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  1. They stated a while back that they wouldn't be able to make the SM.79 in time for DW-Tobruk, but may include it in another module, Assuming that they can do another. I have a lot of fun flying that plane in IL-2 1946 against convoys primarily. But yeah, we already have an Italian bomber in the game as well as a Torpedo bomber for each side, including the Wellington torpedo variant, so the SM.79 would be lesser of a priority to them right now. Cheers.
  2. 51. Has the real sense of immersion when flying from in the cockpit as Airspeed and Altitude, etc. info are obtained from the Actual instruments. 52. Includes the Italian Regia Aeronautica for the Battle of Britain ever since it was first released. 53. For DW-Tobruk, has a vast variety of ships like Queen Elizabeth, Revenge, Zara, Leander classes. Having the King George V Class BB as a placeholder for Japanese, American, and British Battleships was beyond absurd. 54. Radio Comms and Commands 55. Droppable fuel tanks ‘drop tanks’ in Desert Wings-Tobruk 56. More detailed list of what’s damaged. 57. Has literally, every single plane/variant that was available for both sides during the Battle of Britain: trainers, seaplanes, Fw-200 also.
  3. If you buy something that you don't have like BON, FC1, TC1 for $70-80 before buying Tobruk, then honestly, Why?? If this was an IL-2 GBs product, they would be charging us like $140-170 for this, so for $60-70 we're getting it at quite a cheap price for all of this content. Hope this helps.
  4. Hey. Thanks for adding the Italian markings to the BR.20🙂. Kind of got bored with the Luftwaffe markings on them.
  5. For my 3, I'd pick planes that saw considerable action in areas covered in the Eastern Front and in Normandy (1944) and Bodenplatte. There are so many that I'll divide into German/Italian and Russian/Allied German/Italian: Macchi 200 Ju-87B-2 Do-217 Russian/Allied: A-20G I-153 IL-4 these last 2 we greatly need in this game.
  6. TWO OPTIONS 1. You buy the game and increase the chances of VR being added or 2. You don't buy the game and decrease the chances of VR being added at all and any future development of the series. Salute.
  7. I agree. IL-2 BoX/GBs wasn't perfect itself as even it didn't have VR when BoM was released; VR came in March 2017 when the devs were developing their 3rd Installment, so cut the aggravation against TFS, alright. These games that have VR when they're first released means that the developers had the time to write the code in for VR, but with some other games, things more important than VR take priority. I'm sure that Jason and the devs could have added VR sooner than they did, but they had more important things to add into the game than VR. On the bright side it did come. Just like it will for the IL-2 Dover series. For these people who are No VR = No Buy: Then buy the game when it comes out and then just play the game later. Cheers.
  8. Like in this video here, in a game that was made 18 years ago. BTW guys, the devs have done an excellent job at making FM/DMs, cockpits, maps, etc. in IL-2 Great Battles, compared to games like IL-2 1946 and CFS3 where these things were done with less attention to detail (CFS3 crashes were beyond bad) than they are now, so I am certain that the devs can do an excellent job at giving us something like this, only better.
  9. I’d pick Tobruk because you get to fly planes that you can’t fly anywhere else, and probably haven’t been this modelled as they are now, and some are probably a long ways away from being included in GBs like the Wellington (including Torpedo version), F4F/Martlett, Dewoitine D.520, Bf-108, Gladiator, etc. Even though it costs almost as much as an IL-2 GBs Battle, you get much more content (including Tanks and ships) at that price than you would in a Battle of... Normandy does offer lots of great and fun planes to fly, but it will likely be released in late 2021-early 2022, while Tobruk will be released this Summer. That’s why right now I’d buy Desert Wings-Tobruk and Normandy later. As a side note, I bought Normandy and will buy Tobruk the day it’s released. Hope this helps.
  10. If Tobruk was released for free then I wouldn’t see any point in them continuing development after Tobruk. (okay, maybe just maybe a few fixes and VR) The same thing probably goes with IL-2 GBz.
  11. If there is at least one plane in FC2 that wasn't in Rise of Flight, I might get FC2. If there is ever a Collector Plane for FC and it wasn't in RoF, as well as if there's a map that also wasn't in RoF like Austria-Hungary, Italy, etc. I'll get them. But if like FC1, FC2 is the same planes (10 planes) and map from RoF and it costs $80 regular, I'm not getting it. Not trying to be antagonistic towards the devs here, in the Flight sim and IL-2 world, hitting the buy button means further development and more installments/planes for many things. With FC1 it may not as there's really no content that justifies its price of $80 US. As stated by Jason, a FC2 will happen if there's enough demand by customers and if the team, Ugra Media are willing to. As I said, I'm not trying to be antagonistic to the devs, just my view on this. If something appealing appears on Flying Circus (whatever this series will be called), I'll get it, but for now No. Salute.
  12. Agree. It was the support given to Jason and the team that made them add VR to BoX/GBs in 2017, if the sales were poor in 2016, then VR probably wouldn't have been implemented, or when it was. Whether you're a VR or non-VR person, just buy it; you don't have to play it as often, but by buying it you're supporting the team and increasing the chances of them going to another theater(s) and flying planes that probably would Not be in IL-2 GBs, even if there was no TFS. For all these people who are " without VR, not buying Tobruk." how (save for Fenris Wolf here) difficult is it to go onto GBs and fly perhaps a short flight without VR: not as regularly as you normally would with VR, but enough to say that you have played it? Speaking of which... How are you able to even start the game then? Danke.
  13. @John_Yossarian I don't think you realize that a Pilot Career and VR didn't come into IL-2 GBs until halfway through the THIRD installment, so how about chilling out on this alright, and just praise Team Fusion on what they've done these past years and what content they've add to DW- Tobruk. I'm in the same boat as you are, and I completely understand your point, but just here me out on this one. For $59-70 US, you actually get more content in Desert Wings- Tobruk than you do in a Battle of... as unlike in IL-2 GBs where you get a map, 10 planes (maybe actually a bit more when you include AI planes and variants), some ships, and Ground vehicles for $70-90 US Premium regular, in Desert Wings, you get 40+ planes, 25 ground vehicles, 17 ships including Submarines and Battleships, and a map. So in reality, you get more content here than in an IL-2 GBs Battle. But if $ is the big problem, then just wait for a sale, like in the Autumn and Winter. Cheers. Novice.
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