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  1. I'd say that IL-2 GBs (including BOM) and IL-2 Cliffs of Dover are great games that one should buy. In comparison, the visuals and cockpits in Cliffs seem better, there's a better and more realistic DM, the game can handle large number of planes, etc. With IL-2 GB the FM is much better, crashes and collisions are more realistic than in Cliffs, there's a Pilot Career and VR (though they didn't added until the 3rd installment), has more locations where one can fly, and some other things. The two games have their share of Strengths and Weaknesses and problems, but they're still great games that should continue to be supported and people should buy.
  2. IIRC, that started in Pacific Fighters and was/is for American/British Commonwealth pilots.
  3. An A-20G could work well with BON and late war Eastern front.
  4. Maybe after BON the devs will do something like Operation Bagration which may include the D-5. Agree. Perhaps with an early Eastern front battle like Finland, or Battle of Barbarossa, or maybe just as an additional collector plane. Though on PWCG you can fly the Ju-87 on BOM Career.
  5. It’s the I button, same with IL-2 1946. However, if you have Complex Engine Management setting on like in Multiplayer, you have to manually set several things like the Fuel clock before the engine will start. BTW, once the engine starts, keep the throttle at a low power setting to let the engine warm up before advancing the throttle to high power.
  6. @127Tom I, despite others are kinda with you on this. Like, if you’re a ETO or PTO, or WW1 person and just want that, and due to PC space don’t want Japanese or European planes or WW1, or WW2 planes then I get that as though I have twice as much space on my SSD than you, I was at one point getting low and had to delete my modded IL-2 1946. For me, I would want to delete FC aircraft and or Arras map from my computer due to PC space reasons. But yeah if you’re getting low on SSD space then just delete some other games or files that you don’t want, or just get more space for your SSD. E.g 150 GB max to 200 GB max on SSD.
  7. However, for the bombers in the game except for the A-20 and the ones planned for Normandy (except for the Arado 234) and B-25, B-26 when they become flyable in the future, a gunner like the Nose and Top gunner was the bombardier.
  8. The wait for TF 5.0 is torture for some, but I think that if back in early to mid 2018 we had been told that TF 5.0 would be released in Q2 or 2nd half of 2020, many people then would have given up. Kind of an advantage of NOT posting release dates. Let’s hope that Team Fusion members stay healthy by staying inside and working on the game. Cheers everyone 😁😁😁
  9. I wonder if this means that the sales have surpassed ONE MILLION dollars, or several.😅
  10. I like both planes, but I picked the B-26 because I like it better. The B-26 is the primary reason why I still play CFS3.
  11. The BE2, Zeppelin airships (save for the AI mod) and airplanes, and probably some others are planes that weren’t in RoF that people would probably want to see added. To me, that would improve sales. Even if they made one or all an additional Collector plane(s) I’d buy.
  12. Finally we can see this be a reality in the game https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Market_Garden
  13. Flying the A-20B right now is pretty much like flying an A-20G. I mean, it's understandable why the bombardier position wasn't modelled ($ and resources), but still, I feel that position should get modelled.
  14. Something to mention here to all who don't know is that in 2015 TFS stated that TF 5.0 would be released in Late 2016. We have to remember that back then they were still an amateur mod team, they didn't have the source code, the content for TF 5.0 was nothing near as what's now planned, as well Blitz wasn't planned, it would be TF 4.312 to TF 5.0. Then in 2016 when they got the source code the first goal was to re-release the game with some fixes/improvements like DirectX 11, Tree collisions, etc. TFS has stated that they're taking their time releasing 5.0 as well know that it's better to be late and good, than early/on time and dead. They stated that if they go on to TF 6.0, it will be released much shorter than 5.0 as they'll have many of the bugs fixed and the main thing they'll be doing as making the map(s), planes, and ships necessary. Hope this helps anyone. Maybe in 5 or so years the necessary documents on Japanese planes and ships will be found and a Guadalcanal/Midway, etc. and Burma/Singapore will be made by both teams. With MS FS 2020 and CloD, the only thing that they'll do to IL-2 GBs is make the devs realize that they need to step up their game. Yes with CFS3 (which I played last summer), crashes weren't very realistic. In fact, the crashes in the original IL-2 are more realistic than in CFS3.
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