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  1. 3.IAP_Vasilij

    The Motherland Needs YOU !

    For those who fly VR is Normal setting very useful, bcs of icons. So dont degrade Normal just because you have other priority.
  2. 3.IAP_Vasilij

    VR Wow

    Vive Pro now came with Pro Eye - version. This HMD know where you are exactly looking at, and gives to this small place better resolution, meanwhile the rest of not focused area has worse resolution. This gives much better image quality with same PC requirements. I guess super concept, right? I am thinking about changiing from oculus to this Eye HMD.....
  3. 3.IAP_Vasilij

    The Motherland Needs YOU !

    Kamaraden Piloten de la famous Luftwaffe. I restore this topic to Call you into the duty! On COCONut Normal server Germans are pushed back. Tank reserves are little and Pilots are tired. We need More BLUE / German pilots, to hlep keeping the front. We need Bomber pilots who will attack the huge factories in the deep of enemy territory. We need Fighter pilots who will protect our land, our planes and our tanks. And finally we need Attacker pilots who will attack and precisely destroy enemy tank located in the tank parks. Hilfe ! This is for NORMAL Coco-server .
  4. 3.IAP_Vasilij

    It was a long way

    and take that planes in VR...... This IL2 passion is FOREVER, in what that word exactly means....
  5. 3.IAP_Vasilij

    You know you are addicted to il2 when.......

    D3adCZE: You saved the lives !! :))))) You are also addicted to the IL2, when you are baking the christmas gingerbreads and only thought are about which country will win this dogfight battle?
  6. 3.IAP_Vasilij

    Steam VR blue circle

    Gracias !! Love you ! Bcs I was so angry due to this ring..... Thank you very much, really.
  7. Hi all, I used this to remove the circle: "collisionBounds" : { "CollisionBoundsColorGammaA" : 0, "CollisionBoundsColorGammaR" : 255 }, but there was an update of SteamVR a week ago and the circle appeared again. It doesnt matter if I delete the collisionbounds info, or add. Nothing helps and the circle still remains when flying. Any suggestions? I am going to try to fully reinstall the steam, so I hope it will help. Does anybody have this experience?
  8. Hi, Yesterday I noticed graphic issue when flying in MP, and with La5FN through the clouds, the water drops were creating on the cockpit glass as it should, but when I opened the cockpit and moved my head out of ..... the pilot goggles stayed dry and clean. (no water drops on my virtual goggles - I have VR) Oil drops are working fine when I move my head out of the front cockpit glass. So the problem is just with the water drops, and maybe with combinations with only some planes.
  9. Jesus, You made my day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You always add something I am really happy about: - Water drops also on Pilot gauges in VR Love you guys !!!!
  10. 3.IAP_Vasilij

    The meaning of this game

    This game in VR is as good as a sex. And in the same way, when you make a few days break, it tastes much better then. I had a break almost a week and yesterday flew again. First 1/2 hour I was just enjoying the plane, the instruments and the lightning inside. The beauty of the cockpit in VR and how awesome is just to take off and make first turn. The developers made a briliant product with never ending passionate. Thank you very much.
  11. 3.IAP_Vasilij

    -DED- Server's. From Russia with Love ;)

    Hi guys, Dont know if I am in proper topic, I want to dicuss about EU_Official server Normal... or such name is in the game list... well here is my question. Since the Spit IX was released 80 percent of allied forces fly this plane. I was thinking about this and I think it would be better if the planeset will be restricted for each map. The compareable planes from both side will be only allowed to choose. So if the map is from year 41-42 ... the planeset will correspond this year. Some maps could be with early planeset, some with middle and some with very last years. I think some wonderfull is when only Yaks and Bf are flying above winter russian country. I really dont want to fight (if I take german planes) still against Spit IX. Do you want to?
  12. 3.IAP_Vasilij

    Tried out soviet birds yesterday

    Since the Spit IX was released, there are NOT any Soviet birds on the sky anymore !!!! Now the battles are German birds against British forces above eastern front. Thats the reality. (Sad)
  13. 3.IAP_Vasilij

    Macchi 202 - really?

    Yes this works for me as well, Sometimes I choose the aileron rods, so the pilot is unable to turn anymore, or my speciality is to hit the photos glued in the cockpit of pilots wives. They get angry and then are making faults in combat. Once I hit the radio wires so they lost their wifi signal. this sucks as well.. 😄😄 Yesterday was flying with gunpods. And yes this works. Now I will try to fly with the "real" 7,7. The right turns are so wonderfull. Once I got Spit IX in the long right turn. He was so angry that disconnected immediately 😄 Its not such bad plane as I wrote firstly, right ?
  14. 3.IAP_Vasilij

    Macchi 202 - really?

    well, from your posts I got some clues... + Boost can be engaged for few minutes, its just more than enough for the fight. + Dont turn left, but turn right. + elevator gives you always a chance to pull more my own conclusions from flying: + rudder is very effecient and yaw bank is higher than enemy. it saves your life many times + good maneuverability in middle and high speeds. After diving it can turn in all axis like spit IX + always take the 2 gunpods. Only such firepower can make destructive damage on enemy. And in such old plane it is very welcomed to get maximum damaged when you even have a chance to fire. - Probably I will never get familiar with the fact that Negative loads cannot be used. (my often evasive maneuver) And also I lost a lot of targets when in almost firing positions. When they pushed the plane too strongly. - too fragile. One small hit makes this plane hard to fly. It needs a patient. Man must fly this plane carefuly, that it was made for purpose of beaty and esthetic not for combat
  15. 3.IAP_Vasilij

    Macchi 202 - really?

    OK, all answers are welcomed and appreciated. thanks.