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  1. Great news! And you've got my preorders, looking forward to fly the LA5FN and G6 before Christmas
  2. I am reading the book "Red star against the swastika" by Vasily Emelianenko, a famous IL2-pilot during WW2. In the old game IL2 1946 you could easily get the direction to your home airfield. I have not seen this feature in Il2 BOX, But they had that help during the war. This is from p. 182 in the book, sometime in September 1942 on the Kuban: "Mechanics set up a tall antenna next to the van. Krivoshein gathered the pilots and began to explain: -This is a radio station. It can lead you to your airfield from any place.. Your planes receiver will be tuned to the station frequency. When you fly back, dont forget to turn it on. Then you dont need to do anything, you will just have to keep the needle in the middle of the scale. Thats all. Got it? -Got it, we answered, but somebody asked: -Does the enemy have such kind of stations? Of course..." Flying over the vast maps in BOX, I really would love to have this type of help. Is there anything similar in the game? Best, /Hans
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