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  1. I more often find myself seeing a scratch flicker as I roll and thinking it is a tracer going by.
  2. Mid Atlantic Air Museum is restoring a P-61 to flying condition in Reading Pennsylvania, so hopefully they could share some references.
  3. Oh, do they properly fly night missions now? The couple of times since the release of career I've started careers with them, they flew day missions like normal fighters.
  4. Do we have night intercept or patrol missions in career already? The only night missions I've flown are strike missions, but I may not be in the right areas/eras.
  5. @LukeFF Would I be roughly right in guessing that adding name lists for nations like Poland, Slovakia, etc, would require the creation of whole new nations parallel to the German, British, American, Soviet etc we have, and adding them as their own nations to career? (I imagine this would create difficulties, like not being able to transfer in and out of Polish RAF Squadrons etc) Also, as a side note, is France considered it's own nation in Flying circus by the mission editor, or is it rolled in with the British because we only have the Spad XIII so far?
  6. Yea, hopefully at some point we will get proper name lists and maybe even voice acting for the "other nation" squadrons, like the Poles, Slovacks, Italians and so on. I would imagine we are a little closer to that now that aircraft nation can be set in the mission editor, but I imagine it won't happen in the short term.
  7. I do agree some of the runways should be noisier, Marston Mats especially.
  8. I hope things like this can be set as either a modification as suggested above, or as a setting in the mission editor, because this will be a consideration, as will parachutes for German pilots in FC, if subsequent bundles and career is added.
  9. Putting in a clip of a favorite podcast of mine, a part I've long been fond of. (Here's hoping, can't really justify dropping $80 at the moment)
  10. Happen to know if this sight will be what is on the Su-152?
  11. Wonder what he is making those Panther G 3d models for.
  12. Unfortunately naval units especially are not currently used in the career mode, which I wish would be changed. I'd love to see convoys or patrol boats in Kuban, or the Barges on the Volga.
  13. They have been drifting away from those sorts of mods more lately. Those were more popular in the days of the unlocks system.
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