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  1. I may be weird but I've experienced the same thing with vivid, orange-coloured ones.
  2. Now that must be short run.... Can't wait to see it in all its glory!
  3. Looks good. I've been waiting for a potato stowage game for years. Hope there will be a fresh potato mod.
  4. I think it looks great in spite of the mishap. Not an aircraft I'm familiar with, but a nice looking bird.
  5. Here's the Snipe. Not sure I did the old girl justice. Lovely model though...except for the decals.
  6. That's lovely, Blitzen. I have one of those in the stash and I'm just finishing off the snipe.
  7. Sorry to hear that. My father died last April and he missed his first great-grandchild, born a few days ago. My best wishes. I was up in Durham on Thursday. Lovely place.
  8. Lovely Ohka, STN. I went for the 1/48 scale version!
  9. I have one of those. I'll watch with interest!
  10. Well, all the more kudos to you. Looks fantastic. You obviously won that battle of wills. Feathered, you are one mad bastard. Shame you don't have to give more detail in your profile: "ethnicity- Pixie/borrower."
  11. That is a beauty, Buglord. Looks great. Well done. There is plenty of inspiration here all right. Some real talent. Welcome back to modelling. I started again five years ago aged 50 and I love it!
  12. What he said! Very nice and very weird at the same time.
  13. Very nice. Subtle differences between areas and aluminium/fabric surfaces are lovely.
  14. Eskimo, that's a great take on the sea diorama. Very clever and a lovely boat as well. Baron, that looks stunning. Here are the results so far of my Fokker breeding programme... Not great photo's..perhaps just as well!
  15. I can smell the leather! STN that really is beautiful. Well done!
  16. Incredible. I have those markings for my Airfix 1/24 version (work in progress). I doubt it will look that good. Your patience is an inspiration. I just removed all the paint from the fuselage of my Airfix E ii because it just wasn't quite right. A few years ago I would just have said, "sod it. It'll do"!
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