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  1. "2. Technochat can be disabled locally even if it enabled on a multiplayer server;" Many Thanks.
  2. Thanks Therion, I believe that the 'instrument panel' toggle is the main suspect for my troubles. I have managed to remove the air speed and gun info. somehow...but I guess the g-meter is locked to the compass now. I guess it's time for me to stop relying on that gamey compass crutch and be a man.
  3. Thanks for the response. I am aware of that command. What I'm trying to get at is, it used to be possible to have just the compass and not the rest of that instrument panel showing. I'm not interested in having the g meter or airspeed etc. clogging up the screen. I like to read the gauges and see little need for the g meter because it's self evident when pulling too hard.... Cheers, M.
  4. First, Thanks for your continuing hard work, it's appreciated. Secondly, A question: Did we lose some options for the on-screen instrument panel? I had it setup to show only the compass before, for planes with very awkward compass placements; Spits, Yaks and the like... But now, I can't seem to make it display like that anymore. Maybe I'm missing something... Cheers, M.
  5. I admit to falling for some of the hyp around the prospect of some Naval Operations...Oh, well. This will be nice too. 😉 Thanks
  6. Not trying to poke you in the eye here, SharpXB. But actually I believe most of the camo at the time, had more to do with hiding the planes on the ground from being destroyed, than blending in with forests while in flight. But your point is taken. And I do hope someday we get actual HDR rendering. Cheers
  7. I find it interesting that some of you guys are claiming that spotting with 4k is easier. This is not my experience at all. And low contacts are the worst. For me, on my 32" 4k monitor which is about 12" from my nose, the contacts are rendered so small it makes them nearly impossible to see. The difference in size of rendered planes and objects between running 3840x2160 or 1920x1080 seems dramatic to me. There is no question that 4k wins the eye candy test. And a lot of the times I fly around in 4k just because it looks SO good that I don't mind being slaughtered by unseen foes. But if I want any kind of passable SA in multiplayer I need to run 1920x1080. Otherwise, my squad mates are calling out contacts all day long that I just can't see. It will be fun to see what changes the new view system will make.
  8. " Please test if the text doesn't seem to fit in the window. " That works perfectly for me now. Thanks Vander. M.
  9. " I can remove the fixed height and width values in the next version so you can extend the window by dragging. " I was wondering if you could do this somehow, but not wanting to burden you, I never asked...Because on my 4K monitor with up scaled fonts in Windows, this tools is unusable without resetting my font size(= not optimal). Labels don't fit on the buttons and only half of the page shows in the window etc... So, it would be great if this solves the problem I have. Good luck and Thanks. M.
  10. That P-38 looks fabulous! Can't wait.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply Jason, That was the answer I was hoping for. Have a good day.
  12. I notice that in the Launcher, the check box for, peer to peer or web download is gone. Can I ask which system we are left with? As I always picked "web distribution" because of my personal dislike of torrents in general, and the soaking up of my bandwidth. Thanks.
  13. The mouse scroll wheel does that for me...Don't know if that helps?
  14. I also support the idea of adding separate L and R key binds for feathering props. Currently it's very clunky to do, during the usually stressful conditions that require it, imho. Hope we can get it one day.
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