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  1. Please unlock 20mm gun-pods for Mc.202. For new damag model 4.005 machine-gun version is almost useless.
  2. BOBP planes will be available on the latest map?
  3. Instead of answering the question, why VVS first to receive fighter, LW received the first attack aircraft. You propose to swap parties. Great move. Can give trophy Bf109 VVS?
  4. In capable hands and proper use, these aircraft are not inferior. In addition, you again "forgot" that the Yak69 and Lagg are planes 42. If these planes are useless, can they be removed altogether? Maybe La5fn would look better instead? She will not be ashamed to chase 109, I hope? Why should I be ashamed to offer something when the red side offers to ban one pilot, because it prevents them from winning?
  5. Modestly concealing that together with i16 they give P40, and when F4 appears, it is 1, while VVS has 2 Mig3, 1 Yak and 1 Lagg. I did not see your complaints when VVS flies Pe2 on the first maps and hunt on 109.
  6. Write about the balance can only vvs? Ha ha
  7. On the last map in the last campaign from the BoBp set, VVS was the first to receive SpitIX, then P47. LW received the first Fw A8, then G14. But SpitIX balanced G14, as a fighter, and P47 ~ Fw A8 as attack aircraft. Maybe issue the first aircraft SpitIX and G14, and the second P47 and Fw A8, or vice versa? But not like now, SpitIX in VVS and Fw A8 in LW, then P47 and G14.
  8. What planeset are planned? Will add G14, Spit IX, A8?
  9. A8 in game heated much more A5 and have to open shutters by 30-40% stronger than on A5 on all altitudes.
  10. Yes, The airplane really flies very slowly at 1 stage, as if there is no bonus from increasing ATA. There is no growth of TAS speed up to 2 steps. This manifests itself only in 1 stage and afterburner. I would like to hear the developers answer, it's a mistake or not.
  11. Single flight, same altitude airhorizon and run! Adjust the radiators so that there is no overheating and make sure. If you fly on these planes, it's strange that you did not notice it.
  12. I'm sure of it. F2 can be faster only 1-3 min, after 10 min afterburner Mig3 faster. Check yourself. Mig3 better climb. MC202 fihgter from P40, but no Lagg.
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