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  1. Droppable Fuel Tanks After the Battle of Britain, Luftwaffe fighters (primarily, as well as allied fighters) like the Me 109, Me 110, and Fw 190, etc. started carrying droppable fuel tanks, even on the Eastern Front. For games like IL-2 FB, Pacific Fighters, CFS3, planes have had this ability since they were first released. Yet 4 years and 3 1/2 installments after the release of IL-2 Great Battles, Luftwaffe planes carry bombs under the fuselage, but no droppable fuel tanks. I find it very embarrassing that IL-2 CloD has droppable fuel tanks planned for their 2nd installment over Tobruk (https://youtu.be/kpZoiDBwBj4 0:20-0:57), and yet IL-2 GB has released 3 installments with no droppable fuel tanks, despite them being available historically over places depicted in this game Parachuters dying when landing in water One of the most annoying things for me is that whenever you bail out and the pilot lands in the water, he will sink like a stone and it will say " player" has been killed. This never occurs in IL-2 1946 or CoD as in the latter the pilot will release himself from the parachute a few meters above the water. After hitting the water he will surface. In IL-2 1946, if the pilot is Russian or German he will land in the water and will run a few feet before jumping forwards and landing on his stomach. Unrealistic, but at least he doesn't die. I thought that this would have been fixed in 3.001, 3.002, 3.006, 3.008, or 3.010, but no. Pilot/crew unable to leave plane after crash landing If you make a crash/controlled landing or if the plane catches fire while on the ground if you're playing IL-2 1946, if you press Ctrl+E (Bail out command) the crew get out and run away from the plane. This is very helpful during a water landing or when the engine is on fire. In IL-2 GB, the pilot will only get out of the plane when in the air, if you try doing this on the ground the canopy will jettison, but the crew won't get out. So basically the pilot dies/drowns because he is unable to escape the burning/sinking plane. For these and probably many others, they were totally acceptable when there was just BOS, but after the release of BOM, maybe, maybe not. After the release of BOK, and the updates up to 3.010, these are starting to become embarrassing. True, many things were added/fixed during BoK development like VR, FM update for all planes, extended visibility, improved clouds, career system. After words, 3.006, 3.008 contained some of the greatest game updates. It's just a shame from 2014+ that the 3 things mentioned above have taken a long time to implement into this great game. Droppable fuel tanks would be easy imo.
  2. Novice-Flyer

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    The G-5 was a G-6 with a pressurized cockpit
  3. Novice-Flyer

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    As far as I know (AFAIK), parachutes in WW1 were primarily used by the spotters in the observation balloons; only in the last few months of the war did the German pilots primarily use parachutes. Therefore, parachutes were not a thing to almost all WWI pilots.
  4. Novice-Flyer

    Developer Diary 216 - Discussion

    I wonder if there will be a Pilot Career covering the Battle of Kursk over this Tank Crew map.
  5. Novice-Flyer

    Is the cockpit clickable in VR?

    Clickable cockpits in flight simulator games like this are mandatory to have. I hate having to assign keyboard commands to do such simple things like leaning the mixture. For example if you fly the Cessna 172 on a simulator without a clickable cockpit, then when you fly a Cessna 172 in real life, you probably have no idea how the start up procedure works. All flight simulators are toys, but a game without clickable cockpits is more of a toy than one with clickable cockpits. VR is cool, but flying with VR is practically like a blind person flying because you have to feel everything on the controller/joystick.
  6. Personally, I'd like to see the Sunderland and the Fw-200 as the flyable 4 engine planes for TF 6.0. I think for TF 6.5 and or 7.0, the Lancaster, B-24 and maybe the Me-323. I feel that the B-17 should come after these for late 1943-1944.
  7. Novice-Flyer

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    I believe that the Allied advances in Normandy after D-Day such as the Falaise pocket could be done, probably through a Tank Crew. The D-day part of Normandy, probably not because that would require the devs to make: 1. The Channel map (Southern England and Normandy) 2. Many ships 3. Many planes That seems like a lot of work for a small team to do. I feel that D-Day will likely be covered by Team Fusion Simulations as it will be easier for them to do it than for 1CGS to do it. All TFS needs to do is just slightly update the Channel map, make the ships, and planes. Something I think is anyone's game is Operation Dragoon (Invasion of Southern France). I don't see what everyone's problem is with IL-2 CoD as it states here by Jason " The Dover Series will co-exist beside our Great Battles Series. The two series will not be compatible with each other and likely cover different theaters of the war for the foreseeable future, but together both series will give you many options for gameplay and awesome content to enjoy."
  8. Novice-Flyer

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    Oh, terribly sorry about that.
  9. Novice-Flyer

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    You're the one who has learned little about the Bf 109. Before buying this game in Christmas 2016, the only Bf 109 variants that I knew of were the E model, G-14, and Z Zwilling. Back in November 2017 when I wrote this thread, I erroneously stated that the F and G models were pretty much identical. They're NOT! The F and G models have different engines and armament. The G-6 has a greater firepower than the G-2 and G-4, and has blisters on the sides of the engine by the cockpit. The G-10 and the K-4 have different engines. I know now that there is a major difference between the Bf 109 variants. For a game that can include many aircraft in a module/installment, it's important to have ALL planes that fought there, but for BoX, which can only have 10 planes per pack, compromises have to be made. In this game, I feel if any Bf 109s were to go, it would be the F-2 and G-4. You can fly the F-4 in BOM career.
  10. Novice-Flyer

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    Back when I wrote this in November 2017, my knowledge of the Bf 109 variants and where they fought in was very limited. Now I have a much greater knowledge. Here is the new list: BOS BOM BOK USSR. Germany The devs got the plane list correct for BOM USSR Germany Yak 1 Bf 109 F-4 except for the F-2 Yak 7 Bf 109 G-6 LaGG 3 Bf 109 G-2 A-20B He-111 H-16 IL-2 Ju-87 P-39L-1 Fw 190 A-5 Pe-2 He-111 H-6 IL-2 mod 43 Bf 110 G-2 Collector Collector La 5 IAR 80 The devs got the BOK collectors correct The devs got the plane list correct for Bodenplatte.
  11. Novice-Flyer

    ROF Free To Play

    I hope you enjoy your planes Dogbert. After all, I enjoy playing Rise of Flight. I have almost all of the planes. Some of my favorites on that list are Airco DH.2, Bristol F2B, Sopwith Triplane, Dolphin, and Camel. Planes that I love flying that I would recommmend buying are the Felixstowe F2A, Halberstadt C.II, Fokker E.3 Eindecker and Dr.1 (The Red Baron's plane), Pfalz D.III, and Handley Page. A flying tip if you ever get the Gotha bomber is always use RUDDER when a wing drops, NEVER Aileron as that makes the situation worse. Edit: Channel map is always fun, you can sink ships like WW1 subs, supply ships, and Emden class cruiser. Safe flights over No Man's Land. Novice-Flyer
  12. Novice-Flyer

    The Flying Circus needs to end

    I appreciate that Jason and the team are able continue their efforts and bring WWI aircraft into IL-2 GB through IL-2: Flying Circus, but honestly, I feel that the Flying Circus needs to end after Vol.1. My primary reason is that the Flying Circus makes its predecessor, Rise of Flight a pawn, or was just a waste of time and money in the BIG picture of things. The technology made by 777 Studios for Rise of Flight was used to create IL-2 BOS, and then later improved upon for both games. In H2 of 2015 1CGS (as they’re now called) pulled away from RoF due to the overwhelming and demanding work for BOS. Due to the advances in technology it would be difficult to return to RoF without causing major delays to IL-2 GB, and hiring a new team would be too expensive. It’s stated that Rise of Flight is the most realistic WW1 flight sim ever made and now 1CGS is just going to throw all of that away and just redo Rise of Flight as IL-2 Flying Circus, making everyone’s purchases for RoF to have been for nothing?! Therefore, people just wasted their money on Rise of Flight? I don't think so! When the Flying Circus first came out there was a discount for all people who bought Rise of Flight, and with that discount the cost is $60 at the cheapest! Ridiculous. You can get 2 or 3 DLCs for $60 dollars on Rise of Flight. Another point to mention is that Flying Circus Vol.1 and RoF are pretty much the same game with the FC having 4K resolution, DirectX 11 and VR, plus a few minor additions like parachutes. I think it's totally unfair that someone who bought these planes on RoF that are included on FC has to pay $60 for just VR and better graphics. Based on these reasons, I am very likely NOT going to buy the Flying Circus. The main point is that for one who does not have Rise of Flight or has spent very little money, then there is no issue with FC. But for one who has spent a considerable amount of $ on RoF, then there’s no real point of the Flying Circus IMO. I believe that if the PTO isn’t greenlighted this year, then Jason and the team should focus their efforts on Tank Crew, and game fixes for IL-2 GB. NO Flying Circus!! Personally, I believe that when Jason has or pretty much done all of the major products that he wanted to do in IL-2 GB, then I feel that his team should return to Rise of Flight United. I have no issues with waiting for that.
  13. Novice-Flyer

    Buy 2 coll. planes and get 1 free; Question

    I’d love to see a “buy one, get one free” Collector plane. E.g. buy the U-2VS, get Bf 109G-6 (or another collector plane) for free.
  14. Novice-Flyer

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    I recall the devs saying back in 2017 when Bodenplatte was first announced that development would take about 20 months. With that being said in November and early development beginning likely in February 2018, I’d imagine we’d see Bodenplatte in Summer, early autumn this year. Personally, I feel that Bodenplatte is the best IL-2 instalment in this game.
  15. Novice-Flyer

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    Looking amazing for Tank Crew. Can't wait until the map and the Sherman are released, as well as the Me 262.