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  1. Play a different server then.
  2. Well, rather than keeping you guys waiting, here is the three specific aircraft and the two generic (high and low vis insignia) for you guys. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1guf8O7-5KjZdjPE5BS96SiSUHaWg1b0a/view?usp=sharing
  3. Watch him push it back another week, to make it extra cruel.
  4. Yea, that's one of the biggest improvements I want to see for career, ambient road/rail/maritime traffic, and anti-shipping missions. Attacking canal traffic with a P-47 or Tiffy would be great fun.
  5. Echoing what some have said above, I can see the Bf-109G-10 as well as G-6AS and G-14AS being used as the German Fighter delegate in future packages, so I figure they will come at some point.
  6. Nice to see them, had no idea they got ported as a part of FC. Guess I've not been in any mission settings to see them, as I don't play multiplayer and PWCG struggles with riverboats. Hope they will see more use going forward.
  7. Are those the ones from RoF? I've never seen them in Il-2.
  8. Curtiss Hawk, Hurricane mk.I, blenheim, Do-17 could be used by the Finns too. Making an MS.406 would be useful for both too.
  9. I'll put em out before too long, don't worry.
  10. I've recently gotten a copy of Kari Stenman and Karolina Holda's Finnish bomber colors book, and got interested in having a crack at some Finnish skins of my own, as I got interested in some of the particulars like painting captured aircraft in splinter patterns rather than wavy, etc. Not quite ready to release, but I've done PE-111, 113 and 115 specific skins, as well as generic versions with both the white and subdued versions of the insignia. I may do a couple more variations (like Lapland war for PE-111). Hope the guys in the Finnish side of the community will be pleased with them when I p
  11. Well, if they do a normandy related TC module, then you'd get that.
  12. Yea, figured it would be a little early for that given none of the new FC aircraft are out.
  13. I wouldn't even particularly call myself a fan of it, I actually had to spend a few minutes googling to remind myself of the proper name haha.
  14. Had a dream last night about the MBR-2 being released, if anyone wants to put stock in my being clarvoiant.
  15. If this is to be the announcement of anything, I suspect it would be for what those two previously eluded to collector planes for Flying Circus that were described as "to be announced once it is certain that there is enough materials to make them" back at the announcement of FC Vol. II
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