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  1. Yea, i imagine the ammo thing can be sorted out by mission makers, just have the player's AA position have a resupply vehicle.
  2. Now, are these vehicles the same types we have for self propelled autocannon AA as AI assets?
  3. Gonna go on the record as one of the ones hoping it will be FC.2.
  4. I'm toying with some Yak skins, can anyone recommend good fonts to use for soviet style slogans?
  5. Yea, I've flown FC 2 seaters with friends no problem. Just be aware that PWCG has no consession for gunners. All you gotta do is set up the mission as normal, have your pilots ready up and spawn. Then the gunners drop into the aircraft. Kills scored by the gunner are claimed by the pilot.
  6. Apologies for the holdup, but this is my edited version of the template: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ApXEWhvSM7r6bf9xAn-PJ02P_dz-LvKK/view?usp=sharing
  7. How many of the PWCG FC skins are not in the community historical pack?
  8. Thanks, gave that a look, but it doesn't quite solve the issue I have, since I'm trying to only paint the spinner, not the actual hub. The issue is the color on the spinner gets copied to the hub as the prop spins:
  9. I am struggling with how to color the spinner on the P-47D-22. It looks fine when stopped, but when rotating, bands of the color I have applied to the spinner shift back onto the hub. Anything that can be done to correct this, or should one just not paint the spinner? Would be a shame, as I'm intending to tackle "Magic Carpet" as a skin.
  10. I know the TBFs are, not sure about the hellcats/martlets/seafires.
  11. Seeing the life vest on the pilot model, with the channel coming will we have working life vests so that our pilot's aren't insta-dead if they bail over water?
  12. I fly with the tech chat off. And as I said in my second post, it seems that you can run max RPM for quite some time as long as your MP doesn't creep above the limit.
  13. Ok, I just ran an experiment, flying a quick mission autolevel on, with the RPM set to max but the MP under the cruse limit. The engine ran well past the five minute limit, so that seems to answer the core of my question. So it seems I have mostly been running afoul of the lack of an MP governor, and leading to engine damage that way by letting it creep too high in dives.
  14. So, since it has been ages since I've tried to fly it, I've decided to have a go at a P-40 career. I know this is an aircraft a lot of people feel is overly hamstrung by the modeling of engine limits as they stand (and I agree, I'd love to see the risk of damage become an exponential probability rather than a hard limit) but lets try to avoid getting into that argument again, and focus on how to work with it as it is. The thing I want to know right now is, which value, Prop RPM, or Manifold pressure leads to the engine damage? If I set my prop RPM to 3,000, but keep my manifold pressure below combat values, does the engine last past the 5 min limit? Or can I keep the RPM below 3,000 but run the MP higher without damage? Or must I maintain both of them below the listed settings to escape engine failure?
  15. Don't forget the hellcat mk.I, martlet and Avenger from the FAA in normandy
  16. Fingers crossed for you man. I was very surprised to have a flight of three Bf-110s who seemed as though they were escorting the Ju-88s, but the illusion was rather broken by the 88's attempting to go on the offensive.
  17. Solo P-40 career over Moscow, had a high altitude "strategic intercept" against a group of what turned out to be 3 110s and 6 Ju-88s. The Ju-88s behaved as if they were fighters and attempted to get on our tails. I assume you'll want the mission files for this? You ain't fighters 88s.rar
  18. Know the campaign is out, but might you be doing any of the Hell Hawk's D-22s? Would be nice to have those to compliment the D-28s, even if we have to use em outside the scripted campaign.
  19. @PatrickAWlson don't suppose these could be implemented to FC's version of PWCG?
  20. I have also had issues with the glossyness of alpha channels in some templates (if you look in the Flying Circus skin section I have a thread there) do you think the same solution would work there?
  21. Let me know if you get any weird side effects of opening in gimp, I've had some strange problems like the exhaust stains on the 109G6 template appearing red.
  22. I'm working on making squadron generic skins for PWCG to use, and one of the fighter groups covered is the 366th FG. Looking for references, it looks like the 391st FS from that group has a fair number of aircraft photographed, at least of the Razerbacks. Anyone interested in tackling the individual aircraft from that group? Would love to be able to have the proper unit available alongside the generics I'll make, and I think trying to replicate nose art is a bit beyond my skill level. The American Air museum in Britain has quite a number of good photos of their razorbacks. http://www.americanairmuseum.com/unit/313
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