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  1. STN, definitely woody! What did you use?. Weetle, definitely balsa!
  2. What is that? A Lohner or something? Lovely work, anyway.
  3. Have you ever see the film Epic?
  4. Just to say, the confusion is at an end. My similar post has been removed because I had obviously missed this one...
  5. Well, I would have been delighted if I had made it. Can't see anything wrong there!
  6. Amazing. Lovely plywood!
  7. Horrible, isn't it! I pre-painted the fuselage sides because of the way the elevator and rudder cables are fixed, then when the fit was poor, could only be arsed to tidy up the part behind the plywood section! I'll go back to it some day!
  8. When I changed jobs last year, one of my colleagues very generously gave me a Wingnut Wings Snipe. I didn't dare to touch it without having a go at something a bit cheaper for practice as I had never actually rigged an aircraft before. I bought the Italeri Camel for about fifteen quid and used it as a test-bed. The result is below. I know it's not beautiful, but I cut a few corners such as filling in sink marks and stuff. The actual rigging wasn't too bad and I avoided the easy rigging option of threading through the cat's cradle with long lengths of thread. I also tried a couple of rigging materials. The real horror was adding the second wing with the feeling of spinning plates...I don't think it will be a problem for the Snipe as WW seem to be rather better designed. I do have a Be12 which I'll make before the Snipe so any tips will be gratefully received. I was thinking of a card template to get everything ligned up.
  9. Speechless. I don't know if you'd seen that WW have the instructions to their kits on the website, like this http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/productdetail?productid=3044&cat=4 These are for the early Fee, but the late one is there as well. I'm reading "Down the Flarepath" by DH Montgomery at the moment. Good for Fee atmosphere.
  10. A very Happy Christmas to all of you and your families.
  11. Very Mighty Boosh..... I'm old Greg.....
  12. it has inspired me to buy that one and the Roden one!
  13. I think he's right. Feathered, the human 3d printer....
  14. Something for everybody. Absolutely marvellous. I hope the tank stuff draws World of Tanks fans who wonder what it's like inside one. The RoF link up is fantastic news and all that lovely late war Western Front stuff as well. Midway is one of my real areas of interest as well, so all in all, I may both wee and poo myself with excitement.
  15. Nice stuff, Therion. Who doesn't love a Char B1 bis? Hilarious story about the postman. Sounds like the sort of thing that would happen to me!
  16. Matilda II number 2. The newer Tamiya job, ready for weathering. I've had fun using different manufacturers' versions of Caunter colours!
  17. You can't keep a good man down!
  18. Very nice, Bug. Looks like the Italeri Crusader. I have one in the stash. How did it go together?
  19. Like most of us, I'm sure, I have been utterly inspired by Feathered's incredible work and I have now dared to emulate it. I whittled this from the tail wheel of a 1/48 scale Lancaster and one of my toenails. Behold the 1/700 scale Thunderbolt.
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