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  1. I'd say end of January/early February for 4.004
  2. I think that the devs should do Battle of Berlin ONLY if they know that a Pacific Battle can't arrive in the next 2 installments after BON. Sure, we'd probably get an AI Heavy bomber like the Lancaster or B-17, but it would only extend the Allied Bodenplatte Pilot Career by another month from March 29th-May-8th 1945. Therefore the focus would likely be on the Eastern Front advance from Late 1944- May 1945. If the devs do Berlin after BON, and then go to the Pacific, it would leave an open gap between BOK planes and Soviet BOBE planes, and IMO an early 1944 Eastern front battle like Bagration would have to be next like BON is to BOBP. This is why I believe they shouldn't do Berlin after BON and instead do something like Finland. If they decide to do Berlin a plane I'd like to see is the He-162, then again it entered service 2 weeks before the end of the war so it would likely be close to the bottom of German planes for BOBE
  3. You can NOT Pre-order TF 5.0. It will be ready to buy when it's released. Hope that helps.
  4. I would love to see torpedoes added. With the European theatres we have they can be used in BON and BOK.
  5. @Doctor. Thank you very much Novice-Flyer + BON
  6. 1. Type of improvement: Parachuters not dying when landing in water Explanation of proposals: Allowing the pilot to live after landing in the water. Currently if you bail out and the pilot lands in the water, even a few meters from shore he will sink like a stone and it will say " Player has been killed." This rarely happens IL-2 1946 and IL-2 CloD. In CloD the pilot will release himself from the parachute a few meters above the water and most of the time surface. If this doesn't happen/happens rarely in IL-2 1946 and IL-2 CloD, then why is this happing in IL-2 GBs, and almost 2 years after BOK was released? Benefits: So that people aren't aerial hydrophobic when flying over the Black Sea, English Channel or Pacific like Midway Guadalcanal, etc. when a Pacific Battle is released. - Realism in some ways. 2. Type of improvement: Pilots being able to exit the plane after landing Explanation of proposals: Allowing the pilot to exit the plane after landing so that if it's a water landing like US Airways 1549 or the plane's on fire on the ground the pilot doesn't drown or burn to death because he couldn't get out of the plane. This doesn't happen in IL-2 1946 and earlier versions, and CFS3 which were released almost 20 years ago. Benefits: Realism, though sometimes the plane can be upside and/or too badly injured to get out of the plane by himself. Devs. For 1 and 2. Please make it so that a.) the pilot doesn't die when parachuting into the water and drowns/burns to death because he couldn't get out of the plane, or b.) fix the issue by allowing the pilot to surface and able to exit the plane after landing. Thank you. 3. Type of improvement: Radio Comms/Commands Explanation of proposals: Allowing the pilot to give commands to squad mates as well as the squad leader to give Comms/Commands like "5 minutes and 1 minute to target." " Check your 6 o'clock." "Attention. Bombers, 12 o'clock." Requesting help from squad mates if an enemy is on your tail, and comms to Home Base. Essentially the Radio Comms/Commands in IL-2 1946. Benefits: Realism, though sometimes the plane can be out of range of planes and/or Home Base and the terrain you're flying over can make it difficult pinpointing your position. Thank you.
  7. Just because a flight sim has clickable cockpits does not mean that you have to all of a sudden stop using the keyboard. With me when I play FSX, Occasionally I may use the keyboard, other times I click things. Almost always I press the G button to raise the landing gear and use the keyboard to operate the flaps, though if I wanted to I could. Nothing really wrong with doing that on FSX. Though there are a lot more important things to add in IL-2 GBs, IMO, I wouldn’t mind seeing clickable cockpits being implemented at some point. Cheers and Happy New Year.
  8. I’ll try to go easy on you caricolaaaa since you’re kinda new here. First of all, this isn’t a really good topic for a poll, it probably would have been better to make it just a thread and not a poll. The topics: improve viewer mode, don’t get, Reduced career loading time, don’t understand. More planes and maps are something. This isn’t the old days of Microsoft CFS and original IL-2 Sturmovik were you can have many planes and maps in just one development cycle. Making planes and maps these days are a painstaking effort that take many months, sometimes up to a year or longer depending how big it is. And that isn’t just for IL-2 GBs, that’s for pretty much any development team these days. Just be happy that the devs have decided to make the Hurricane and the Yak-9. Those 2, along with BON will hopefully generate lots of revenue.
  9. Some things I’d add are (not an order of priority, just a list): Improved DM for P-47 Droppable Fuel tanks Radio Commands like in IL-2 1946 Pilots not dying when parachuting into the water Pilot Career improvements (more types of missions) Pilots being able to exit the plane or not die after landing in the water and on the ground while on fire. Gunner problem with Pe-2 and possibly bottom turret of B-25 AI improvements. With adding more planes and maps, I have to agree with AndyJWest here as making planes and maps take an enormous amount of time to make/test these days. BON will be a huge task for the devs as they have to make a huge map, 10 flyable planes, 1 AI transport and another AI bomber, V-1s and a whole lot of ground objects, etc. The only planes and maps that I’m aware of that are being made other than in BON are a Gulf of Finland map made by a 3rd party team, and the Yak-9s and Hurricane. Everything planned in BON is the biggest priority here.
  10. Guys let it go already. MP has been doing this for a while and now TF is finding tiresome. He was in Pattle’s position for quite some time back in the day. After he left he was mainly left in the dark and is in the same spot that most of us (non TF members) are. Somehow MP has shown to have forgotten some things like that making large bombers like the B-17 and B-24 in one module is easy, when it’s quite the opposite. He’s shown to be in some ways whiny like consistently asking things at a one day equivalent interval for a huge project that will either make or break Team Fusion’s career and our chances of flying over areas that we can’t already except in IL-2 1946 Mods and WT. MP. May I suggest to you please post your videos meant as a test as an unofficial test and Please wait until TF 5.0 is out before going on and on about outlandish projects and what can and not happen. Thank you. I apologize if any of this wrong as TBH, even though I got CloD in 2015 and downloaded the patches, I only got really involved with TF in early 2018.
  11. AndyJWest, at some point you're going to have to understand that cockpits in planes, even today are a giant complex of systems, switches, etc. that have to be adjusted/changed quite frequently throughout a flight. Some grown adults here who have no intention of being a real world pilot and/or have past that point in life, treat games like FSX/P3D, X-Plane 11, etc. as mere a toy. While there are others grown adults who ARE pilots that treat games like FSX/P3D, X-Plane 11 and quite possibly other flight sims as the REAL World where they adjust these systems, switches, etc. just as they do in the real world. Why would someone want to assign key commands to do these things on X-Plane 11, MFS?: Adjusting the DG, Autopilot settings like adjusting Airspeed, Heading, and Altitude hold, Radio and Nav Comms, other instrument adjustments, etc. To me the discussion of whether or not to add click pits in this game is pretty much the same as the use of an autopilot on a real plane. While I 100% firmly feel that clickable cockpits are of a lower priority in this game and the resources could pretty much well be used to implement much more important things, I still feel that at some point clickable cockpits should be added. According to this they were introduced in 1992 for the game Shuttle. https://youtu.be/Q0xZlCv6CYs
  12. I’m more keen on seeing the Bf-108 and the Hurricane Mk.IID than the Wellington.
  13. Yeah, well, that happened with IL-2 1946 were 1C Maddox gave Team Daidalos the game code in 2009 while 1C worked on IL-2 Cliffs of Dover (original). 2 games made by the same developers with 2 teams working on 2 games with 2 different game engines. Since then, TD has done a great job at adding tens of new planes, several new maps like New Britain, new and improved Moscow and Murmansk maps, and have fixed/added/improved many things that make the current game version much better than when 1C pulled out. And guys, just because the devs have no intention of returning to Rise of flight, doesn’t mean that no one else can. It’s happened in the past with IL-2 1946, CloD, and CFS3 (not so much the last one, but whatever). People here often say “after 6 years it was time to move on from RoF; You can’t support it forever”, “RoF is an old game.” Well, IL-2 GBs has been supported for 5 years since it was released and by the time BON is released, the game will have been supported longer than RoF was supported for. Does that mean that after BON is released the devs should move on from IL-2 GBs and create a new game. I DON’T. Rise of Flight is an old game, but IL-2 1946 is an old-er game, much older game than RoF to be exact that is still being supported. Salute.
  14. Adding to that, I feel that because we're getting a bomber in the next installment the devs should try to implement the bombers in this game with the bombsight historically used by the type of aircraft, E.g. Lofte, OPB, etc. The historical bombsights are implemented in IL-2 1946 and IL-2 Cliffs of Dover, which have WAY MORE playable bombers than in this game (7). Salute
  15. If you have Rise of Flight, for now I’d say stick with it. In the devs attempt to evolve Rise of Flight they have somewhat de-evolved it. As on RoF one can fly over a large Western, Eastern and Channel map, while on FC we’re limited to just a 100x100km map, 10 planes that are already in RoF, so no new planes in FC1. Not to mention the fact that on Steam FC1 costs $85 CDN ($100 CDN regular). So $85 for Rise of Flight with VR, a slight improvement of graphics, and has no Career mode and no scripted campaigns, no new planes. For $85 CDN one can probably buy several RoF DLCs that cost $17-28, perhaps all of the FC1 planes plus one or two more DLCs. During a sale one can buy almost all the RoF DLCs for $85. Also, for the people who supported RoF all they got was just a $15 CDN discount. The devs stated that FC1 was just the baby step; by that we thought it would just be RoF with just 10 planes and small map and no Pilot Career, but no. Instead, they payed $85 for a smaller amount of content compared to RoF and got a game that was somewhat flawed. Also, whether a FC2 will happen soon is still unclear as Bodenplatte and FC1 were released at the same time and we’ve only heard about BON, no FC2. IMO, the devs weren’t quite ready to start development of Flying Circus, and I think they should wait until scripted campaigns, bug fixes, and a Pilot Career (by them) is added. That will be when they’re ready to start FC2. I’d recommend sticking with Rise of Flight and perhaps trying out these. I tried them and there great https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/45387-updatedfixed-links-panthers-favorite-mods/ Salute
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