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  1. Probably been sort of mentioned before, but the incredible appearance of light and shade, both in the cockpit and outside. The sky, and particularly the haze at the horizon are absolutely stunning.
  2. Thank you Team Fusion! I am delighted that something is being made of Cliffs, which had so much going for it among the horrors. It doesn't look ten years old to me. In fact I think it looks and plays amazingly. I'm in.
  3. Fantastic stuff. I returned to Cliffs of Dover a few weeks ago and it really is beautiful. One of the things it does really well is sunlight and blue skies, so this new theatre should look amazing. Dewoitine! Torpedoes! Can't wait!
  4. I'm glad to have alleviated your guilt! Now I need to find someone to alleviate mine! They tended to go out of production quite quickly, so I tried to snap them up. Got some second-hand bargains as well.
  5. Luckily, I have 16 in the stash which should last the rest of my life. I wonder if any one company can afford all the moulds. Bet they aren't cheap. I imagine that TVAL and the film making going into mothballs can't have helped. Terribly sad news all round.
  6. I see. It was actually because it constantly crashed and, of course, "once" is an exaggeration. But thank you for your input.
  7. So did I, but I have gone back to Blitz and I love it. I think that it is visually amazing and very immersive. I think it sits very well next to BoX.
  8. I think that's the commemorative issue of a modern Airfix one with the old header on the top. I don't know if the original moulds still exist. The original is a bit more "primitive"!
  9. Very interesting, because I had never seen the Aurora Spitfire which Airfix shamelessly imitated in their first Spitfire along with all the errors, wrong shape and even the wrong markings! Lovely!
  10. All the best from me, VC. I hope you have a speedy recovery.
  11. I prefer to keep at least one foot in real reality.
  12. Well done! Nothing better than a solved mystery!
  13. Interesting photo in Wellington at War showing Wellington GRXIVs of 304 (Polish) squadron. The code should be "QD" but looks like QO.
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