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  1. thenorm

    Developer Diary 215 - Discussion

    Will the M2HB the commander's Cupola be a field mod? More often than not, I've seen images of Red Army M4A2s without the .50 cal mounted.
  2. thenorm

    Developer Diary 215 - Discussion

    Have anyplace I can see a tactical map of the area that fight happened in? Because I doubt there is really any tank of the war that would have come out of a situation like that well.
  3. thenorm

    Late 1942 Russian / German tank matchup

    Yea, the Panzer IV F2s are a bit more fragile, but the long 75 on them should be able to pen the T-34 fairly reliably out to say 500 meters.
  4. thenorm

    T-34 custom Skin - has anyone tried yet?

    I imagine these fixes will come when they re-do the T-34 mod. 42 (STZ) and Panzer III Ausf. L after tank crew release, like they said they would back in the original announcement.
  5. I think he wants to know if their firing accuracy is reduced at night. (even if he doesn't I'm curious myself)
  6. thenorm

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    Surprised that no one has mentioned that the Tiger gets it's turret lifted off with the ammo explosion in the KV ambush, looks pretty great. How long will items like portions of destroyed buildings, or components of destroyed tanks remain in the environment before despawning?
  7. Or perhaps instead have an invisible object which applies a smoother ground texture, that can be placed in an LZ by mission makers, sort of a placeable runway (don't know if we have those in the editor at the moment) which doesn't replace the ground textures?
  8. I'd gladly have another eastern front expansion, but I'm one of those weird Americans who is really into the war in Russia.
  9. Regarding the inability to take off from open ground, doesn't this stem from a change made several years ago, which made the off-runway ground rougher in order to discourage people from taking off the parking areas in MP?
  10. I find that with full throttle,full down elevator, and some waggling of the rudder you can get rolling again on open country ground, but good luck not nosing over or getting back to take off speed.
  11. Will have to test some more, but tried an off field landing to evade some 109s, but couldn't seem to get rolling again, anyone else had this issue? I'll much about with it more tomorrow.
  12. thenorm

    A.I. in 3.008 patch

    I hope they will oneday fully solve the CFIT issues with AI. I've been running a German JG-52 career from Moscow through to (I intend) the end of Bodenplatte, and honestly I loose more pilots in my squadron to flying into the ground than to enemy fire. I force-closed in disgust during my last Kuban flight since all three of the other fighters in my flight flew into the ground.
  13. thenorm

    Light signals

    When you're sitting on the ground waiting to take off on an escort mission, the fighter flight lead, airfield and attack/bomber flight lead fire off a number of flairs, at least four a piece. I've not noted down the order or if it is consistent or not.
  14. thenorm

    [MOD] Pilot in cockpit (updated: 4k textures)

    Any way to have just the shadow of the pilot sans pilot body?
  15. thenorm

    The weather is lovely

    I've flown a fair number of Ju-52 missions in a Stalingrad campaign, would love to have some bad weather ones for the challenge.