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  1. Well... For D-Day, the Channel map similar to that of CloD would have to be made and then there would likely be a great demand by the community here to make Battle of Britain aircraft because if you have the Channel map, then you might as well do both D-Day and the Battle of Britain. That's the plan in a future patch for IL-2 1946. However, one thing that I think is anyone's game that I'd like to see is Operation Dragoon. That's quite fascinating! I think it's probably the number of planes and maps and the fact that the game is still supported that attracts players and keeps the long time playing still playing the original IL-2, like me been playing the original IL-2 since 2004, but do enjoy CloD and GB.
  2. If a Normandy is done for IL-2 GB I think it would be post D-Day because if you did D-Day, you might as well do the Battle of Britain, which won't happen as that will primarily be a waste of resources. I think Bodenplatte is a great interim from BoK to PTO because droppable fuel tanks are implemented, American voices are added; a few less things that have to be made during development of a Pacific battle. If there is no Pacific after BoBp then I think the devs will: a. Focus upon TC until Pacific is ready b. Early or Late war Eastern Front e.g Smolensk (41/43), Leningrad, Lvov, Bagration, etc. c. Focus on filler planes, flyable or AI like C-47 (Li-2 after), B-24, B-26, B-17, MBR-2, Fw 189, Pe-3, TB-3 etc. d. Several of the above. A member of TFS said that making a B-24 for CloD would take 6-8 months minimum for the cockpit, internal positions like bombardier, gunners, and the making the entire plane itself would take a year minimum. IIRC, the B-24D currently in IL-2 1946 took some years to make/test. To me, I think they should make a B-17 AI first because B-24 (1946), B-26 (CloD potentially for TF 6.0). Jason stated that he wants to see what TFS has to offer before deciding to compete in an area that they're going to like North Africa, Battle of Britain as people would buy only one game. However, years in the future when they've done everything that they wanted to make and if there is a great interest for North Africa and Battle of Britain to be made for IL-2 GB, then they will, but for now, no. I mean, Cliffs of Dover is part of the IL-2 series, so there's no use complaining about just because it exists.
  3. Overall, I’d like to see pilots entering the water via parachute realistically, and then deal with the survival rate shortly after coming up to the surface. For example after parachuting into the water, you have an X percent chance of being rescued.
  4. What if you parachuted into a lake, or river like the Volga in reality back in summer of 1942? Re: In regards to Kuban, I think it's a priority.
  5. In IL-2 1946 and IL-2 Cliffs of Dover, whenever the pilot (any nationality) bails out and parachutes into water (sea, lake, river, etc.), he lives. However, in IL-2 Great Battles, which is said to be the most realistic combat flight sim ever, the pilot sinks like a stone whenever he parachutes into water (lake, sea, river) and dies. For the Allied Bodenplatte aircraft, the pilots wear life jackets (which they've been wearing since Patch 3.007 was released November 2018), and yet even with life jackets, the pilots are still sinking like stones and dying when parachuting into water. In IL-2 Cliffs of Dover the pilot releases himself from the parachute a few meters above the water, lands in the water and very likely swims to the surface. In CloD there is the option for the pilot to wear a life jacket. I am a real world pilot and BY LAW, if a pilot flies a plane (small/light) over a good portion of water and is not within gliding distance of shore (Strait, channel, large bay, etc.), life jackets MUST be carried. Back when there was just BOS and BOM, there wasn't much bodies of water so it wasn't that necessary. But now with the Kuban map which contains a good portion of the Black Sea where you attack ships, this error can no longer be accepted and is now somewhat humiliating. In the recent past we have seen lots of great content in updates 2.012, 3.001, 3.002, 3.006, 3.008 which contained many fixes/additions/changes; and in none of them (2.012, 3.001, 3.002 is when this issue should have been fixed) did the parachute error when parachuting into water get fixed. Man, if this is still happening when the PTO comes out, there's probably going to be complaints about this. If this is not an issue in IL-2 1946 and Cliffs of Dover (1st and 2nd generation of IL-2 series), then why is this an issue in IL-2 Great Battles which is the 3rd generation and has been in development since 2012, and is said to be the most realistic combat flight sim ever?
  6. And they are. My point was regarding an entire series (multiple volumes) from 1916-18, Western and Eastern fronts. The current plane set for Vol.1 are perfectly consistent with the title, Flying Circus.
  7. Looking to be the best real world civilian flight sim ever. Surpassing X-Plane. I’ll totally have to check it out.😅😇😇😇
  8. They’re already on Rise of Flight and I like them better on that game than on Flying Circus P.S. IL-2: Flying Circus should be renamed IL-2: Great Air War, or something similar because the Flying Circus aka J.G.1 only operated in the late/latter part of WW1 on the Western Front.
  9. All I’m going to say is that if you bought the original Cliffs of Dover on Steam for $10, as a thank you for supporting the game during the darkest times, then you got the Blitz Edition for Free. Therefore you saved $19. Pretty good deal in getting a few new flyables like the Beaufighter, Bf 110C-6, Bf 109E-1, etc. if I do say so myself. Note: I am not saying that FC1 should be free for people who supported Rise of Flight.
  10. No it doesn’t really.
  11. Currently in IL-2 GB Premium battle packs there are 8 planes + 2 collector planes. Recently the team has released $20 stand alone collector planes outside the packs, Ju-52, U-2, Bf 109G-6, Yak 1b, and La 5FN. Future ones would be Li-2, B-25, likely more to come. With the Ju-52, U-2, Li-2, and B-25 these planes saw action throughout most fronts of WW2, even after. With the La-5FN, Bf 109G-6, and Yak 1b, these planes probably took the least amount of time to make, compared to the U-2, B-25, and some planes in the battle packs. I mean, $20 for the G-6, a variant of the Bf 109 while the rest in the battle packs seems quite expensive. A battle pack can only have a maximum of 10 planes and it appears those that are leftover automatically become separate collector planes that cost $20. For a plane like the Li-2, that seems fair, but for example the Fw 190A-6 as a $20 collector that probably took less time to make than the U-2 would be quite expensive. I mean, it’s better than DCS, but not entirely. The standard edition with 8 planes costs $50, while the Premium with 10 planes costs $80. And for Kuban Premium, Bf 109G-6 and La-5FN that totals to $120. 50/8 equal to just over $6 per plane. Premium would also more include the price of the map. Getting back to the title, in Rise of Flight on steam there are plane packs like Battle of St. Mihiel, Birth of Warbirds, Legendary bombers, etc. that cost ~20$ and come with several planes. I think that the devs should do this with IL-2 GB because then it would be more worth spending $20 on collector planes. Here is how it could be (Please, this is just an example if these planes were to be stand alone collectors). #1: late war Russian planes, La-5FN, Yak-3, P-63, etc. #2: early war Russian planes, Yak 1b, I-153, Hurricane Mk 2b, Su-2 etc. #3: Axis planes, Bf 109G-6, IAR 81, Fw 189, Fi-156, etc. #4: Russian bombers, Tu-2, IL-4, TB-3, Pe-3, etc. Would cost $30 #5 late war Western front planes: Arado 234, Spitfire Mk XIV, Me 410, Meteor, A-20G, etc. Yak-9: Pay $20 get all the Yak 9 variants B-25: Pay $25, get all variants B-25C/D, G, J Likely there will be options for American/Japanese aircraft If the devs made every single leftover aircraft a $20 stand alone collector then people would be saying “ there are too many collector planes”, but if there were aircraft packs like there are in Rise of Flight, then that would be better because of spending $20 for the Bf 109G-6, you would spending $20 for the G-6 and additional aircraft. I’d say up to 6 planes per pack.
  12. Not to be rude or impatient, but when will the next update be released? 2 days, next week? I mean if something like this for Tobruk is being made I'm all in. https://youtu.be/U8kZSqQ4ql0 I will buy the Tobruk expansion the day it's released.
  13. That makes total sense to me. Thank you
  14. I’m quite curious as to why the next update will be called 3.101, and not 3.013? See below. Other than that, can’t wait for a flyable 262😀
  15. It's just a shame that they didn't add the bombsight method from the 2 previous games to IL-2 Great Battles.
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