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  1. If you have Rise of Flight, for now I’d say stick with it. In the devs attempt to evolve Rise of Flight they have somewhat de-evolved it. As on RoF one can fly over a large Western, Eastern and Channel map, while on FC we’re limited to just a 100x100km map, 10 planes that are already in RoF, so no new planes in FC1. Not to mention the fact that on Steam FC1 costs $85 CDN ($100 CDN regular). So $85 for Rise of Flight with VR, a slight improvement of graphics, and has no Career mode and no scripted campaigns, no new planes. For $85 CDN one can probably buy several RoF DLCs that cost $17-28, perhaps all of the FC1 planes plus one or two more DLCs. During a sale one can buy almost all the RoF DLCs for $85. Also, for the people who supported RoF all they got was just a $15 CDN discount. The devs stated that FC1 was just the baby step; by that we thought it would just be RoF with just 10 planes and small map and no Pilot Career, but no. Instead, they payed $85 for a smaller amount of content compared to RoF and got a game that was somewhat flawed. Also, whether a FC2 will happen soon is still unclear as Bodenplatte and FC1 were released at the same time and we’ve only heard about BON, no FC2. IMO, the devs weren’t quite ready to start development of Flying Circus, and I think they should wait until scripted campaigns, bug fixes, and a Pilot Career (by them) is added. That will be when they’re ready to start FC2. I’d recommend sticking with Rise of Flight and perhaps trying out these. I tried them and there great https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/45387-updatedfixed-links-panthers-favorite-mods/ Salute
  2. It'll be a while before the C-47 comes to IL-2 GBs, and it'll we'll have to wait a bit longer to fly it, along with the Li-2. But at the very least, we'll be able to fly the C-47/Li-2/L2D in IL-2 1946 much sooner than when the C-47 will be available in this game.
  3. Well, no because unless something breaks off the plane in one of those games there's no need to have a detailed damage model. The main reason why things would break off a plane would be hitting a tree/building, mid-air collision, over stressing the air frame; in any case there's very little hope that you will survive and land safely. But I mean X-Plane/FSX are real world flight simulators and have, if not most have clickable cockpits, while the IL-2 series, War Thunder, etc. are combat flight simulators. DCS and CloD are the only CFS that I know of that have clickable cockpits. They're still flight simulators where you operate the systems, controls of an airplane. It's just the games have different purposes. With VR especially, as from my experience, it's somewhat like a blind person flying when playing a game without a clickable cockpit because occasionally you have to feel around for everything on your keyboard to do basic things. Same goes with people who haven't tried VR, you have to assign Ctrl + ? to do this , Shift + ? to do this, Ctrl + Shift + ? to do this and have a GIANT keyboard map. Here's a question: if one was teleported back in time into the cockpit of a plane that they frequently fly on IL-2 GBs, would you the engine startup procedure just by playing IL-2 GBs? I am aware that the devs have limited resources and while I would 100% like to see much more important things added to the game, I think it's wrong to just say that clickable cockpits are unnecessary and should not be added to the game. BTW Team Fusion also has limited resources and yet they're adding click pits to their planes. Final question: Should Microsoft Flight sim 2020 have clickable cockpits?
  4. 1. Perhaps after BON, they'll do the Battle of Berlin, which may include an AI B-17, or B-24. 2. Ugra Media, the team making FC have a contract to make the Li-2. With the C-47 released as AI, that will likely just give them the cockpit of the C-47 as well as the guns for the Li-2 to make. Perhaps in IL-2 Battle of Midway the B-26 will become flyable, and at some point the B-25D. When I started the Battle of Rhineland career (Bodenplatte) there were just 2 British and 2-3 American planes, compared to the many German planes. With the Allied plane set for BON we can get a lot more British and American planes to fill in the empty gaps. The Me-410, Arado 234, and Ju-88C-6 will be lots of fun IMO.
  5. A question I'd ask is for Pacific Fighters, how and where did 1C Maddox get the info for the Japanese planes, ships, etc. And yes, PF lacked torpedo bombers, Japanese and American ships like battleships, some cruisers (though some have been added to SAS, and hopefully TD will add them), etc. In the recent years, TD has added flyable B5N2, Ki-45, and early N1K in IL-2 1946. However, most likely 1C Maddox and TD had/have more developers than 1CGS. I am hopeful that in the near future the devs can get all the necessary resources to make their PTO a very fun and entertaining installment; hopefully after BON. Cheers.
  6. Yeah well doing something quicker doesn't always mean it will be better, sometimes it can even make it worse. Also, IL-2 GBs is limited to 10 planes per battle pack so a North Africa GBs version may NOT contain planes that would likely be included in a CloD version. For TF 5.0 they plan to include playable ships where you can control them from the outside, as well as playable vehicles. After the release of TF 5.0 they plan to include VR ~6 months following the release. If they get to TF 6.0 they plan to include the Fairey Swordish and the DKM Bismarck, which wouldn't (latter) be in IL-2 GBs. TF 6.0 hopefully won't take nearly as long as TF 5.0 did. See you're being BIASED here GreenSound. IL-2 GBs and all of its content wasn't released yesterday. All of the content is a result of almost 7 years of hard development, same goes with Team Fusion. Even though after almost 7 years there are 4 installments, while there's just 1 for CloD. That's because it took a while for CloD to step in the right direction of development. Now they have and hopefully more planes and maps that you can't fly anywhere else will be released. I mean, we have the Channel map here and that's probably the greatest, if not, one of the greatest gift that the devs have given us. Just be happy that we have it in IL-2 GBs and one can somewhat portray BoB. In IL-2 1946 the Gulf of Finland map was used to portray the BoB. They had most of the planes, but not the map and AFAIK, no one complained about that. Also, Team Daidalos recently released a Moscow map where one can fly over the Kremlin, and the map also connects Smolensk, as well as a Donbass map, Franz Josef land map were released, and no one here has complained about that.
  7. Seriously. What is your problem?! All you guys do is just go on and on about how IL-2 GBs is better and don't give any examples, and then you refuse to even accept the fact that IL-2 Great Battles is flaw as well. E.g. parachuters dying when landing in water and lack of radio comms, etc. Doesn't happen in IL-2 1946 or CloD (mostly) You guys are just acting like a bunch of childish/immature little kids on this forum/abut this topic. Au Contraire My projected release date is Christmas 2019-Spring 2020 for TF 5.0. BTW they plan to showcase some new planes and stuff next week or 2. How is CloD outdated? You haven't provided any examples and probably the examples you will give weren't even in IL-2 GBs when BOM was released. 1. TF 5.0 hasn't even been released yet, thus we haven't/barely even seen the new content that will be included. 2. You probably don't even have IL-2 CloD Blitz/haven't played much of it. Therefore there's no real point in saying that it's outdated. 3. Your reasons for not liking CloD Blitz is probably because it exists. Actually, the devs began working on IL-2 GBs in early 2013. That's probably the same time that Team Fusion began working on CloD, and TF members mainly work in their spare time so the devs have had more work time on GBs than TF on Clod. BTW, before TFS got the source code from 1C, they were just an amateur Mod team. Now they're recognized as the developers and them getting the source code probably was a step in the right direction . For people who are testers or make scripted campaigns, they can probably only do that in their spare time as well. Why should it matter what team does what battle? I mean Jason stated that he can't do every single battle in WW2 and make every single plane. Why not let the devs focus on BON and perhaps after, Battle of Berlin, and let TFS do North Africa and the MTO. As long as it's a good quality product, there's no reason to hate it. Salute.
  8. Okay, well you've stated for a long time that you removed Cliffs of Dover from your PC. Given that, I highly doubt that you've gotten the Blitz Edition. Even if you have Blitz, you probably haven't even played it, if you have it's just a very small amount of hours. Therefore, you have no entitlement to say that IL-2 GBs is better than Blitz. Also. A lot of things that make IL-2 GBs better weren't in the game when Battle of Stalingrad was released in October 2014. And I mean, IL-2 GBs isn't perfect itself, there are still some problems that have yet to be fixed. Why don't you start acting the age you are BraveSirRobin, instead of how many years you've been playing IL-2 Cliffs of Dover for.
  9. You guys are likely talking about the original Cliffs of Dover which 1C Maddox released as a buggy mess. Not the current Blitz edition. So much has changed in the Blitz edition that has made CloD better than the original. The devs have released 4 instalments for IL-2 Great Battles, while TFS has yet the release the second instalment for Cliffs of Dover. That’s equivalent to Battle of Moscow, the second instalment of IL-2 GBs. If IL-2 GBs ended after BOM, imagine what a mistake that would have been. Think of what this game was like back before BOM was released. It was certainly very different back then, and not just the number of planes, maps, and tanks. Also, there’s no point in saying that a game (CloD Blitz) should end when you haven’t even played it. How is CloD obsolete? I don’t think it’s obsolete as the game engine for this game is older than the one for CloD and there’s some suggestion by people who play BOTH games that the visuals in CloD are better. IMO, CloD is better than IL-2 GBs. Also, we haven’t even seen the content that’s planned for TF 5.0 which is planned to go into Beta testing on December 1st 2019. So there’s no real point in suggesting that Cliffs of Dover should end. I would recommend that you guys get the Blitz edition and see what’s it like. Not playing a few hours, but at least 10 hours. I think people should also understand that things in IL-2 GBs like VR took several years to implement into this game. Below is an image for the clouds planned in TF 5.0. Yeah well here’s the thing, the game engine for IL-2 GBs can’t handle large amounts of aircraft so basically you would be flying a Spitfire or Hurricane against 8 He 111s with likely no fighter escort. Updating the game engine to handle large amounts of aircraft isn’t something that can happen overnight or in a short time frame. Also, Jason stated that he has no intention of doing the Battle of Britain for IL-2 GBs. If if you guys want, you can hop in a Spitfire Mk.Vb, a Hurricane Mk.II and fly against a He-111H-6, Ju-88A-4, Bf 109E-7, Ju-87D-3, and Bf 110E-2 on the BON map when it’s released. That’s about the closest your going to get to the Battle of Britain in IL-2 GBs. P.S. Probably More people in the world have heard of Battle of Britain, Pearl Harbour, Midway, Kursk, D-Day, Hiroshima, than most of the battles portrayed in this game. Cheers.
  10. Sorry. If you want D-Day get, Battle of Normandy; if you want Battle of Britain and BoB planes, get IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz. Currently costs $7 CDN on Steam.
  11. Not going to happen. A BoB in GBs is more likely to happen than TFS working for IL-2 GBs.
  12. Same here. Hurricane is an instant buy. The choice between Yak-9 and Yak-9T may not be so easy for some. IMO it should have been $20 for Hurricane and $25-30 for both Yak-9s. In my case I'm leaning for the Yak-9T.
  13. I don't think it's a change in pricing policy, I think it's because of everything they have to do for BON. For Bodenplatte it was 10 planes plus AI bomber. For BON it will be 10 planes plus AI Bomber, AI Transport plane, and AI V-1s. Return on investment. An AI B-26 and C-47 is totally worth the extra $10 IMO.
  14. Agreed. I was hoping for a late war Italy as many of these planes saw service there which would fill in the missing Allied planes gap in Bodenplatte. Like Bodenplatte, Italy hasn't been done before/in a long time. I'm curious as to how IL-2: Battle of Normandy will affect everything in the IL-2 series. Don't forget the Arado 234. I'm curious as to what planes in the BON plane set will be released first? perhaps the Typhoon or the Bf-109G-6 or Fw-190A-6. I really hope that they don't quit on the Mosquito.
  15. Was hoping for a PTO, but with this plane set: P-51 B/C P-47D “Razorback” Typhoon Mk.Ib Mosquito F.B. Mk.VI Spifire Mk.XIV (Collector Plane) C-47 Dakota (AI) B-26 Marauder (AI) Bf-109 G-6 “Late” Fw-190 A-6 Ju-88 C-6a Me-410 Ar-234 (Collector Plane) V-1 Buzz Bomb (AI) It's just amazing. However, I was more hoping for a late Italy battle, but whatever. With BON, that means that all of the IL-2 games will have the Channel map (a future map for Il-2 1946 is planned). Super excited for the C-47 and the B-26. With the Bodenplatte Career, I was feeling a bit uneasy with just 2 British and 2-3 American planes, but not anymore. Can't wait to fly the Me-410, and the Mosquito. It will be a blast intercepting the V1s. Thank you devs.
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