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  1. Actually that would be the 80th anniversary. Have to wait until 2035 for the 90th anniversary, sorry.
  2. The SM.79 only operated in the Mediterranean and it's effectiveness from 1943 onwards greatly diminished. I don't see 1CGS going to the MTO anytime in the near future, so there's next to no chance that this airplane will be made for this game. How about the Do-217?
  3. Yes, you are correct. Just as you replied I realized that it was there to deliver somebody, and if there was any enemy threat they would have diverted to another place or scrubbed the mission prior to takeoff. Rule of thumb: think/read/watch twice, post once. P.S. I was playing the Ice Ring Campaign in IL-2 GBs, and there was no fighter escort for the Ju-52s during approach and landing, so I used my IL-2 as an interceptor and took down at least 5 Ju-52s in one mission. They lost 269 Ju-52s during the Aerial Bridge, so it was pretty much a suicide mission for
  4. So I guess the opening of the 1969 movie (at 30 seconds) is pretty much fictional then? https://youtu.be/cNVVoH9-QH0
  5. Agree. They stated that they're hoping to build the MC.200, and SM.79 if they do another module. They also stated that building the 200 and 205 would be easier than building the Reggianes (at this point) In regards to bombers, I feel that they would build the Ju-52 over the CANT.Z 1007 due to less stations, and would build the Wellington Mk.III and Ju-88A-4/C-6 as those are easier to build than an entirely new bomber type. A lot of these Italian planes would be great to have, but there are just other aircraft that people would find more interesting such as the Swordfish, Fw-19
  6. Tell me about it. February is pretty much the worst month of every year... especially if ones wishes to go flying.
  7. As always, you guys continue to amaze us 😍
  8. Thanks for the update everyone. Glad to see a good chunk of SP addressed here The new mission, The Old and the New was very enjoyable for me, but the one thing that I liked the most was that a Submarine was added. Don't see them, save for MP.
  9. For Italy, you would need 3 maps: one for Sicily, Gustav Line, and the Gothic Line. I don't really know much about Italy from late 1943 onwards, but my best guess is that when starting at Sicily you could have Italian aircraft and Allied aircraft that can also be used in BoN. But as you progress further it would most likely be Allied vs. German planes, and very few Italian planes. Italy from 1944-45 would probably just be a DLC for BoN and BoBP. Once again, my knowledge about Italy from 1943 onwards is quite small, so I could be wrong. Anyway, I feel that players wo
  10. But only for the last few weeks of the war. If they do decide to make the He-162 it would probably be a Collector plane at best.
  11. Maybe if the entire population of Canada at a bare minimum bought this game then perhaps all of what you suggested could be made for a Battle of Berlin module.
  12. Definitely, when first got this game I really hated it that when I was on fire and crash landed, or if I ditched into the water, I couldn't get out and therefore died. They should have it where the pilot is able to exit the aircraft after they've landed like in IL-2 1946, CFS3, and Tank Crew, or have it that when you're in that situation the pilot doesn't die.
  13. I wish that the bombsights in this game could be like how they are in IL-2 1946 and Cliffs of Dover/Desert Wings as those 2 games have the most realistic use of bombsights.
  14. I would want to see the issue with pilots instantly dying when parachuting into most bodies of water in the game fixed, as well as pilots being unable to exit their aircraft after landing. The latter you can do in TC, hence it should also happen for pilots as well.
  15. As stated in the title, this is just a fan based poll and is not any means of an official question by Team Fusion. Also, this is based on the notion that there will be at least another module after Desert Wings-Tobruk and that TF would be covering a place where these aircraft saw considerable action, and TF had the resources and/or was willing to make these aircraft. My answers 1. Sunderland 2. Do-17 (though it most likely won't happen)
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