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  1. Was able to snag a RX 6800 before prices went sky high and availability plummeted. Very happy with the combo. Wanted to keep it all AMD.
  2. Nice rig AuburnAlumni! I have a 5900x/RX6800 combo and I'm also impressed. Just ordered the Oculus Quest2 recently and enjoy it. Varibraun, finding the 5900x is tough but I found an Ebay seller sometime ago and though I paid a premium, it pales in comparison to trying to find one now.
  3. Owning a 5900x/RX6800 combo I can tell you the 5900x IS fast. Sadly the 5900x is VERY hard to get now.
  4. Jaws2002: I agree with you. I was finally able to snag a RX 6800 to pair with my 5900x. No need to Overclock either one. Just enabled SAM in the BIOS and let it go. Have ram on XMP setting for DDR4-3600.
  5. Was on Omaha Beach on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice of WW I, November 11, 2018. Was extremely moved by it. Pearl Harbor is amazing but Normandy with the WWIi beaches is hallowed ground. Even have a German cemetery there. The US cemetery is something I shall never forget. Looking forward to this release.
  6. If I have time I'll try but right now having fun using it.
  7. Chiliwili69, reran the test and fixed some of the incorrect settings for the 1920x1080 run and stock 5900x/RX6800 with ram at 3600. 2021-01-23 13:55:12 - Il-2 Frames: 6124 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 102.067 - Min: 85 - Max: 144
  8. This is the 1920x1080 score for my 5900x/RX6800 rig. 2021-01-22 21:41:13 - Il-2Frames: 5956 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 99.267 - Min: 62 - Max: 137. Specs of the rig are: MB MSI X570 Unify CPU 5900x GPU Gigabyte RX6800-stock Ram 32g(2x16) Gskill DDR4-3600 CL16-19-19-39 Cooling Custom Watercooled (cpu=Optimus wb waiting for Alpha cool wb for gpu; 480mm+360mm rads;EK D5-140mm pump/res combo) SSDs OS Sabrent 1 tb NvMe-4-4; Data Sabrent 2Tb Nvme-3 Case Fractal Define 7XL PSU Corsair 850
  9. 2021-01-22 21:41:13 - Il-2 Frames: 5956 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 99.267 - Min: 62 - Max: 137 This is the 1920x1080 score on Fraps for a 5900x with a RX6800 both stock on a MSI X570 Unify mb with 32G of DDR4-3600 ram/ I sure hope I did all the settings the correct way. Don't have a 4k monitor on this rig (BenQ3501R) so I'll skip 4k.
  10. Also have a RX 6800 coupled with a 5900x. Extremely fast!
  11. My 5900x, which I run stock, is custom water cooled with an Optimus wb and plenty of rad capacity. Your 5600x setup should be fine. What thermal paste did you use?
  12. FINALLY, I snagged a 5900x to replace my 3900x. Gosh it IS fast. Now I have to wait for the 6800XT gpus to become available
  13. I have a 5900x on Pre-Order from B&H Video to replace my 3900x. I have a MSI X570 Unify with 2x16G DDR4-3600 Gskill. I suspect I will have to wait quite awhile for the 5900x.
  14. Impressive showing by Nvidia yesterday, especially the pricing of the 3070 and 3080. Most knew the 3090 would be salty but WOW it sounds like a Monster. I'm happy to wait until the AMD Big Navi is released. All of the Horsepower just announced is wasted if you don't have the high end monitor to utilize it.
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