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  1. Guys, driver 350.12 (back from 2015) is working for my GTX780, you should try it out, too.
  2. Yep, I think right now there is only one way to fix this problem - to go back to old drivers, if crashes persisit then one should go back to even older drivers. I think TRRA5 should try doing it. Still I'm really hoping for a fix, either from Nvidia or the devs though they have said it is not "their" problem...
  3. GeForce GTX780 http://www.nvidia.ru/download/driverresults.aspx/83856/ru
  4. I found out that going back to driver 350.12 seems to be working for me. No crash after several hours flying.
  5. The game crashes on GeForce GTX 780 since last patch, with latest drivers! After 5-10 minutes it crashes DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED Solution offered by Han is not working, even if I install older version of the driver it is not working any more, it's even worse now - same error after several minutes of flying.,..
  6. The problem is still there even after clean uninstall/install of Nvidia driver, on GeForce GTX780.. DxDiag.txt
  7. Yes I can re-try this mission but I want to proceed to the next one. This is frustrating, sort of like when old IL-2 difficulty was locked to "mission must be complete" option but it was possible to turn it off before starting a campaign. Any plans to change this diifculty for "10 days of Autumn"? Make "successful take-off" the mission end goal maybe?
  8. Thank you for the hard work! Here's smth I need to ask - I crash landed and I cannot proceed to the next mission - how can I correct this difficulty option in the campaign?
  9. Just figured it out with some help though.. It was conflicting with mission type set to "campaign" in FMB
  10. Exactly so, the mission can be found in folder "Moskau Herbst" when IL-2 is turned to Russian language, but when I change the in-game language to English, then the folder "Moskau Herbst" is empty...
  11. I created the attached mission in FBM and while I tested it with Russian-languaged "IL-2" with no problem, the game won't see the mission when I change the game's language to English. Can anyone please point out what is wrong, thank you! Moskau Herbst.zip
  12. I agree, the decision was just about as wierd as letting you fly the plane with a mouse...
  13. Please check my first attempt at mission-making in new IL2. Mission is combat air patrol over Stalingrad. Player's craft is I-16 so you have to own Battle of Moscow to fly it. Unzip the files into root directory of the game, and you will see a new folder named "Stalingrad missions - by Vendigo" in Main Menu/Missions. Enjoy! I-16_mission_by_Vendigo.zip
  14. Thank you for your replies, but I already know about that. But my point is - this game costs 80 dollars and the developers miss out the main part of it! You have to use MODS to play a simple offline campaign!! Do you really consider this normal?
  15. Am I the only one sick of not having a proper campaign mode like old IL-2? Is it really that complicated to create a generator of a proper offline campaign and include it in the game? Or have developers decided to ditch the buyers who prefer offline mode? Could anybody tell me, please.
  16. Please tell me why it's not possible to accelerate time more than 2 times faster?
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