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  1. I've picked up the Havocs Over Kuban campaign with the sale, but when I try to launch the first mission I've had crashes due to "undefined object" errors on a number of objects related to one of the Destroyers. Any way I can verify my files as a non-steam install?
  2. Or good news for those of us hoping for a late war eastern front setting.
  3. Doesn't it currently work in game that you tap the "flaps down" key and it deploys them to the combat position?
  4. @spudkopf Has anyone taken your updated bodenplatte skins and made them into a cohesive replacement mod, or must each user do that manually for themselves?
  5. Can someone walk me through the steps of adding the alpha layer successfully in Gimp? Each thing I've tried has resulted in it appearing opaque in cockpit.
  6. Seems like a work in progress feature has somehow crept into the build or something. AI gunner is planned for further down the road as I recall.
  7. Well they have always said it would be a small map for the first release to gauge interest.
  8. Should swap the Japanese flag for an Italian one since we have the Mc.202
  9. I believe the torpedo carrying sturmovik in 1946 was a prototype version.
  10. With the AI B-25 have a Soviet skin and appear in Kuban?
  11. Hello all, I'm working on a signage design for a display of uniforms to commemorate the anniversary of the end of WWII next year here at the Cradle of Aviation. I'm putting together a number of little timeline biographies (inspired by the ones I saw at the Military History Museum in Dresden, Germany.) to go with each of the uniforms. The uniforms we will be getting are 1 Soviet, 1 Japanese, 1 German, 3 British (bomber command, fighter pilot, and eagle squadron fighter pilot) 3 American ( USAAF fighter and bomber, and USN fighter) and 1 WASP. Each of these write ups would be a timeline of maybe 10-20 bullet points. I'm looking for suggestions of what pilots to do write ups of, especially for the Japanese and British. I am not particularly looking for the best pilots or the most heroic, I want a broad variety of individuals, with either interesting careers during the war, or points of interest in life after. I've made prototype designs of signs for Anna Yegorova and Alexander Pokryshkin for the USSR, and have ideas for other nations. For Germany I am considering Erich Hartmann (being the highest scoring fighter pilot in history worth mention of course, and his captivity in the USSR and career with the Bundesluftwaffe are intersting touchstones as well) and perhaps Joseph Beuys, if I can find enough info about his wartime career. The American fighter pilots will almost certainly be Francis Gabreski (with our museum being dedicated to aviation on long island, he is a good choice) and likely one of the Tuskegee pilots. Otherwise I'm open to suggestions of those with interesting stories, especially for the Japanese, as I am not to familiar with Japanese pilots. Many thanks.
  12. They have stated that no career mode with the initial FC volume 1, hopefully if enough people bought to warrant a vol. 2 there will be. Pat Wilson has also said he will make a version of PWCG for FC.
  13. All the aircraft are in now, just waiting on the map now.
  14. What is the story of the the P-51 "Ole IV" with the Cyrillic and hammer and sickle on it?
  15. I wouldn't mind lending a hand with the Tank Crew and FC testing, very fond of WWI Aircraft and tanks as well. I also have experience in QA from the testing of Rising Storm, the WWII Pacific FPS. I will be away from my machine from September 1-11th though I am afraid.
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