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  1. I am not saying that they should allow players to handle infantry or single soldiers as units but some form of infantry presence needs to be modeled. If you remotely know the basics of tank operations there is no way that you do not care about infantry. Tank operations is not mainly about T34s shelling tigers in epic duels. Frankly had I realized that it was doing to be a sort of world of tanks I don't think I would have shelled 60$ to get it. Yeah for air warfare it's ok it's all machine vs machine. But ground warfare is another thing altogether. Without infantry positions you simply can't model real combat situations. I mean it's not asking for individual soldiers running around, but you have to simulate some sort of infantry support, tank traps and stuff like that. Other tank sims have infantry. It's not like IL2 is a study sim like DCS either, it's very simplified controls for the sake of the game, which is fine. It's like modeling air combat and leaving out flak or something like that. It feels empty and unrealistic.
  2. Shells explode when hitting bushes. That's not too good. But it's early access, so...
  3. How can you simulate tank combat without infantry? It's like making a flight simulator but leaving out Bombers. I mean infantry and tanks worked hand in hand and tank duels were not the norm.
  4. Are there any plans for infantry at some point?
  5. Hello, I understand that this is an early access product. However unless I am mistaken, there is no tank commander station in tanks? For Soviet ones I get it, T34 only had 3 guys until it got the new turret but for German ones I think it's a must, especially if you plan to have several people in the same vehicle. In real life the commander is always looking outside and pointing targets and directing the driver. This should be somehow modeled, like commander points to the target, the AI fires on it, or if it's a player controlling the turret a blip is added on the turret clock and he turns there. It would make acquiring targets faster for tanks where the commander is not the gun layer, the real reason why the commander is not the gun layer in real life. I think that the game Steel Fury 1942 Kharkov did that actually. A thing you are doing wrong with optics is that you have progressive zoom levels. I don't know the optics of those tanks but generally you have 2 magnification levels, you can't progressively zoom. Also when the turret is rotated with mouse, I can point the mouse in the direction I want the turret to turn but the optics are offscreen making me temporary blind. This would never happen in reality as the gunner has his face glued to the optics. The camera should be slaved to the optics. And lastly as a footnote, I hope we'll see infantry in the game. You don't have much choice since combat always involved infantry and was rarely real tank duels. Keep up the good work.
  6. Did a search didn't find it, started a new conversation. Where is it?
  7. Seriously... that's the most shitty behavior that you can have. First I kick the throttle a bit and counter with the rudder, plane doesn't move then it begins to move, full rudder to counter, no effect at all, makes donuts all over the place. I need to counter using brakes, then it goes straight, then at once rudder response begins to be felt and the airplane goes again in donut mode. So how do you take off in this deathtrap? I have taken off with all the airplanes in the game, I'm not green at this, why does this particular aircraft have this kind of awful behavior, especially when it was somewhat known for its good ground handling? There is also a thing that bugs me a lot in the game, it's that I have no feedback whatsoever of where I'm at with my propeller angle, supercharger stages and so on. I know that in reality people had this but they weren't flying using a joystick that is mapped in a custom way. Every time I have to relearn how I did map this by busting engines and donuting on the ground to guess that my little propeller knob is reversed (oh yeah now I remember). The more the game progresses the harder I find it to get into and the less and less I am clocking time in it. I have some things to do aside from relearning each time how to play this when I don't fly for a month or so just because of the total lack of on screen feedback. Suggestion: make a little label pop up near the info when an input is solicited.
  8. I beg to differ. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_involving_Russia
  9. Don't read that I said that war in the east was Russia's fault and that the commies were the aggressors, I'm far from saying that. However a clash between fascists and communists was bound to happen especially since the buffer states between the two were now gone.
  10. This quote comes from Hoffman's book. (Hitler was my friend) I have red elsewhere that Stalin was actually happy that the Germans were going at it since he was planning to take a bit more. Stalin was actually not believing that Germany was attacking so... maybe Hitler was wrong anyway, but he actually said that it was preemptive. Maybe it was just another lie and he did not really care. Hitler knew that a war on two fronts was suicide, I think he wrote about it in his trashy book (never had the courage to finish it) so why would he get into one? Ah forgot, makes better sense to say that he was insane, evil and paranoid.
  11. Germany never could have won this. Britain could not have been bring to its knees due to its superior navy. Russia was probably threatening to attack at some point in the future, form Hitler's own mouth it was a preemptive attack. Germany was just not ready to wage war. The start of the war was due to a failed gamble by an irresponsible politician. The much vaunted German technical superiority is pretty much an illusion. Each of their opponents had something superior to face them in terms of equipment. People see the panther (on example) and fail to realize that the Russians actually had the equivalent before and in superior numbers and that the german "supertanks" were just an answer to these new conditions of armored warfare. WWII uboats were nearly the same as the uboats of WWI in terms of technology. The simple facts that Germany was a racist state defeats any hope of gaining massive support from people like the ukrainians. The German factories did not have the capacity to oppose the Russians, let alone the Americans. Lastly, even without America it was a lost war. With America and its powerful industry, it was lost for good.
  12. Why should this game be more entitled to release tools to tweak its mechanics more than let's say call of duty?
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