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  1. Here you go Cheesewheel, I finally found my old Cougar pin out images. Hope this helps. Good luck Riv
  2. I just tried it again and it has now worked.
  3. Works great. Thanks =[Coffin]=BlackHellHound1. Very much appreciated.
  4. Activated in profile but still locked up in game.
  5. No dll swapping required chaps. Ok, if like me you're having problems getting Open Track to work as smoothly as Freetrack, or you simply prefer Freetrack because you're used to it, this get's it working complete with your existing profile. 1) Start open track 2) launch game. The game title will appear under the camera name in the open track interface 3) Close Open Track 4) Open & start Freetrack 5) Play the game with Freetrack enabled. N.B. You might need to invert your pitch axis in Freetrack using this method. Everything else is fine. The beauty is that no game files are replaced or altered in any way. Cheers all. Hope that helps.
  6. Easier just to junk the game and write it off to a bad experience. My Freetrack was working perfectly up until the release. Now, not a chance.. typical. Never had any luck with facetrack or any other form of headtracking other than Freetrack. Even my old TIR wasn't as good as my freetrack setup. Think I've only bothered with it a couple of times since release anyway and then only for 10 minutes or so. Well, there may be a premium BOS account up for sale eventually if it's even allowed to do that.
  7. Great campaign concept Feathered. I'd be very happy if the dev's considered implementing something like this.
  8. Just as a point of interest, why are there all these posts saying effectively "leave the unlocks etc for single players?" There are a significant amount of single players who don't like the arcade style of play or having to unlock items we've paid for either. We'd much rather have a proper cohesive campaign or career mode without all the silly arcade style play and big yellow text all over the screen stating "YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY TOOK OFF" for example. I understand the frustration of the multiplayer only boys having to grind through the SP element and have stated myself that this should not be the case, but please don't say all this arcade crap is ok for Single players because for the most part .................. it isn't. For the Dev's. Incidentally, the correct phrase would be "YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY TAKEN OFF" if you must insist on this sort of thing. Take that as constructive criticism or whatever you like. Oh dear, I hope I'm not going to be labeled as a "Grammar Nazi" - Whatever, I don't really give a toss now. Personally I would think it's fairly obvious I'd taken off once I'd raised my landing gear and was flying above the tree tops - but if you think it's necessary to inform me of the fact, then who am I to argue? Also, for those who say "You can still play Multiplayer with standard aircraft" - you're missing the point. Most single players are SP players only just like MP players only and have no intention of going MP. @Trooper, sorry I didn't see your post until after I posted this. You beat me to it with the "make unlocks for single player" thing. Still it does sort of prove the point doesn't it?
  9. I'm sure you'll be very happy with your Crosswinds. @ the toe brakes comment. With all that has happened recently, I half expected it to be true.
  10. Well that's pissed on everyone's cornflakes hasn't it! That unlocks "hotfix" must have touched a nerve somewhere. No SP campaign or career worth the bother MP guys have to play SP campaign to get gear for MP No custom controls No custom Graphics settings Even the QMB is plagued with the unlock system. Seems like they're actively trying to drive people away. How about joystick control being removed next. Xbox controllers anyone?
  11. I wonder if we'll get a x32 option in a future update.
  12. Thanks. I just tried the 109 for curiosity and got the removed headrest unlocked. So I don't suppose it matters what "Chapter" you're in as long as you fly each type of aircraft enough times to get everything unlocked. Anyway the hotfix is working beautifully. At Operation Uranus now
  13. Yes, I was just unlucky that first time (or at least my AI character was). I just did two missions a few minutes ago and this time it worked beautifully. Thanks guys . Just one question. As some unlocks are specific to certain planes, am I to understand we have to do this for each plane type to get the full range of unlocks?
  14. Yeah, I might have been unlucky there. I'll give it another go out of curiosity. Thanks.
  15. Thanks Afwastus & Voidhunger. I might try that if I can bring myself to go back to it. I did the first few missions after the "training" stuff which got me halfway through the first "Chapter". I just couldn't go on after that. Any enthusiasm evaporated in the face of that yellow immersion killing wall of text. And "Action Area?" Oh please!
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