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  1. Wow, Feathered. You are one patient and talented nutter. Well done. Those things are really hard to make something of. Great job. What did you make the hair from?
  2. Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
  3. Betty. Looking noble and then depressed because her reason for being(my wife) has gone to work....
  4. That is a thing of beauty. Save that hair. You may need it for the weave.
  5. Back where the Jocks are strapping!😅
  6. Raymond? Although the idea of Stanley Baxter commentating an air show does sound fun!
  7. Bad news coming thick and fast... He was hugely admired as a c/o. A real gentleman. Every time I heard of the death of another pilot I'd think, "at least Tom Neil is still alive". Happy landings.
  8. How sad. He always seemed such a charming chap and spoke very honestly and compellingly about his experiences. A great book as well.
  9. There is something warm in my underpants...
  10. I know him, too. My wife recommended him for my circumcision. Gorgeous finish!
  11. Lovely Dauntless. There's lot of work in there!
  12. It's certainly...interesting! Perhaps they had some spare red paint...
  13. P39 and A20. Kuban. I feel the excitement I did for the original Il2 but better! Wow! This is beautiful!
  14. A real beauty, STN. Coming along nicely, Von C! Nice organisation, Gramps. That Lanchester should be fun.
  15. +1! Very handsome. I definitely recognised it as a Junkers J1 before I read it on the side of the fuselage!
  16. Erm. There was a game of that name. Jolly good it was, too!
  17. You could at least have given a spoiler alert. Cah!
  18. T-34 v Tiger. What happened???? What a shame.
  19. I did watch it, Feathered. Quite humbling. Amazing what some humans are capable of. I imagine he could knock up a passable Fee if he put his mind to it!
  20. The very one! And a great day for a Suffolk boy.
  21. I haven't watched a football match since May 1978. When I tell people this, they still talk to me about football. My God, it's boring.
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