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  1. Happen to know if this sight will be what is on the Su-152?
  2. Wonder what he is making those Panther G 3d models for.
  3. Unfortunately naval units especially are not currently used in the career mode, which I wish would be changed. I'd love to see convoys or patrol boats in Kuban, or the Barges on the Volga.
  4. They have been drifting away from those sorts of mods more lately. Those were more popular in the days of the unlocks system.
  5. I'll choose to be optimistic given the line in the update announcement about the release of FC "We hope to make more Flying Circus volumes in the future and we thank those who have jumped into this new product so far!"
  6. Though in the release post for FC, when it and Bodenplatte officially release, they did state they "hope to make more Flying circus modules", which I take as "we likely will, but aren't ready to announce it yet".
  7. How do the Spitfire skins go about handling the clipped vs full wing option?
  8. Ace should give you best results. You'll see 109s try to boom and zoom etc, though they do occasionally get sucked into the circle trap unfortunately.
  9. Did you play anything more than QMB? Try a couple career missions, and see how they behave.
  10. I've watched friends of mine do this in multiplayer. I've also spent a good 15 min trench running down Stalingrad streets in career mode with a Bf-109 up on the stoop making passes at me, but holding altitude when I am too close to the ground. Made for quite the chase. Eventually ended when I tried to make a break for home, but ran out of gas.
  11. I for one at least am happy that progress is being made. Things still have a ways to go, but it is a hell of a lot better than when the career mode was first introduced. I've been flying the same 109 career from the start of Moscow up to nearly the end of Kuban now, and the improvements are quite visible to me (that career alone has something like 80 hours flight time). It used to be that my flight members would never get kills, and often times I'd be the only one returning to base, due to their either being shot down trying to turn fight or flying into the ground. Now I am having flights where we get into brawls, and my flight mates will shoot down 3 or 4 fighters, and maybe lose one or two (especially in the last couple patches, the Bf-110s that have been showing up in Kuban have been doing work, it's almost astonishing). Formation flying has improved a lot too, the flight lead used to be miles ahead of the wingmen, with the wingmen wobbling all over the place. So yea, there is still a lot of room for improvement, but it is waaaaaaay better than it once was.
  12. Ok, re-enabled the Panzerjadkommando Weiss mod, and after starting a new day in my JG-52 career, it showed 5 109 G-6s and one additional G-6 with a skin for my squadron. Attempting to assign aircraft to a flight, it only recognizes the first 5 109G-6s, not the 6th. (see screenshots). I've not tried the Ju-52 Escort mission mod yet.
  13. I think there are some issues with how ground attack fighter bomber missions are generating at the moment, since my AI flight never stays in the AO long enough to drop all their bombs, and usually head for home with munitions still aboard (like the threshold for "mission success" needs to be set higher so they don't trigger the next waypoint yet)
  14. I think the mods may have cross contaminated, I can test again in a bit, see if I can replicate the issue.
  15. The system sets heavy down trim when you extend the dive brakes, leading to the pitch down effect. It trims nose up when you retract the dive brakes.
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