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  1. I will note, there is always some slack on the Russian and German tanks, but the Americans favor "Live track" systems, where the track is always under tension, so there should not be sag or slack in the track.
  2. How long have you had the career going? I've flown ground attack in the 51 career, so it might be just luck of the draw or a matter of what squadron you're with.
  3. Interesting that the swastika on the tail isn't painted at 45 degrees, not seen that on a German aircraft before.
  4. I quite like the one on the top right. But yea, multi color camo for the USSR wasn't super common, so most of the variety you'll get is from slogans and number/unit insignia style, which were wildly inconsistent, such as on the following set:
  5. Can't in the tiger because the hatch isn't directly above the driver and is quite high, panther required installing pedal extenders, and therefore could only be driven unbuttoned on road marches after preparation. Don't recall on Pz.IV but ai imagine there would be similar issues.
  6. Would love that, though are there enough airfields in the east of the map for the USSR?
  7. AA Machine gun mounts were not in service yet for German tanks IIRC this would be more of a 1944 thing, tend to see them on Panzer IV Hs, Panther A/Gs, Tiger mid/late, etc. Also, they were not issued a third machine gun for this mount, but would remove either the hull or coax MG to place on the mount, hence their generally being used for Anti-Jabo use during road marches, and re-mounted in their usual location for combat, as they would be more useful there under those locations.
  8. Seems silly to me, really think it ought to be the commander which is the "Owner only" position.
  9. During the period from the introduction of Dunkelgelb in spring 1943 into Summer 1944 front line vehicles were to be painted Dunkelgelb as the base color, with pigments provided to the units for the Olivgrün and Shokoladebraun. There were recommended thinners, but in a pinch most liquids could be used, and you'll see a wide variety of patterns and application methods can be seen during this period, from spray guns to brushes. After mid 1944 (don't know the date of the change in orders off the top of my head) new vehicles were to be painted in camo at the factory, and you see much more standardized and hard edge camo. Interestingly when the change to Dunkelgelb commenced in spring of 43, you will see photos of vehicles in Dunkelgrau painted over with the new camo colors, but not entirely re base-coated in Dunkelgelb.
  10. Really wish I had a video of it, but one of my favorite moments of misfortune has to have been when I was strafed on touchdown in a damaged P-38. My nosewheel collapsed, and suddenly passed on my left by a fuselage at a similar nose down attitude. Thought one of my flight members had been trying to land and suffered a similar fate, but no, it turns out it was simply my left hand fuselage boom after having been severed from the aircraft. Only time I've ever been passed by my own airplane...
  11. Oh, guess I overlooked them. Are they in the Rhineland area from the start of the BOBP career period?
  12. Yep, you can, you'll just have to select a new squadron since none transfer over IIRC. As I recall, if yous start a Bf-109 career with 2. staffel JG-52 in Moscow, you can take that one all the way to the end of Kuban.
  13. Though I'd argue there are nearly the same number of distinctions with the different T-34s built by various factories, but they are much less well labeled.
  14. It is strange how aircraft are selected to spawn against you. I'm maybe 2/3rds of the way through a Kuban career, and have never encountered a Spitfire, and only started encountering the P-39 some months before.
  15. I have seen KV-1s in the armored columns, but I agree on the others. Really wish naval attack missions would be included in career. Supporting/attacking river boats is the one thing I miss from the old "career mode" that existed before this improved one.
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