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  1. Loft mentioned that after the Holidays they wolud get back to working on the damage models does this mean the flight models we have now are final?
  2. The nose bounce to me is way extreme. Small control input adjustments to move the gun sight on target result in the nose jumping all around like crazy. Some guys say this is accurate and it may be, but its not much fun.
  3. Why anyone would want to limit the features of a game just baffles me. If the OP doesn't like some feature no one is forcing him to use it, but he should have the option just like everybody else. With so many apps out on different forums leaving out the ability to adjust your stick curves is silly. Right now it is possible to run a virtual joystick with a curve setup with a few little programs. Limiting this only makes curve input settings available to those who have time to visit a bunch of different forums looking for new apps to improve software or hardware performance.Like it or not if this input curve ability is shipped in the stock game everybody is at least on a level playing field.
  4. Type of improvement: Control input response setting Explanation of improvement: In today's live stream (41) it looked to me like the control input response setting gui was same as CloD which is not good. RoF has the best input response setups in any sim I've ever played. Why not use it? Benefits: Gives the player way more options than this simple sensitivity and deadzone setting and RoF also allows for each plane to have its own axis settings. I really hope you can work this in!
  5. I love the idea of stamina for the pilot. Maybe they could even have a little virtual gym at the airfield so my pilot could workout . Nothing fancy, just a treadmill and some free weights.
  6. 1. F4U1C Corsair 2. BF109 F4 3. FW190 A5 4. Spitfire MkIXc 5. J2M5 Operation Husky
  7. I bought Clod the day it came out, Since then I have flown around 1600 hrs in it. I think even as messed up as Clod is I have got my money's worth of fun out of it many times over. We're expecting a lot from 1c and 777 and if they don't deliver they know what will happen. If the game is good as what we've seen so far and if it takes buying a plane or two or a map in between titles to keep some money coming in I'm ok with that. Maybe they could have had the bonus planes in both packages and just had us pay more for the earlier access. I really don't know. It all boils down to we want content and good game play, well guys that stuff cost money to develop.
  8. Ordered mine, can't wait, Focke Wulf!! Keep up the nice work.
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