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  1. IIRC in a previous thread Jason said he would like to do more things like this, but not to expect it any time soon as it is a fair bit of work to implement and kinda low priority.
  2. As in the entry it states "In Battle of Normandy, this aircraft will, as it should be, presented with its late version with a drop-shaped cockpit canopy, a modified stabilizer of the type used on Tempest aircraft, and with two versions of the propeller (three- and four-bladed)." I doubt they will have it as a mod, as it sounds like a fairly significant number of changes, essentially a whole new cockpit wall and new tail to have the car door.
  3. If you are successfully able to have an individual skin for each individual aircraft, by all means go for that, as it is the best possible option. In order of most to least preferable (for myself at least) it would be 1. an individual skin for each aircraft in a flight 2. all aircraft wear the same generic squadron skin with no individual identifiers 3. all aircraft wear no skin at all and use the base game default 4. all aircraft wear a squadron skin all with the same identifyers (IE if all 4 P-47s in a flight all had the same D9-H flying pig skin)
  4. Career mode missions should have the target elevation listed in the briefing.
  5. If you're going to be able to have skins for each individual aircraft, great, but what I describe is I think a good interim solution if they have to be assigned at a squadron level, IE 1 skin per squadron.
  6. Will there be generic versions of squadron skins, (such as only having squadron colors, squadron letters, but not markings specific to individual pilot's) I've been planning to work on some skins in that style for PWCG, might be able to help.
  7. Would love to see the A-26 invader come in, in some form. Would be amusing if they put in the Martlet or Hellcat Mk.1 seeing as the FAA operated a small number on D-Day, could be a way to give a little Pacific taster. I'll also cast in my vote with the I-153 and Ju-87B that others have mentioned. HS-129B-3 would be cool, but doubt it will come any time soon as none of our current theaters fit it I believe.
  8. But it must be set in the mission file what the nation of the aircraft is, so you would not be able to change the P-40 pilot in career mode or in quick missions.
  9. Do I remember it right that Velikie Luki was a community made map? Or was that something else?
  10. I imagine they'll add it as a feature eventually.
  11. I imagine letting a lot of speed build up on a down slope could increase chance of damaging the running gear or potentially lead to walking a track off, which could be an exciting experience at speed.
  12. I figured that was the case, would be kinda cool but I don't know if it would be possible with the way the game handles gunners.
  13. More so I'd love for them to make it so you could set convergence on a case by case basis
  14. Is there any sort of support for gunners in PWCG for co-op? Thinking of doing a co-op career in Bristol Fighters with a couple friends of mine, with those who don't own riding along as gunners to hopefully entice them to pick it up, can PWCG keep track of gunner kills as their own characters, or do we just claim gunner kills with the pilot as crew kills?
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