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  1. If I recall correctly it was Yaruga Media doing the U2 and flying circus. The LI-2 was speculated on as a collector plane to be done by them, but never officially started.
  2. the development time is usually around 2 years...
  3. I've just downloaded the template for the Fokker Dr.1, and I am pretty disappointed by the lack of streaking on it. Has anyone made a streaking template available?
  4. It is handled through the skin management menu on the left side of main campaign menu isn't it?
  5. T-34 mod 1942 STZ and Panzer III Ausf. L
  6. Some squadrons did fly mixed aircraft types though, especially second rate squadrons which had to make due with older aircraft for longer.
  7. Yea, unfortunately you can adjust the default head position of the pilot, but not adjust the angle of the mirror to compensate.
  8. Don't we already have the 2.0cm FlaK 38 as a static item? or do you mean as playable?
  9. It will be interesting to see how difficult it will be to actually knock down an aircraft in this sim, I've gotten pretty decent at it in Warthunder with the Werbelwind, but given how much more advanced the damage models in this sim are than that game, I can imagine I'll be able to hit them but not necessarily actually knock them down.
  10. They aren't used for anything, they are simply part of the medals system as the soviets would award ruble bonuses for enemy aircraft destroyed.
  11. Yea, i imagine the ammo thing can be sorted out by mission makers, just have the player's AA position have a resupply vehicle.
  12. Now, are these vehicles the same types we have for self propelled autocannon AA as AI assets?
  13. Gonna go on the record as one of the ones hoping it will be FC.2.
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