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  1. What I would love to see regarding engine failure when running past limits would be a chance of failure starting at say 10% one minute past limit, then increasing exponentially as time goes on, so you can' push the limits, but have it be a real risk/reward type thing.
  2. There was discussion of Free French squadrons as AI for the Boston, so think it is likely it will be present in current configuration.
  3. I've had this issue since the first release of the tank crew vehicles, when I hold down RMB to fire the coax machine gun, I am unable to move my point of aim until I cease fire. Is there some keybind conflict I am overlooking that I might have RMB assigned to that would prevent me moving the turret? I've looked several times, but can't seem to find one if there is.
  4. thenorm


    I thought the issue was not the Aldi's, but that the AI wouldn't be able to use a gun that is not aligned along the vector of flight.
  5. Ah. It was a small thing, but shame we lost it. It shall live on in my heart.
  6. Am I crazy, or wasn't there waaaaaaay back in the original Stalingrad beta phases a separate key to jettison the canopy in flight?
  7. If we get a battle that is more suitable for it, sure, but very few were left in Russian service by 1943 to my knowledge. There were a couple captured examples used by German divisions, but I don't think at Kursk.
  8. Hopefully it will do well enough to justify a second module, and eventually a career mode, but in the meantime Pat Willson as I recall has said he will adapt his campaign generator for FC.
  9. Yea, I believe that copper oxide looking green was the primer or utility interior color used.
  10. Also, part of the key press is undoing the canopy lock, so it is a bit of a moot point if there is one. Also opening the canopy at speed to jettison it is something I do before ditching in the 109 at least, so i rather like having the option available.
  11. I mean, really the only thing we are missing from that is the elevation lines innit? We have the forests, villages with accurate layouts, airfields with accurate layouts, as well as the accurate roads and rail lines, so what else is missing?
  12. Really hope one day they will add Italian voice acting too.
  13. Also if you hit the keys to bring up your flair gun with the canopy closed you'll see it appear plugged into the tube.
  14. Was any reason given as to why it was removed?
  15. Regarding the engines, the problematic components are being replaced with titanium equivalents custom-made, also I am told they have up to 6 of these engines available.
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