on my triple screens I don't fly vr, I get sick in 10 minutes of it, never could get over it.
  4. There is almost always a loss of signal when the F9 lands on the drone ship, something to do with plasma from reentry interferes with the signal.
  5. Looking forward to this, flew this scenario back in the day in AH with 200+ players, was a blast.
  6. I've been there twice and enjoyed it a lot, it is smaller then Dayton Air Museum and you can easily cover it in a day.
  7. I was alt-tabbing back and forth but apparently I wasn't giving the program enough time, I went and made a sandwich today and it worked.
  8. Is it normal to have to restart BOX to have a mission show up? When I complete a mission and want to do another I have to restart the sim to have it show up.
  9. This was it, I needed to map it as an axis not as buttons, Thanks.
  10. I have pitch trim and roll trim assigned to the hat in game , it doesn't work in the P38 or P51. The trim does work using the keyboard. I don't have any more buttons available and wanted it on that particular hat so I had access without moving my hand. Just noticed I put this in wrong forum, sorry.
  11. I have a Thrustmaster TWCS throttle and want to use trim on the top hat switch but it doesn't work,, is there a restriction on using hat switches for trim? The hat switch works and I have functions mapped to the other hats on the the throttle.
  12. I thought that was it but when I use it I'm looking back and slightly down at my seat. I deleted all the custom plane settings to be sure I didn't change it somehow.
  13. Is there a way to set a button to zoom on the instrument panel? I use TIR5 and fine it difficult to focus on the gauges.
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