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  1. That is a tasty bit of kit, Buglord!
  2. Well, I think she looks absolutely great!
  3. Gorgeous. One of my favourite aircraft. Thanks for posting.
  4. That Ju87 bloke is a rank amateur. Fancy putting a US coin there instead of a contemporary German one....
  5. Aviation porn at its very finest...SE's and Albatri...phwoooaaaarrrrrr!
  6. Quite awe inspiring. I'm looking forward to seeing it rigged.
  7. Now there's an unusual subject. You do choose them, don't you!
  8. Sorry to hear that, vc. Hope all is back on track like the E Type.
  9. The upvote is for the wisdom in your sig!
  10. Probably because you have gone cross-eyed....
  11. Boom boom! That looks amazing. Carved from styrene strip...of course...as you do.
  12. Those rib tapes do look skinny! I'm sure it will come out splendid!
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