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  1. OK,,,,so how to use the mission editor? Thanks in advance
  2. OK thank you I will look at manufacture settings …. And thanks for the setup numbers
  3. Thank You for the quick answers! Regarding the QMB ….I was thinking of the maps were you can add your own type of targets strength and positions...I would like to be able to choose the tanks I will face. But it seems its random and I get whatever the game wants to give up....
  4. So I have been playing this since it came out....LOVE it....I get that some issues are being fixed but it seems the new update has shaken a few bolts loose.... But I have some "issues" with a few details that I hope will be Ironed out with future updates. Why can't I EVER fight a Sherman? Why? Why are there Russian tanks in Germany in 1944 ? ( I am assuming an update will fix this) I do not like the new cannon traverse on the Tiger.... WTF is that? It gets stuck ….. How do I set up or get the QMB ….completely lost here The gun sound is suddenly lousy....? Will the loader ever be animated....will he remain a "zombie crewman" Otherwise Great job on the game....
  5. This seemed to work...Thank You.... But now I'm having what seems like over steering issues when trying to aim.... When I settle in on a target it will get wobbly, and even small corrections turn into huge gyrations or porposing …. can any one share their damper settings ?
  6. I had a windows update, and now Aircraft control acts like it just "lets go" Anyone else having this issue? . It just started yesterday.
  7. I got it....I had to set up as posted up thread ….. Thanx
  8. Start settings for the game....anyone? Will not stay running.. Even if I start in flight the engines shut down in a few seconds.....
  9. Hi.... I need to totally Re- set the F10 thing. I cant fly the A8 at all.....Is there a default setting to get the view correct?
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