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  1. THANK YOU COCONUT for running server again! ♥
  2. I dont fly the A3, but I can tell you from the opposite: A3 is faster, Has insane amount of deadly ammo, One small hit and your plane is out, Insane maneuverability with trim and flaps used, so the plane can decelerate immediatelly and hit whatever he want. You cannot fly on headons with this plane. You cannot pass by the plane from the short distance it always drift in direction of you and hit your plane. You cannot follow the A3, it is always faster. Yes you can dive and hit the plane. BUT in this situation his wing team will kill you or you spend all your ammo and A3 continues in flying. When you decide to return home and turn your plane back. He turns as well with heavy damaged plane, and he is coming closer bcs he still have higher speed. I dont think GERmans have better plane than A3 at this moment. Whatever Year of war.
  3. HI, some points I am witness again and again during flying. Note1. I dont know if it is bcs of Gers cry or why, but since the very first publish of Lagg 3 and vYa 23 cannon , - its power gets lower and lower wiht each new update. From situation when I was able to break down the wing of Bf109 on very long distance even 1km, by one shot, to the actual situation when I hit the center of body of A3 with 5s long shooting from 0.2 distance and I see each granate impact the target, and the plane continues flying like nothing happend. 2. Shooting the wing of K4 I see many impacts and many explosions there and If I take the external view of the K4. There is absolutely NO damage visible. No holes, no cracks,..... like brand new. 3. Fw 190 A3 can holds so many impacts and still flies. NO they were NOT built from undamageable materials. Ok they can hold more. But this is insane experience from the last update. I am not the only one who complain about this. So many cases when you spent all your ammo into one A3 and it still flies like nothing. At full speed, capable almost normal maneuvering. Engine is unrealistic invulnerable. 4. vYa-23 cannon is like shooting with normal light gun. Put the plane down with this weapon is abnormally hard and it seems all German has abnormally heavy planes which are undestroyable. No its not about bad aiming. Stats say my aiming is one of the best, I have huge experience with flying and how everything behaves through decades. And something is wrong with damage model. 5. Mid air collisions. Not finished yet, right? Two planes have collisions and one explodes immediatelly, second continues in flying like nothing happend. So many times seen. 6. I16 - light damage of rear parts of plane like elevators and rudder. The plane is impossible to hold in steady flight! Pushing steep up or down it is terrible flying model with this damage. Each one will tell you that this is soooo far from reality. It must be much easier to hold the plane. 7. emergency landing with I16 on the ground. Explosions? really? Did the devs watched tv movie too much, that everything in game is exploding like in Cobra 11(ger action serial), or what? With the speed I had the plane should just smoothly land. NOT explode. 8. Incomparable damage on the RED planes versus the BLUE planes. Oh yeah. I dont say each plane. But many of red planes behave as this: you get one small hit and plane is almost impossible to hold or maneuver, You immediately loose the speed. Blue planes: get many hits and fly like nothing happend. Is this what see only ME? or the others as well? Edit: added point nr.9 9. Since last update time by time I can see situation where the plane shoots each other on headons. both are already passed by and going to fly from that point. And with delay 2-4s just now I can see like ammo is hitting the plane. Delayed hits and damage. .... Not seen before. Just in last weeks. And it is not rare. Thanks for focusing at least on some of the points and trying to fix. Bye
  4. Hi, sorry for not to share the passion. I tried a game. for example, new career in Moscow with P40 (wanna see new textures) here my conclusions : - flickering above clouds still a problem. Bcs it was heavy cloudy is was terrible exp. - AI flying in group change the speed from top to very down, absolutely meaningless, It was just 5 min to fly with AI and it was terrible exp, compared to very old IL2, where was absolutely no problem with AI - Tried to make taran to He111 when I got empty ammo. I slightly contacted his elevator with my propeller. His right elevator falled out, but MY plane went into crazy diving rolls bcs I lost my whole elevator tail and propeller was in very OK condition still running. Again wrong midair collison model? I know many cases when one plane remains OK and the second absolutely exploded. yes mabye I was hit by rear gun, but dont think. Its nice you write a long list of changes and you improve the game, but still a lot of to do and some things are sooo old and longlasting. thanks
  5. This is my screen during play. I have VR.
  6. still no response ? Neither at least the one ?
  7. no reply? fine.... "eye roll"
  8. Hi, Since we have a truly lot of planes, dont you consider it is a time to improve performance of the game? I mean we all know that game is better running on single core cpu, than a on the multi threads (like ryzens). We all experience fps drops when more planes are in the battle, together with tanks below I personally experience fps drops to 40 fps, sometimes even 30, which you know in VR is NOT playable anymore. Lets talk about new update. Which would improve, the game performance for all the users with Ryzens, or basically for all the cpus, where is multithreading and multi core power. Not everybody have a last i9k or similar. Truly not. I know on monitors the game runs perfectly smooth on average rig. BUT for VR, there are huge demands.... and I gues this game is primarily for VR. Are there any plans in this field? I personally would very appreciate focusing on performace, ....much more, than adding new planes, neew maps, new staff.... What the others think? And please..... please, do not tell me, ....buy an i9k with 2080 Ti..... please not, I cannot accept wasting money, when I know in the code of game is huge room for improving. Thanks.
  9. Hi devs, will be somehow attempt to solve the issue with skins on the planes? When you choose different than the default one, when switching external view, first appear the default, than in a second is loaded the choosed one. Its quite disturbing. And I offer to disable the FOV info in upper corner with fps. I would appreciate option to disable fov to be displayed with. thanks
  10. Hi Ace-Bang, I was there that evening. I dont have chat turned on for the full time I fly, so I got just few messages. I was in a good mood after a bottle of beer, so when I have read that you are a cheater I reacted to agree with words, yes he is a cheater. with smiley. I am sorry for that. It was not mentioned by me seriously.I was kidding and I wrote it there. I know you are not a cheater. You are very good pilot and I like the fights against you. Salute man. To the topic: Yes, it is not nice to be signed as a cheater. But you are still lucky. Lets look for example on the Ruthless Killer, who was not just pointed as a cheater. He was permanently banned. In my eyes he is NOT a cheater. He is just one of the exceptional pilots. He just have a very strong awareness about situation and self-preservation instinct. Thats something a lot of other pilots miss more or less. When RK was flying in 262 (before G-effect update) I was also called for restrict him from that plane. Because he really destroyed everybody on the map and flying was not fun anymore. But since the usage of 262 is limited and he flies propeller driven planes, I see no reason to hold him banned. In the contrary there is repeatedly connected guy (player-32108 , or something like that, dont know if I remember well) who repeatedly join the server and he trully cheats. Bcs his flight is lagged and much faster that others. He never responded for the message in chat and he is still alowed? And Ruthless Killer is banned? I dont understand the rules. guys. Salute
  11. Hi amdins. I would like to tell last days there are new pilots ... flying for GER, they change names each day. On of them Patreon RG10 ( JG13_7799gr, JG54Greuel, Strigoii) is going still to kill me. OK, thats nothing to obay rules, but he two times took plane in my side (RED) flew close behind me and when I was going to land (full landing config) he taran me (ramming) and killed both of us. two times happend. Plus he still writes agressive comments into chat and insult by words. Plus whenever I am in the air he goes via me. Flying since that is not fun anymore. thanks for focusing this.
  12. huge disappointment. Only in straight speed is advantage but in every other aspects it is far behind competitive enemy. Elevator roll out - too tough and BF109F4,G2 outturns you. Engine weak in horizont turns and easily overheats. Flaps - you cannot use their help in fast moments, bcs when you have high speed, the open just litlle. Also I cannot notice much better turning with that flaps, even in fully open. Armament: The lowest amount of ammo ever. Even I16 has more bullets. So you have ammo for 1, maximum two planes in sortie. Braking off. You have no option how to brake your plane down in fast way. It just holds speed and holds and even if you wanna land, it still flies and flies 😄 37 cannon is less effectively than you would expect. K4 itmakes just cosmetics dirty when you shoot all of your 37 ammo on it. F4 depends on where you hit. But as I said prepare to be disappointed. Advantages? - yes rear-visibility is very useful (irony) 😄 Conclusion: After a week in the cockpit of 9T, This plane is hard to fly. Hard to manage sharp and fast maneuvers, hard to shoot and hit, plane behaves like wobling up and down, and hard to keep straight and firm. In high speeds elevator useless, you must trim. If the VVS would have just the Yak9 they would loose all the war. Luckily they had Yak3, Lavochkas, and other
  13. RX580 8GB 19.9.2 I have this issue only if I have selected MSAA and It appears only in Multiplayer server (EU1CGS server with external view, icons on) So this settings: Canopy OFF MSAA set Antialiasing OFF (I have VR). I have always OFF antialiasing Mupliplayer server - Yes I have black sky when open cockpit If I change the MSAA into FXAA (Antialising still OFF) then the sky is OK (blue) even on the multiplayer server. Canopy reflections seems have no effect. Only change I noticed when switch msaa or fxaa But on the lower I have always antialiasing off. Note that If I firstly tested in QMB no issue I saw. With same settings I play MP server and it appeard. If I then go back to the QMB I saw the deffect there as well ! So in MP it activates and then I have it broken also in single player. Till I close the game.
  14. Radeon RX580 user, VR headset clouds from above are like little chessboards (blicking). when open cockpit everything turns into black and dark. (like invers colors). In open cockpit like FC planes, cannot even play bcs all view is dark. Thanks for fixxing.
  15. bcs I hit the plane with heavy guns quite enough and the Mustang still flies like indestructible. nevertheless Is it a plane like any other, or is it not?
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