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  1. What he said! Very nice and very weird at the same time.
  2. Very nice. Subtle differences between areas and aluminium/fabric surfaces are lovely.
  3. Eskimo, that's a great take on the sea diorama. Very clever and a lovely boat as well. Baron, that looks stunning. Here are the results so far of my Fokker breeding programme... Not great photo's..perhaps just as well!
  4. That's looking fun, Semor!
  5. Not many wings there......Cierva?
  6. I can smell the leather! STN that really is beautiful. Well done!
  7. Incredible. I have those markings for my Airfix 1/24 version (work in progress). I doubt it will look that good. Your patience is an inspiration. I just removed all the paint from the fuselage of my Airfix E ii because it just wasn't quite right. A few years ago I would just have said, "sod it. It'll do"!
  8. I was going to say, jokingly, that an HP o/400 would be a good idea and then spotted that Wingnut Wings have just announced that they are doing one in 1/32...
  9. Coming along beatifully, Feathered. The wood effect in the cockpit is more convincing than the matchstick.
  10. It's definitely a semillon at least. Talk about trick or treat...
  11. Coming along beautifully, Feathered. I'm reading "Down the Flarepath" and the lovely Cross and Cockade monograph on the Fee at the moment, so much in the Fee mood.
  12. Thanks for the detailed rundown. It looks great. I've got a couple of things to try it on, so I'll have a go at a few techniques.
  13. There's a couple of good things on You Tube by Scale-a-Ton including this one where he does a base for a Pete floatplane. Well worth a look.
  14. Yup. Lovely work, Richard. Interested to see your U-boat diorama. I'm looking at doing something like that with resin for my Holland class sub. Do let us know how you did it.
  15. Found the manual for that game the other day! A hefty tome...
  16. Thanks. I'll look out for it.
  17. Wow, Feathered. You are one patient and talented nutter. Well done. Those things are really hard to make something of. Great job. What did you make the hair from?
  18. Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
  19. Betty. Looking noble and then depressed because her reason for being(my wife) has gone to work....
  20. That is a thing of beauty. Save that hair. You may need it for the weave.
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