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  1. Nice stuff, Wingless! VC, that is beautiful. But I was in France last week and saw one in the flesh. I think you put the steering wheel on the wrong side. I'll get me coat.
  2. I always liked the car door version. Quite tempted myself.
  3. Looks as if you did very well in an uphill struggle! What an unlikely looking contraption.
  4. Wow, Feathered. From the sublime to the ridiculous. Lovely Pfalz. Colour scheme in mind? STN she's looking good. Could you have saved time by using red filler?
  5. Don't know how I missed all this activity. VC, she looks gorgeous. The tax disc is a lovely touch. I was remembering a case some years ago where a bloke had made a fake tax disc by cutting it out of a stern poster on the side of a bus warning of the illegality of driving without road tax.... STN, that looks great. I'm doing the Airfix HP o/400, so that putty and filler shortage is likely to last some time. Feathered, just listen out for the sound of the carpet mites starting her up. Hellcat, lovely 109s.
  6. I couldn't even enjoy them on that level because the script, acting and characterisation were absolutely rank. If they had been films on other subject, say the life of Renoir, they would have been equally dreadful.
  7. That is a tasty bit of kit, Buglord!
  8. Well, I think she looks absolutely great!
  9. Gorgeous. One of my favourite aircraft. Thanks for posting.
  10. That Ju87 bloke is a rank amateur. Fancy putting a US coin there instead of a contemporary German one....
  11. Aviation porn at its very finest...SE's and Albatri...phwoooaaaarrrrrr!
  12. Quite awe inspiring. I'm looking forward to seeing it rigged.
  13. Now there's an unusual subject. You do choose them, don't you!
  14. Sorry to hear that, vc. Hope all is back on track like the E Type.
  15. The upvote is for the wisdom in your sig!
  16. Probably because you have gone cross-eyed....
  17. Boom boom! That looks amazing. Carved from styrene strip...of course...as you do.
  18. Those rib tapes do look skinny! I'm sure it will come out splendid!
  19. Go on then! By the way, if you want, I'll let you have the instructions from my Revell one so you can see how to paint the lozenge.... Hermann Goering's was the obvious choice.
  20. Thoroughly enjoying this at the moment.
  21. Lovely! Can't wait to see how that turns out.
  22. That is looking good, Buglord. It looks like a fiddly beast. Have you been resting on your laurels, voncrapenhauser?💤💣💥
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