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  1. For an English speaker, it sounds as if it enables you to see every other aircraft.
  2. Good God, man.......
  3. Quite amazing, Feathered. STN, any mistakes very well hidden!
  4. Naturally. He shall send forth a decree. Anyway...this may verge on the political...and Dom's secret police may knock on my door in the small hours...
  5. Blitzen. What a beauty! First built one I've seen. STN. Very lovely as usual. Real production line there!
  6. That looks very sun-beaten and very hefty! Amazing.
  7. I think it's worth looking at some of the stuff on You Tube. I have found scale-a-ton really helpful and inspirational. He also makes some good comments about equipment, including airbrushes.
  8. That Raiden really is something, gn728. Lovely work as usual, Feathered.
  9. They always look fantastic!
  10. Good stuff, Pfrances. I wish my return to modelling had been as successful!
  11. Nice stuff, Wingless! VC, that is beautiful. But I was in France last week and saw one in the flesh. I think you put the steering wheel on the wrong side. I'll get me coat.
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