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  1. I like the German plane-set, but for the Allied plane-set, I would have it primarily Russian, like 3-4 planes Russian, 1-2 American/British, or just all Russian. I think it would be pretty much a new theatre for the Russian planes that could go from late 1944-45, while it would be a continuation by 1 or 2 months for Bodenplatte for the American/British planes. Cheers.
  2. Thanks Luke. I never knew it was meant to combat bombers, always thought it was like the jet version of the Hs-129 and Ju-87 and Ju-88 tank buster version. Learn something new everyday. Maybe once they’ve done everything they could make this version of the Me-262; would be more likely than making the Ho 229 and Hs 132.
  3. Thanks guys. Will probably buy the GAZ-MM 72 first and then see about getting the other. Any chance of making an playable British or American vehicles down the road? Thank you.
  4. We need a Lancaster more than any bomber in this game (okay. Save for a Russian bomber). Same goes with the IL-2 Dover series as in what other game has the Lancaster as flyable or AI?
  5. Maybe it’s going to be playable ships or landing craft for D-Day.
  6. A bit OT here, but thanks Pat. I remember like it was yesterday, but it was 8 and a half years ago watching an episode of a show called Mayday (in other places called Air Crash Investigation, or Air Disasters) where they covered the TACA Flight 110 incident. The episode was titled Nowhere to Land. A fact is that the Captain lost vision in one of his eyes several years prior due to being struck by a bullet while evacuating people during the El Salvador civil war. By far, that’s probably my favourite episode of that show.
  7. Thanks for the update guys; much appreciated. Really enjoying the Tempest campaign and operating the tank turrets with the joystick.
  8. I once asked what a Sicily plane set would look like and after I got a response, it seemed feasible for 1CGS assuming they wished to go there. With 1944-45 Italy I think wouldn’t really be worth it as it would likely be in 2 stages (2 maps, and then perhaps 2 battles), one being the Gustav line, the other being the Gothic line. Many of the planes that we would use in a late war Italy would already be used in BoN. Therefore, I feel a late war Italy would be like a DLC for BoN TBH. Cheers
  9. Does anyone know where screenshots of Moscow, the original sequel to Cliffs of Dover can be found? If they even still exist. Back in 2012 I was primarily playing FSX, IL- 1946 and Silent Hunter 5 and only learned about CloD in 2015... I got more into it in late 2017 and searched for pics for the “sequel” to it, but didn’t find any. Thank you. But by this point it doesn’t really matter that they didn’t do Moscow, we have a Battle of Moscow, and a map in IL-2 1946 (4.14) where one can fly over the Kremlin.
  10. Looks like I voted too early. I would have chosen Finland as well.
  11. I think we need some Allied Non-Russian trains for the Rhineland map before adding that.
  12. The Wright Flyer and Jenny never saw action in WW1, in particular the battle fields; the Vimy only saw limited action. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Camel or Dr.1 wasn’t included (the Dr.1 in particular) as this is a real world sim not a combat sim. Sure, in other add-ons for FSX/Steam/P3D there’s been WW1 planes, and fighters/fighter jets where one carries ordinances, but considering that this game is more advanced than FSX, I doubt we’d see any WW1 planes, in particular German planes. If we did, it would be for free-flight, no combat there.
  13. Just out of curiosity, we are at version 4.009, so why is it 4.501 and not 4.010 or 4.101? Other than that, great job guys. Can't wait to play the Wind of Fury campaign and move/fire the tank turret with the joystick. Keep up the good work.
  14. @Buzzsaw You stated a while back, that assuming you do move on to another module after Desert Wings that the Bismarck and Bay of Biscay map would possibly be included as a side map to the major, yet to be disclosed map. Just wondering if this is still in the plans? Thank you, and good luck.
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