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  1. After reinstalling the whole thing it's finally working, thx for all the troubleshooting tho.
  2. I'm downloading but the launcher takes forever to do so, I'll let you know when it's all set up.
  3. Indeed, gonna try to reinstall the game and see if it does any difference
  4. Stuck on the screen and the game crashes
  5. The No.88 A-20B squadron in Operation Market, the earlier you can fly. Stuck on that screen.
  6. I'm using the downloaded launcher, that might be the problem. Thx for the help anyways.
  7. Yes I did. In fact the other installed mods are working just fine. The mod itself is launching, the problem comes when once the campaign is created and I click on 'start mission' it frozes.
  8. When I click start mission the game frozes and I have to force close it. Any ideas on what might be causing this?
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