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  1. Thanks for your feedback, it is a pity you experience the slow downs, would you mind posting your PC specs? Mine are shown in the readme file, and I am able to run all the missions quite smoothly; an insignificant slow down occurs when I am flying in the midst of Ju-88 formation in the second mission but as soon as I break, the mission is running normally again. Also, mission No.3 is less populated compared to 2nd mission, and still you are experiencing the slowdowns? I hope time will come when the devs find time and resources to address the "this game can't handle 30+ bombers simultaneously" issue.
  2. Thanks, it makes me happy to know people are enjoying it!
  3. I am just using TrackIR and I didn't do any changes to snap views, in fact I think it all started when I accidentally pressed some combination on the keyboard, maybe moved the mouse at the same time. I just could not figure our how to bring the view back to correct position. Thank you everybody for advice, now I have solved the problem, deleting the old svc file did the trick!
  4. I am using TrackIR and to re-center the view I press F12 when using it, and "num5" when playing IL-2 without TrackIR.
  5. Hello all, here's the problem - somehow the default cockpit view in I-16 got permanently dislocated to the left side, I can move the head around but whenever I re-center the view, it comes back to the position shown in the screenshot. All other aircraft are ok. Please help bring it back where it must be, thanks!
  6. I have re-uploaded the updated campaign today, some more errors have been fixed, also the most crowded missions should run more smoothly now (quantity of aircraft a little less now). You can download the campaign files again from the post above!
  7. Campaign re-saved after 3.008 update! Fixed some issues, including CTD error in the end of mission 5 ("Down to earth"). Floating bonfires along the runway in mission 8 ("Death to spies") are placed on the ground level. Also, most crowded missions have been tweaked for better performance, number of aircraft decreased a little, so those missions run more smoothly now. Will appreaciate any feedback, thank you! Download mission files (no skinpack included) here.
  8. Hello, thanks for positive feedback! I have locked modifications and armament of the player's aircraft in all missions but you can unlock them; to do so you must edit the SETTINGS files in campaign's folder. There is one SETTINGS file for each mission (25 of them in total), you must open it with Notepad and change the lines: &lockAmmoSchemes=1 to &lockAmmoSchemes=0 &lockModifications=1 to &lockModifications=0 then re-save the file. That will allow you to change modification and armament of your aircraft within game.
  9. I see and I think I have experienced such slowdowns while testing my campaign but in my case they occur only after playing several long and "heavy" missions, one after another. That is why I usually re-start my PC after playing through several "heavy" missions, then I get no slowdowns. I have also noticed that such problem may occur after I play several missions in different maps, for example if I play a Moscow map sortie, then a Kuban map sortie and then start mission 1 or 2 of my campaign - it is likely to run abnormally slow. But re-starting the PC always solves the problem. So I wonder if you notice the game runs better if you start the "heavy" mission immediately after starting the game. As far as I understand there is no fixed limitation of number of AI untis (air and land based) that must be used in a mission in order for it to run smoothly on all PCs, I mean I think high-end PCs are are able to handle more untis. My PC is several years old and it can be considered no higher than "medium level" by today's standards but I am sure all missions are running fine for me. Maybe anybody with knowledge of FMB would be interested to test this campaign and "lighten" it and post the "light version"separately, I would appreciate it!
  10. Great screenshots, thanks for making them! I think I could add them to the first post of this thread..
  11. Semor76, BladeMeister thank you for taking time to comment even though you are unable to play the campaign. I can tell you that I have tested every mission many times and while I do get some FPS drops during certain “heated moments” (like flying in the midst of enemy bomber formation with all the gunners firing at you), those drops don’t seem serious, also the FPS rate comes back to normal (around 60) immediately after the player breaks the attack run. I have never experienced a drop of FPS so severe it could affect the gameplay, here I made screenshots of mission No.2, you can see the FPS I am getting. I think the more advanced your hardware is, the higher FPS you will get. Even with engine limitations I still hope it will actually be possible to have a formation of some 50-60 B-17’s (if they’re ever made available) but of course you must have at least GTX1080 (or better - as new generation of video cards is already arriving, I think that will further improve FPS of “heavy” missions, don’t you think so?). Talking about bomber formations, I believe the developers also can help by tweaking AI so that the gunners do not fire at enemy plane when a friendly bomber plane is blocking the line of fire (right now too many gunners are firing at the same time which adds unnecessary load on CPU). Also, the developers could let the mission creator to adjust the distance of engagement for the gunners (far, medium, close or return fire only), same as existing in-game commands. Regarding “light” version of the campaign, I do have plans to optimize it but they will include mostly tweaking start/stop of smoke effects of city fires, not actually decreasing the quantity of aircraft. But if anybody volunteers to “lighten” the missions by himself and post the “light” version of this campaign separately, I will not object!
  12. jg1234 you are welcome, it makes me happy to know people enjoy it!
  13. [TWB]Sketch, JimTM thank you for the replies, I will study this info, I hope it should be enough for me to create the effect I need!
  14. Hello everyone! I want to make a smoke effect appear when the player approaches within a set radius, and disappear when the player goes further away, this must be looped so the smoke goes on/off as many times as the player goes close/away. Obviously this must be possible with Check Zones and while I can make the smoke appear (with the use of Check Zone set to “Closer”), I can’t figure out how to set up the “Further” Check Zone to stop the smoke effect – which trigger to use and where to connect it to. I think this must have already been done, could you please share a group or advise how to temporarily stop the smoke (as it must be possible to start again as soon as the Player returns to area). Thanks a lot! Attached is the group that I use to create smoke effect.
  15. Thanks for the campaign! I wish it was longer, great stuff! But it is soo somplicated to hit the target with bombs, it's driving me crazy
  16. An update available to match the campaign to the current "IL-2" version (3.005)! Download and extract the files to the root "IL-2 Sturmovik" directory: download patch here (no skins included)
  17. Btw regarding AI gunners defensive fire, I notice they are shooting regardless of any friendly bomber that might be caught in the line of fire...
  18. Thank you for your reply, so I suppose issues with FPS come with lower specs hardware...
  19. I can only imagine how cool it must be to be able to actually look around you while wearing the VR headset! I still remember the magic feeling I got when I started using TrackIR in the old "IL-2", so I am surely planning on getting myself into VR someday but my PC is not able to run it smoothly so I guess for now I am waiting for a more advanced technology to arrive - a year off seems just perfect to me Always welcome! I notice you have a better video card than me but less RAM (I have GTX 780, 16Gb RAM) so I wonder how about performance, any FPS drops? Thanks for reporting it, and as your signature doesn't show what your rig is, could you post it here for me to better understand the situation. Also, will appreciate if you share some more details like how bad the FPS drops are, also which mission has them - I suppose it must be the first couple missions which are "heavy" and if so, do FPS drops occur right at the mission start or later when the CPU load adds up with more objects being activated? I would love to make this campaign playable for most of the people, so any details you feel like sharing will be appreciated!
  20. Yes but only when the flight route runs over RKKA held area! Sure I remember that effect, an early modification of Zero also had it - and you had to decrease throttle before certain manоeuvres to avoid engine gasping. But I think team Daidalos eliminated this effect at some point. Thanks for the kind words about this campaing! Hope I will be able to afford VR soon enough! Btw has anybody experienced performance issues like freezes, FPS drops, CTD's etc? It appears some people struggle to run it.
  21. Thank you everyone, hope this campaign is worth your time. It has been a long long project. As VVS would show allies in red and enemy in blue in their maps, I chose red color for route lines.
  22. DOWNLOAD CAMPAIGN (version 3.102) README Attention, tovarisch! The enemy is at the gates of Stalingrad! There is no land to retreat any further! The invading force must be stopped here, on the bank of the Volga, now - whatever the cost! This is a 26-mission single player scripted campaign covering end of August – beginning of October 1942, just as the Wehrmacht closed in and fought their way into Stalingrad, only to be faced with utmost determination of the Red Army that was ready to hold the city against all odds. The player will fly an I-16 which means both BOM and BOS are required to run this campaign. It has been the author’s intention to pursue historical accuracy while offering entertaining experience of combat simulator flying with variety of sorties including dogfights, escorts, interceptions and strafing. The campaign is offered in English and Russian languages; French, German, Polish and Spanish languages are available, too but please note these have been google translated! Feel free to comment and report any bugs/errors; your feedback is always appreciated! PS Here's a link to Youtube video by angel b - Mission 2, interception of a large bomber formation over Stalingrad; just a sample to allow you estimate how "big" some of the missions are, and whether they could run smoothly on your own PC: Here are some screenshots made by FoxbatRU: I would like to thank -DED-olaff for helpful tips on using the Full Mission Builder and for providing me with tactical map layer files! Enjoy!
  23. This is how it is now (see the below thread), I aready reported it as a bug, maybe it helps if you report this issue to the devs, too.
  24. I do hope there is a way to turn it off as I wanted to create a flyover of winter Stalingrad just the day after the remnants of 6th Army surrendered, seems like a perfect mission to finish a scripted campaign with.
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