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  1. Interesting. It really is a case of one man's meat being another man's poison. I just won't do it, because I don't want to shut out the real world. I don't wear earphones or headphones outside either. It's like wandering around with a blindfold on.
  2. That is sad news. I have many happy memories of Flying Legends.
  3. It is, indeed The Blond Knight of Germany by Raymond Tolliver. I remember getting that from the library when I was about thirteen!
  4. If you want memoirs, I can recommend "Mustang Pilot" by Richard Turner which I read over and over again as a boy (hence Sallee). I was the same with "Nine Lives" by Al Deere. Tom Neil's "Scramble" is good as it combines his Battle of Britain and Malta. On the other side, "I Flew for the Fuehrer" by Heinz Knoke is a good read. I was always a bit disappointed by Galland's "The First and the Last". There are some very interesting ones written at the time, "Arise to Conquer" by Widge Gleed and "The Last Enemy" by Richard Hillary are rather haunting as neither survived the war. Almost forgot two of my favourites which are both by Finns! Double Fighter Knight by Ilmari Juutilainen and Fighters over Finland by Eino Luukkanen. I am the proud owner of a signed copy of the first of those. The other one I read over and over was "Nightfighter" by Jimmy Rawnsley and Robert Wright who were both radar operators for John Cunningham.
  5. May sound silly, but just the pleasure of flying. I will fly long missions without using time compression. I fly back with the rest of my flight. I join the circuit even if I'm the last to be ordered to, I land, I switch off. Every moment a pleasure. I was getting bad graphics crashes (all games, not just Cliffs), but it didn't actually bother me. I'd just restart my PC and fly the mission again. I can't quite explain it!
  6. Thanks very much! I know there are some "course autopilot" commands in the control options. Are they just for binding keys for the He 111?
  7. I was interested in this, because there is no "Level autopilot" by name in Cliffs. What do people do if they want to act as bomb-aimer? If you use autopilot, does it carry out all functions including dropping the bombs in spite of your best efforts to drop them when you want? In GB you can engage Level Autopilot and take your time with your aiming duties. I was sure you could do this before in Cliffs.
  8. Received English was a much more powerful force then, as well. People like the announcer would deliberately change their own accent to fit the mould. It made sense because people with local accents and dialects were more likely to understand received pronunciation than an accent different from their own. I speak fairly RP English but when I was at my village primary school I spoke broad Suffolk to avoid being called "a poof"! I'd be happy to edit content for anachronisms. I'm fairly sure that no-one in the RAF referred to anyone as "guys" for instance. Happy to provide a voice as well...I don't think I sound that old, and I can always squeeze my balls a bit....
  9. It really is pretty easy. I have one set up like this so I can just go in and change to whatever aircraft I fancy with just a couple of clicks.
  10. sallee

    TOBRUK 1940

    Terrific. Some great showcasing there! Thanks.
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