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  1. Go to the gunner's place, open the hatch, switch to the sight. The first will be ST-10, the next time you press Left Shift + T, the panorama will turn on.
  2. I use the Goerz panorama sight. It gives a greater magnification of 3.7x To the "tiger" 1000 m
  3. There was a great fight last night! The Germans pushed through our defenses in the south and captured all points. The open, flat terrain also favored the blue team, with few opportunities for ambushes. I fired at Pz.4 twice at the frontal plate of the turret from 200 m and could not penetrate it (I was on the T-34). I was destroyed by the return fire 😅 Thank you SCG_HITMAN_3 for the server.
  4. I completely agree. At the moment, the behavior of the tank when driving off-road looks unnatural. If we replace land with water and imagine that the tank is a ship, it will be very similar. Excessive pitching and rolling P.S. The last video is super, thx
  5. The mouse works. You need to select a joystick in the device settings and Tank Turret Control – mouse. I have a Russian version, but I think it will be clear
  6. @super-truite Hello. Check the appearance setting. Yesterday I accidentally pressed F2 and saw myself from the side 😊
  7. I think that the Soviet KV-85 and the German StuG 40 Ausf. G should become the next collectible vehicles after guided antiaircraft guns. The KV-85 appeared at the end of the Battle of Kursk. This tank did not gain the fame that the T-34-85 or IS-2 deserved, since it was produced in a small number (148 pieces) and by the summer of 1944 the regiments that fought on these tanks were transferred to the tank IS. Nevertheless, the KV-85 was noted in battles in Ukraine and in the Velikiye Luki region, and liberated Crimea. The KV-85 is worthy of being represented in the simulator.
  8. I've only been playing for three days and I like it 😊 +1 Russian tanker. It's me. From Russia with love 😃. Thanks for the positive and drive! As well as Hs 129 B-2. I could not get around the German base yesterday 😄
  9. If we are talking about offline campaigns, then I agree with you. There should be no balance. But if we are talking about online (especially dogfight servers), then the situation is completely different. And here the forces of the parties should be as balanced as possible. Now the "Germans" have an overwhelming advantage and it is very difficult to play for the "Reds". Although it develops their tactical prowess and ability to survive. Unfortunately, this game, according to the developers themselves, is focused primarily on offline, so the problems of online are not given enough attention. I k
  10. In my post at the very bottom there is a link to a table that contains data on sights. Photo from there. There are clickable links there. Thanks to the one who collected all the information in one place . The armored car in the Tiger's sight is undoubtedly a toy. I have not tested german sights, but the soviet TMFD-7 sight matches the real one. The fact is that I am engaged in adjusting the scopes for the SPM mod in the Steel Fury game and I have collected extensive material on this issue. You can see my topic on the ru-forum, use translator https://forum.il2sturmovik.
  11. TZF 12a Panther A/G (not very good quality) TZF 9 Tiger StuG/Jagdpanzer/Ferdinand Link
  12. Images of sights in various manuals for military equipment are drawn to scale. Lofte gave an example above. Therefore, you can focus on them. The developers use any available sources, including photographs of the reticle of real sights. Whether they have the opportunity to look into a real sight for themselves, I don't know. This is difficult for a variety of reasons. Google translate
  13. The sight with variable magnification 2.5x / 28° - 5.0x / 14° was installed on the Panther A / G. It was the sight Tzf.12a. https://panzerworld.com/german-armor-optics#tank-gun-sights Panther: Germany’s quest for combat dominance A sight with constant magnification 2.5x Tzf.12 was installed on Panther D.
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