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  1. Thanks Luke. I’m sure this is a dream come true for many shipwreck hunters. Hope they also find the other Japanese Carriers lost at Midway
  2. Guys, If it’s TOTALLY UNNECESSARY for there to be a clickable cockpit in IL-2 Great Battles, then was it TOTALLY UNNECESSARY for clickable cockpits to be implemented into DCS, IL-2 Cliffs of Dover, X-Plane, FSX, and all other real world/combat flight sims with clickable cockpits? For the upcoming Microsoft flight sim 2020, if a clickable cockpit is implemented, will it be unnecessary?
  3. This is a very good suggestion if I do say so myself. I think this will either come after Bodenplatte, or the Pacific. Doing the Battle of Berlin as one of the last makes sense as it was the LAST battle in Europe. With the plane set, I'd add an IL-10 and the Me-163 Komet. Other than that, excellent Luzianto.
  4. Here's how I see it: 1. Bodenplatte 2. Pacific (Okay. Maybe one more battle if Pacific is still undo able after Bodenplatte) Years later (mid-late) 2020s: Normandy, Bagration, etc. 3. Battle of Berlin 4. Battle of Korea The devs need to be ready to tackle a new war with new plane types/weapons, etc. Most Korean war aircraft were jet aircraft like Mig 15, F-86, P-80, F9F, and then there was the B-29, Sea Fury, U-2/Po-2, etc. Jumping straight to the Korean war after Bodenplatte would be very risky. I would want to see all/pretty much all of WW2 covered before going off to tackle the Korean War.
  5. I highly doubt that the devs will go to Korea after Bodenplatte or soon. There’s a lot more WW2 content that needs to be covered, like Pacific and Tank battles before going to Korea. However, I’d pick Korea over Battle of Britain for IL-2 GBs.
  6. Amazing! The clouds look so realistic. Keep up the good work guys.
  7. What I mean is that as of November 2017 or July 2018, when somebody buys a RoF product, the money goes to this new team. That would be their income. I mean, just because the devs have no intention of going back to RoF doesn’t mean that no one else can. Examples, IL-2 1946, CloD, and CFS3 (not so much the last one, but whatever). In 2015 both games ran under the Digital Nature Engine, and in the 2 years following the devs were able to update the graphics, add VR, update the game engine. I mean if someone can do that for IL-2 GBs, then someone or someone else can do it for RoF. I am 100% sure that IL-2 GBs will be supported for 7+ years, longer than Rise of Flight was supported for. With the exception of VR, updated graphics, 4K skins, parachutes, and updated game engine, is there anything in FC that would REALLY effect your gameplay experience. Comparing IL-2 1946 to IL-2 GBs we see many differences and improvements. Comparing RoF to FC1 we very little differences and improvements. I really don’t think the devs are ready to do a FC2 Immediately after FC1 is finished.
  8. I feel that FC1 came out TOO SOON as it lacks a Pilot career mode like the one in RoF and IL-2 GBs because the devs are still tweaking the existing Pilot career in IL-2 GBs. The devs are making a WW1 flight sim in a game designed for WW2 flight sim; plus the devs at the same time had improve the physics to allow for faster planes like the Me-262, AI issues. To me the game wasn’t all ready for Flying Circus then though I believe in maybe the early 2020s the devs should have rebuilt RoF, I think in 2017 the devs should have gotten another team to continue supporting RoF, free of any charge. Instead of doing FC1, but that didn’t happen. With the Pacific the devs are probably going to need a team to make the ships. They’ll either get another dev team to make them or get Ugra Media or Digital Forums. With FC, well we can already fly these planes on RoF and have the same, if not similar experience, so it’s not that big of a deal if development is temporarily halted, compared to TC and a Battle of... I feel that FC2 should go ahead once everything in IL-2 GBs is ready like a career mode, AI, etc, and not during FC2 development, BEFORE. I also feel that there should be a few planes that weren’t in RoF and a new map like Austria- Hungary as these 2 things would improve sales. Thank you
  9. C’mon, you don’t have to be that vague. Here you have an OP asking a very reasonable question here. My guess would be November/early December. SU-122 and German tank in October, SU-152 and German Tank in November/early December. Your response “ When they are ready” more applies when the devs are going to the Pacific.
  10. YOU want to know something AndyJWest, is that there are a lot of people under 20, 25 years of age who have their pilots license and are eager to become an airline pilot. Some people that I know that are under 25 are airline pilots. This has been their goal since they were young. A young pilot with their PPL will listen to their instructor regarding the merits of their goals in aviation, a pilot who has been flying for DECADES, accumulating thousands of hours of flight time. NOT some random guy who’s played combat flight sims for many years and probably knows more about a combat flight sim, than that of a Cessna 172. AndyJWest. Unless YOU yourself have your pilots license AND are also an instructor or an airline pilot, then you have NO right to make a somewhat BULLYING comment that some young Private Pilot(s) will be wasted as an airline pilot, when that’s not even your career in real life. I think you should just MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. BTW getting your pilots license is at least 100x easier than becoming the ruler of a nation. Here's a fact is that when most recent CPL and Multi IFR graduates (200+ hours) get hired by an airline, they start off in small under 20 seat planes, and work their way up to larger planes. I know some airline pilots who are in their 40s-50s who have spent most of their aviation career flying under 30 seat planes. Surprised AndyJWest? If exiting a plane in 1946 is such a comedy to you then what about the CFS3 way of exiting planes? In these older, lesser fidelity games than IL-2 GBs, the devs spent time keeping the pilot alive after a crash landing than during, but in IL-2 GBs the devs spend more time keeping a pilot alive during a crash landing than after. If exiting planes after landing is so UNNECESSARY to some people, then what would be more necessary for the game in GENERAL? BTW, in CFS3 if you bail over water the mission ends before the pilot touches the water. Why not just do that for IL-2 GBs instead of him dying when touching water.
  11. Novice-Flyer

    $320 us

    A Software bug “ A software bug is an error, flaw, failure or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.” Essentially what you’re saying OpticFlow is that if 1C Maddox’s devs got the income that the devs receive today then more features could have been implemented into IL-2 1946 as well as FBs and PFs. I would actually have wanted there to be more features like a few more flyable and non-flyable planes, more ships, slightly more detailed maps, and better FMs/DMs like planes not exploding when hitting a fence at 5km/h. Comparing IL-2 1946 with patch 4.14.1 to IL-2 GBs with patch 3.201, yes there is VR, better graphics, FMs/DMs, more detailed maps and such. But EXCLUDING the amount of planes and maps, it appears as if more things were added to IL-2 1946 like Radio Commands, realistic bombsights, etc things Not in IL-2 GBs and for some things the ETA is unknown.
  12. I like the voices a lot. The only thing I wish is that the American lend lease planes could use English voices and not Russian over the Rheinland map. I hope that we can get some radio commands like in IL-2 1946 and CloD in the final release of Bodenplatte.
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