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  1. In every mission the Stalingrad streets are being heavily shelled, without any artillery objects placed in the map, the shelling is always there. You simply cannot create a mission of Stalingrad ruins not being shelled.
  2. Would you share more details? As far as I know there's no obvious way to stop the shelling of Stalingrad in the FMB.
  3. Can you advise how to lock modifications for the player's aircraft in scripted campaign?
  4. Thanks for the update, devs! I have a question about blocking modifications of the player's aircraft in scripted campaign (previously it was done with the line &lockAmmoSchemes=1 but now it only affects the loadout). I have tried adding the new line &lockPlaneModifications=1 but it's not working..
  5. It is not possible to preset a custom skin for player’s aircraft in scripted campaign; even though it is assigned in FMB I still have to choose it manually before playing the mission. Official skins are workable. Please note to fix it, thank you!
  6. I double checked it and - yes, that is the reason. You can only use one of official skins to automatically appear on player's aircraft in scripted campaign, the game ignores custom skins assigned in FMB. I will report it as a bug, hope it can be fixed.
  7. Thanks for the reply btw the campaign is great! But my question was pointed more to the problem of assigning a custom skin to the player's aircraft rather than locking it. Yes, in your campaign the player's skin can be changed but still, every mission is loaded with a custom skin attached to the player's aircraft (see the image), whereas when I assign a custom skin to player's plane in FMB it still shows the default generic skin when I play my mission in campaign mode. So I wonder - did you do anything special to show a custom skin in game?
  8. In "Sea Dragons", the new campaign included in BOK, the player's skin is not a generic one, it's set to a custom skin automatically, so I think there must be a way to assign custom skins to player's aircraft (maybe by editing a text mission file or smth like that) but I still can't figure out how to do it. Does anybody have ony ideas?
  9. Hello everyone, I am building a scripted single-player campaign and I have trouble locking the skin of player’s aircraft to the one that I preset in FMB. The SETTINGS file has the line &lockPaintSchemes=1 but it is generic skin that is locked and can’t be changed from within in-game menu, and not the custom skin that I have assigned to the player’s aircraft in FMB. I think I am doing something wrong but I can't see what it is. Any advice, please?
  10. Yep, it's working again, GTX 780 with old drivers! A big thank you to the devs!
  11. I think they have fixed it, at least yesterday I was able to do a quick test in QMB and get around 60FPS with an old driver on my GTX 780.
  12. Update: yesterday I tried the game again and after it downloaded a small update I was surprised that a Quick Mission flight was getting my usual level of FPS (around 60). Before even sitting in a parked plane with zero activity around I would get only 6 FPS. I am still using driver 350.12. It seems the devs have solved the problem of critically low FPS, at least in my case.
  13. How about the frame rate? As driver 350.12 also worked fine with my GTX 780 (win7) only until the last game update, since then I can't play due to terrible stuttering (I am getting only about 6 FPS).
  14. Thanks for your explanation, btw it's quite understandable, and I am looking forward to more results from you, as I think 20 minutes playtime is not enough to be sure the problem is really solved.. The crashes on GTX780 seem to occur randomly, sometimes after only 2-3 minutes, sometimes after around 20-30 minutes but as far as I know, it will always have crashed after about 30 minutes. Please post more results!
  15. Sassus, so after you applied this program you no longer experience IL-2 crashing to desktop after prolonged playing, right? Have you been able to play long?
  16. You are wrong, my video card is neither "very very old" nor was it "cheap" at time of release. The problem with 780 series is much more deeper than that, even the devs have acknowledged today. Just wait till you start getting the infamous D3D ERROR with your 1060, then we'll see maybe you'll change your mind
  17. Jason, it's nice to see your reply, please try to understand our frustration, too. I realize this must be a complicated issue and really hope it can be solved asap. Btw here's dxdiag report of my pc. DxDiag.txt
  18. Worst part is - the devs don't care. At least they should give us an option to roll back to previous patch, I don't fly online so I don't care which version the game is.
  19. Yes it has. A lot of users can't play the game just because they happen to own a specific (and not cheap) videocard including GTX 760 / 780 / 780 Ti / 970. The problem was there before, and it has deteriorated since the last patch.
  20. It's frustrating to have been supporting this sim since day one, and the devs seemingly don't care a lot of their customers can't play the game. As LeLv30_Superbus pointed out, even buying a new video card is not an option as there has been no word from the devs as to which hardware is affected.
  21. Same here. I have been using old drivers because my GTX780 would crash the game with latest drivers (not the devs problem, they said), but after last patch I am getting terrible stuttering which makes the game unplayable at all. And now the devs are telling me to update to latest drivers.. Nice.....
  22. Do you mean that version 2.011 actually has fixed the problem of GeForce GTX 780 crashing the game (D3D error) with latest videocard drivers installed? I don't think the devs have ever mentioned it. Now after I updated to 2.011 the game has become unplayable at all, because of very low framerate...
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