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  1. Oyster_KAI: IMHO MP stuttering was real, I asked a few guys did they noticed and feel almost the same 1060/1080 are very common GFX but buy 2080 after an update to play with +10% performance more on 60-70 fps? We have a 6 gen Xenon CPU on the serverand feels choppy every time when we have prime hours. A few years ago there is also stutters with TrackIR and Force Feedback, sometime there is also stutters between servers (WOL/KOTA/Combat Box). Sorry dev. guys, Something went wrong (again) this patch. Btw +1 for the new planes and they are suddenly fixed the alt+tab 3 minute freezing problem. I hope it will be a hotfix again and they gonna fix it, but my side its unplayable again from many sides. -=-THERION: I appreciate your effort on the client side but Combat Box is lowered their server queue also, because their server also struggling to host. Btw, I dont want to open tweak my graphics settings on the game after it wont work pick up the nVidia control panel, or config files with text editor, I just want an optimized game for every aspect to every systems with low/medium/high/ultra presets thats all. These are my 2¢.
  2. IMHO when the screen going B/W is an indication of the G-lock and to release the stick pressure.
  3. I think, its a good addition I feel been almost the same with CLOD.
  4. Meanwhile, in IL2 dev studio....
  5. Meanwhile, in IL2 dev studio....
  6. Hessle Dserver uses only one thread (dont need a 6-8th gen) and its only matter the CPU-s clock freq. Btw if its everything runs fine just dont worry about the message.
  7. Related to the tick rate, not HW. :)
  8. @-[HRAF]BubiHUN good point, we have a server (KOTA) so we can test those things on the fly, +1 to the Gamescon promo stuff
  9. All your other aliases (3) deleted, thanks your feedback!
  10. Hello @=FB=Vaal here is the logs: [2019.02.03 15:16:05] unexpected error Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\il2_stats\src\stats\management\commands\stats_whore.py", line 16, in handle stats_whore.main() File "C:\il2_stats\src\stats\stats_whore.py", line 62, in main stats_whore(m_report_file=m_report_file) File "C:\Users\36317\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python35-32\lib\contextlib.py", line 30, in inner return func(*args, **kwds) File "C:\il2_stats\src\stats\stats_whore.py", line 274, in stats_whore reward_tour(player=p) File "C:\il2_stats\src\stats\rewards.py", line 25, in reward_tour if get_reward_func(award.func)(player=player): TypeError: medal_for_battle_merit() got an unexpected keyword argument 'player' Thanks, Arrow19
  11. @3./JG15_HansPhilipp no problem, if the devs wrote back, be please inform us, so we can fix it if the problem is on our side.
  12. T-REX too mainstream! Thanks your gift Big_Al_the_Allo!
  13. My favorite the Diplodocus: first discovered in 1877 by S. W. Williston. This genus of dinosaurs lived in what is now mid-western North America at the end of the Jurassic period. Diplodocus is one of the more common dinosaur fossils found in the middle to upper Morrison Formation, between about 154 and 152 million years ago, during the late Kimmeridgian age. I'd really appreciate the Campaign Ten Days of Autumn campaign!
  14. Server is up! Be sure, to update the client game to 3.010 glhf all pilots!
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