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  1. A few photos from my first Friday night flight!
  2. Will the next TAW be eastern or western front, after a bit of a hiatus i finally have a computer again and cant wait to get back on the saddle!
  3. That would be awesome, if its all skinned up once the plane comes out i will make sure to send it out and hopefully Harry will get to see his Tiffy!
  4. I am jazzed with the plane selection, it is fairly diverse for both factions with a lot of iconic aircraft, the map also opens a lot of possibility for a battle of Britain setting. The mosquito is a personal fave having seen one of the very few flying examples in person it is such a beautiful plane and those twin merlins sound amazing. Would love to see a few 4 engine bombers in the next few years, my father was part of the team that put FM213 back in the air, and has quite the collection of photos throughout the restoration. All in all it is an excellent choice for the next game and i cant wait to see how it turns out! Cheers to the devs for continuing to keep us all on the hype train with each new release.
  5. I have a very close family friend who just finished interviewing a RCAF Pilot Harry Hardy who flew a Typhoon for the 2nd TAF. This is his plane here with the iconic Pulverizer IV nose art. It would be amazing if we could get that skin in game, he is still quite spry and very involved in telling his story. I am sure he would be very interested in giving the game a try to fly his old bird. Here is the link to the interview for those interested. http://activehistory.ca/2019/05/the-ghosts-of-the-tiffy-boys/ Along with and archive of RCAF Typhoon pilots stories. http://www.thetyphoonproject.org/navigation.html
  6. The Hurricane opens up even more possibilities for early war maps, such as North Africa, battle for France, the battle for Belgium. All we need is a Blenheim, or a wellington and the battle for France or battle of Britain is very flushed out! There is also a few great reference pieces, and the flying Blenheim at Duxford. Very excited to try both planes and what the future holds for the Il-2 great battles series!
  7. That little bit of added strategy and skill might encourage more people to go for the chute kill, but overall i think it would improve pilot survivability, altitude depending of course!
  8. Chute killing is a hot topic that seems to pop up at least twice a campaign. Its part of the server and i don't think that will change, you can chose to or not, at the end of the day its a game getting the silk shot its immensely frustrating its happened to me a few times. But it is just part of the server and an inevitability that we just have to respect, regardless if you personally chose to or not. We just have to accept it and move on!
  9. I think i have some video of that as well from the german side, there was 4 of us in F-2s a Km or two below you, if only i had the panicked coms of the realization that there was a high altitude flight of pe-2s in tight formation with a number of mig's with a huge energy advantage coming the way of our airfield , it was one of my most memorable dogfights and something that could only happen in TAW. The admins have created something amazing, and good team work and the use of comms really give way to some amazing game play and fun of course!
  10. Oh boy its reading week at uni come Monday its perfect timing! I think i will be going blue this Campaign i am always looking for people to fly with, i am on mostly nights AST.
  11. I'll be flying red this time, mostly afternoons and nights ADT and am always looking for people to fly with!
  12. Try to start the engines separately that i find limits the number of times the engine will sputter out, with that they tend to fail once but on the second startup they will stay on. Sometimes they will take two or three times to start you just have to be patient.
  13. The Techno chat defiantly has its advantages to just using the gauges, but also keeps the server a little bit more accessible for the more casual and less skilled players (ie:me)
  14. Ill be flying red this time and will be on in the evening est.
  15. i''ll grab that last g-2 if it's still available. Thanks. That might have been me my engine died and i was forced to put it down at agoy then proceed to destroy some parked migs with my flare gun.
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