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  1. Nadelbaum, thank you for your feedback! Your final score is much closer to real-life results that a real pilot would have been able to achieve, which means you have taken it seriously, not trigger-happy kind of playing. I believe AI can only manage "warmed-up" engines, I think it should have been mentioned in the briefing. I will update it later, as I have already found some things that need to be revised.
  2. It is funny, I never knew you can actually destroy your own rockets with cannons; I have always used them on separate passes! Kudos for making numerous attempts to get a perfect result, I really mean it as I myself have flown each mission dozens of times when testing. It will be interesting to know your total score when you finish the campaign!
  3. Nadelbaum, thank you for the link to TacView, it is an interesting tool and I will study it! It's fun to read your experiences of the sorties!
  4. Nadelbaum, I know that the durability value is only applicable to static objects (like buildings, stationary planes, static trucks etc.), which are different objects than movable vehicles; in mission 5 you get to strafe the moving vehicles. I did update durability for some static objects - like the bridge that you attack in mission 11 - but not any moving vehicles. I can also say that I didn't make any of the targets invulnerable, so I am not sure why direct hits didn't destroy them. Did any of AI-controlled I-16's manage to destroy any trucks? Now the damage model is more complicated than it used to be, so if you shoot up a truck it may still seem intact but in fact the game renders it "damaged" or "destroyed"; it might even explode a couple minutes later. You mention TacView, what is it? Is it the debriefing page that shows after you exit the mission? Am I right to understand that after you finish the mission, it showed you had destroyed zero ground targets even though you are sure you had scored direct hits with rockets and cannons? So far I don't understand why your situation happened, I will test this mission again because I am sure the vehicles must be destructable. Orville64 thank you for your kind words!
  5. You are welcome Nadelbaum, your feedback is appreciated!
  6. Update to 4.005! Revised all the bugs I could find, but some of them may still be there, so any feedback is appreciated! This is the link to the patch (no skins included): Download Update 4.005
  7. This is strange, if you didn't change anything but "coalition" property of some objects, the mission logic shouldn't have been affected.. It must have been frustrating to not be able to progress to the next one after such a long flight! The Primary task in mission 21 is triggered when you get within 1.5km of the enemy rocket launchers, so it basically requires you just to locate them and the next mission is already unlocked. I am going to make a patch for this campaign soon where all the issues will be addressed, thank you for posting!
  8. I noticed that the white T-sign is not the only "neutral coalition" object I had placed on the airfield, the "windsock" is also "neutral", so I think they both must be revised.. Here some screenshots, I opened Mission 17 file in the editor - when you look at the Player's airfield, the "neutral country" objects are easy to see as they are white-colored. The T-sign is actually two "land canvas" objects, you just select them one by one and open "Advanced properties" where you change the "Country" field from "Neutral country" to "USSR". I suggest you also untick the "Engageable" box, just in case. The windsock is always located close to the T-sign (object named "Flag"); likewise you change the country to "USSR". As to AI setting, most AI-controlled planes are "normal" skill level! Thanks again for your kind words, the feeling of being a small part of a big war is what I was trying to achieve in this campaing, I am really glad you have enjoyed it!
  9. Main Mission Objective in mission 19 (“Not a step back”) is triggered when you get close to Bf-110’s (closer than 1.1km distance), so after takeoff you just need to fly to Waypoint 1 until you run into Bf-110’s and then the mission is already “complete” and the next mission is unlocked. I will test this mission and maybe change the trigger as maybe the mission can’t be complete if you stray away from Waypoint 1, or if you don’t climb to the required altitude as stipulated by the briefing. But if you stick to the mission task, then it should be possible to unlock the next mission. But this kind of bug indeed happened in Mission 18 ("Dusk patrol"), and I have posted a fix to it; so if it is Mission 18 that you can't pass, you can download the patch from here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/37645-fortress-stalingrad-sp-scripted-campaign-i-16-type-24/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-882073 Thank you for your feedback, Retrofly! I think I know the reason for this - the white T sign is an object of “neutral” coalition and previously AAA ignored them but now they consider “neutral” to be an enemy. I will revise this by either changing coalition to “USSR” or unticking “engageable” box in the properties window.
  10. Zeev, I assume you are having trouble with secondary task which pops up on the screen in mid-flight (adjust artillery fire on enemy positions east of Varvarovka)? In case you can't locate the primary targets (rocket launchers) - they should be easy to spot because of the black smoke trails visible from quite far. If the problem is with the secondary task, here's the tip: Actually I feel the secondary task needs to be more detailed, as people seem to not understand what they are supposed to do to complete it. I am going to change it soon, as I am working on a new patch to this Campaign (but it is very very slow)...
  11. Personally I prefer rockets over bombs, I thought this mission would be much harder if the Player were to bomb the targets.. Anyway you do have cannons in this mission, just in case you miss with rockets. But of course you can edit the files and play it the way you want! Btw there is playthrough of this mission on Youtube, some good shooting (although it was recorded before the recent game update, which changed the damage model): A shame the player in this video didn't try to complete the secondary task though..
  12. Hello Zeev, this is literally music to my ears Thank you for the feedback!
  13. I want to advertise two Youtube channels that post videos of this Campaign, so you can have a look at the missions! gris souricier Киномеханик Снов
  14. I tested the Mission 18 and indeed it was not working, so here's the fixed files. Now it should run like it's supposed to! Just unzip it to IL-2 root directory. Btw I have updated the campaign files in the first message of this thread, so anyone downloading the campaign for the first time, need not use this patch. Thanks for reporting this bug, Zeev! Mission18fix.rar
  15. Obviously a bug, as enemy fighters are supposed to engage. Even if they don't, the mission's main objective is supposed to be complete anyway, especially if you reach the destination airfield. I will double check this mission!
  16. Maybe the message of this mission is "not every fight can be won"...
  17. Thank you Zeev, comments like yours mean so much to me! Hope the missions ran smoothly!
  18. Brief description: AI controlled arcraft fail to drop bombs! Detailed description, conditions: Offline mission, several flights of Bf-110's are set to attack the airfield with AttackArea trigger, they perform attack runs, dive to the targets but all of them fail to drop the bombs; instead they go around for another run! BombingTest.rar
  19. Hello guys, I have run into a problem with missions sequence in a new scripted campaign I am making – when I open the campaign in the game the missions No.10, 11… are shown between missions 1 and 2, so the missions list is like this: Mission 1 Mission 10 Mission 11 Mission 2 Mission 3 Mission 4 … I can’t figure out how to sort them out; I have checked the files of some other campaign where the missions are listed properly but the missions seem to be numbered same way as the campaign I am working on, so I don't understand what to fix; please advise, thank you very much!
  20. Serdalf you are welcome! This campaign doesn't require the Player to return to his airfield in order to unlock the next mission. In most missions "Main Mission Objective" is triggered shortly after you reach the target area. It was made like this on purpose - so it's entirely up to you whether you choose to replay the mission or start the next one!
  21. Campaign updated to 3.102! Main changes listed below: New ”readme” file! Please read it before playing! New mission (No.25 “Another day, another sortie”) added, bringing the total number of missions to 26. New AI controlled entities (U-2VS, Hs 129 B-2, Sd.Kfz. 7/1) added in some of the missions. Outro cutscene added in the end of the final mission (you must complete the mission in order to see it). Where applicable, durability of static objects has been adjusted, making them destructible as they are supposed to be. Generic skins with swastika added to all German aircraft. Translation to French, German, Polish and Spanish languages added (courtesy of Google Translate, so don’t expect too much, sorry). Please re-download Campaign from the Google drive link in the first post of this thread (file size: 221Mb). I have revised a number of bugs and errors but some may still be there, so feel free to report when something's not right! Enjoy!
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