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    I want to advertise two Youtube channels that post videos of this Campaign, so you can have a look at the missions!




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  2. I tested the Mission 18 and indeed it was not working, so here's the fixed files. Now it should run like it's supposed to!

    Just unzip it to IL-2 root directory.

    Btw I have updated the campaign files in the first message of this thread, so anyone downloading the campaign for the first time, need not use this patch.  

    Thanks for reporting this bug, Zeev!


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  3. Spoiler
    1 hour ago, Zeev said:


    Mission 18, "Dusk Patrol" has no trigger for mission complete.
    When I arrive to waypoint where I see 2 enemy fighters, they pass by with high speed and I am not able to catch them, while the flight leader continues flying to the next waypoint.
    When reaching the landing and landing successfully, I get the secondary mission passed but the mission is failed.
    I tried twice to complete it.

    Anyone knows how to edit the save so I will be able to play the next mission?



    Obviously a bug, as enemy fighters are supposed to engage.

    Even if they don't, the mission's main objective is supposed to be complete anyway, especially if you reach the destination airfield.

    I will double check this mission!

  4. On 12/18/2019 at 3:24 AM, ME-BFMasserME262 said:

    I dont get the point of the 3rd mission. No matter how soon I start the engine, the fighters attack and kill me or kill my plane before I could take off. Tried literally 10 times to take off. One, I managed to take off, but the plane was almost completely destroyed. Both wings and engine were full of bullets, and the engine died after some minutes after leaving the ground.


    So I gave up and aborted the mission... To realize 3rd mission is completed! and I can do the 4th one already, "Polite reply". Dont see the point of the existence of the 3rd mission at all then.


    Maybe the message of this mission is "not every fight can be won"...

  5. Hello guys, I have run into a problem with missions sequence in a new scripted campaign I am making – when I open the campaign in the game the missions No.10, 11… are shown between missions 1 and 2, so the missions list is like this:


    Mission 1

    Mission 10

    Mission 11

    Mission 2

    Mission 3

    Mission 4

    I can’t figure out how to sort them out; I have checked the files of some other campaign where the missions are listed properly but the missions seem to be numbered same way as the campaign I am working on,  so I don't understand what to fix; please advise, thank you very much!

  6. Serdalf you are welcome!

    This campaign doesn't require the Player to return to his airfield in order to unlock the next mission. In most missions "Main Mission Objective" is triggered shortly after you reach the target area. It was made like this on purpose - so it's entirely up to you whether you choose to replay the mission or start the next one! 


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  7. Campaign updated to 3.102!  Main changes listed below:

    • New ”readme”  file! Please read it before playing! 
    • New mission (No.25 “Another day, another sortie”) added, bringing the total number of missions to 26.
    • New AI controlled entities (U-2VS, Hs 129 B-2, Sd.Kfz. 7/1) added in some of the missions.
    • Outro cutscene added in the end of the final mission (you must complete the mission in order to see it).
    • Where applicable, durability of static objects has been adjusted, making them destructible as they are supposed to be.
    • Generic skins with swastika added to all German aircraft.
    • Translation to French, German, Polish and Spanish languages added (courtesy of Google Translate, so don’t expect too much, sorry).

    Please re-download Campaign from the Google drive link in the first post of this thread (file size: 221Mb).

    I have revised a number of bugs and errors but some may still be there, so feel free to report when something's not right! 




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  8. 4 hours ago, [TWB]Sketch said:

     Do you just want searchlights on a runway?


    Yes, I need to place the landing lights that will illuminate the runway for landing, and these are the objects that I can't get to work. I can make the bonfires work, also the searchlights are working fine, but not the landing lights.


    Thanks for creating your groups for me, I am checking the one that has landing lights for allied planes but I hate to say it is not working within my mission.

    So I have a couple questions - I notice you didn't tick the "Enabled" box for any of the objects and as far as I can see they are not triggered to activate/spawn, so they don't show within the mission at all.

    I also notice you place "searchlight" objects rather than "landlight" objects, seems to be the wrong object to use to illuminate the runway?  

    But even after I edited your group to enable the objects and changed them to "landlights", it is still not working! 


    Can you please tell me whether you tested this group in mission and does it work for you? Because from what I can see, the command "ForceComplete" doesn't turn on/off the landinglights anymore.





  9. Brief description: the runway lights don't work after updating!


    Detailed description, conditions: in my mission where the lights illuminate the runway after sunset it was working properly until recent update, now the lights don't work. The command to trigger the lights is "ForceComplete" with "Low" priority, object linked to the light entities, it seems not working any more.

  10. 22 hours ago, alpenspion said:

    Can you make such a great campaing with the La-5 oder Lagg-3 too?


    Actually what I have in the works now is another I-16 campaing on a different map.  

    Btw a new campaign of Lagg-3 in Stalingrad has been posted in the Russian forum, maybe someone will translate it. 



    22 hours ago, JUSTPLANECRAZY said:

    Hi there just wanted to let you know mission 11 which i ( had to do it twice i got lost in the pea southen plugged full of holes the first time lol ) i had 1 tiny hick nothing worth writing home about then jumped into mission 12 heavy duty stuff again and she was as SMOOTH AS SILK and its just BRILLIANT CHEERS.😃


    Glad you are enjoying it! There will be a couple more heavy populated missions towards the end, when you'll return to action over Stalingrad just as it is engulfed in street fighting. Hope they will run smoothly for you! 

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  11. 21 hours ago, Tony_Kito said:

    I had a bit of a beautiful moment while playing this campaign, namely the mission where it's low overcast and you bomb the bridge.




    Wow, thanks! Judging by the looks of your I-16, you had a hell of a flight! Did you destroy that bridge?

    As I can see you didn't make it to the airfield, crashlanding near the frontline, but I think the campaign let you progress to the next mission nonetheless, right?  


  12. Thanks for the feedback guys, I am glad you have enjoyed the campaign! 


    6 hours ago, JUSTPLANECRAZY said:

    did you by any chance have stuttering on mission 10 ? i have just flown it and when coming in to land almost crashed it was that bad, i was only asking for 100 fps i have been getting away with 120 fps on all the heavy duty missions without a hick, my system is i7- 8086K  4GHz with 32 GB ram 1080ti Win 10 it has me baffled.


    Indeed it is strange because mission 10 ("unfriendly sky") is not heavy at all, with less than a dozen aircraft (both red and blue included) involved in the actual dogfight right over the Player's airfield. This is one of the missions where I never had a slightest slowdown or any FPS drop whatsoever; I will re-try it as I think recent patches might have changed it.    

  13. On 3/29/2019 at 11:54 AM, airahusky said:

    Could you clarify which missions exactly?


    I am talking about my own mission, where the following scenario is not working any more:

    the mission starts on the runway with a group of AI-controlled I-16's - including the Player as a wingman - and a few seconds after they start the takeoff run they are strafed by enemy Bf-109's, before the I-16's can get airborn. 


    Hereby I attach the mission which worked exactly like this before 3.011, but now the B109's that used to lock onto the I-16's just after the mission started and proceeded to strafe the I-16's much to the Player's surprise, as the Player was supposed to be focused on taking off when he was suddenly fired upon. 

    Now Bf-190's do not engage the I-16's till the Ratas are already in the air.




  14. 13 hours ago, Gambit21 said:


    To add to Monkeys’ comment, this is also better addressed to the author of the mission rather than a post here. Sometimes these kinds of things can be addressed with mission logic changes...sometimes not.

     If not, the mission builder can let the Devs know exactly what logic is now behaving differently, and tests they’ve already conducted to try and solve it.


    Thanks, I am the author of the missions and from what I see, the AI's behaviour has been changed so much I can't re-create the scenario that used to work well under earlier versions.

    I have reported this as a bug and it remains to be seen whether the devs will ever address it.

  15. Brief description: missions where the Player (or an AI-controlled aircraft) starts on the ground and is immediately "boom zoomed" by enemy AI's do not work properly since 3.011.


    Detailed description: The feature described as "AI pilots correctly attack landed or taking off enemy planes" has ruined the older scripted missions that start with the Player being "boom zoomed" by enemy AI's fighter planes while still on the runway, to simulate taking off under enemy strafing fire. 

    The AI's used to attack immediately after mission start; now they circle around untill the target takes off. 


  16. The feature that was added a couple of updated back, I am talking about "AI pilots correctly attack landed or taking off enemy planes"  has ruined the older scripted missions that start with the Player being "boom zoomed" by enemy AI's fighter planes while on the runway.

    The AI's used to attack immediately; now they circle around till the target takes off. 

    I realize most of the people here are hardcore online junkies, but we have an offline scenario - which would fit Bodenplatte mission so well - ruined by AI change. 

    Could this be addressed please?

  17. 15 hours ago, Semor76 said:

    @Vendigo If you update your campaign, it is possible to make a version with less black smoke over stalingrad for the first 2-3 missions?

    Maybe this could help those who haven´t a hig end NASA system.

    I would enjoy this campaign too,but the first missions are impossible to play.

    Thx and Saluté.


    Thank you for posting and yes, I have plans to update the campaign although I am not sure whether simply cutting down on the smokes alone would benefit the performance on "weaker" PC's.

    I think the devs have made some wrong decision about game engine, if having a couple dozen of aircraft in a mission forces the game engine to slow down. But we have to deal with it.


    Now, due to family matters the time that I can spend on IL-2 is very limited, and I have a new campaign in development so I hope to finish it frist and then I will update "Fortress Stalingrad", too! But I would again note that I tend to use my own PC as a benchmark to test the missions performance.


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  18. Blooddawn1942 I was making the missions based on my own PC performance, hope you can understand! So some of the missions are somewhat "heavy" but I presume the better hardware you have, the smoother they run. 

    However, not all the missions are as populated as the first two, in fact the majority of them are smaller, so they should run better.

    I hope you will still be interested to try this campaign sometime in the future after you upgrade your system! 


    Btw I did some quick testing and it appears that the recent update has ruined the missions in which the Player is "boom zoomed" by Bf109's right at the mission start. The AI's are supposed to attack immediately; now they circle around waiting for the opponent to compelte the take off run.   




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