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  1. the following errors and warnings do not seem to be severe (the game works seemingly without problem), but they still appear in various error logs so maybe it can be helpful for the devs (or me - if this is a problem with my installation or a bug) to fix not so important stuff? 1.) Brief description: error warning in file \data\_gui.log and \data\_gui.log.err Detailed description, conditions: 2.) Brief description: FAILED LOADING warning in file \data\tex.log Detailed description, conditions: (sidenote: loading stalingradmaps and flying the ju-88 works with no app
  2. server crashed or stuck maybe? i cannot connect, but i can connect to other online servers. edit: works again now, i guess last mission was stuck, new mission working correct again. all ok
  3. a non fullscreen basic map view option (just like in ROF) would be very much appreciated
  4. do you have a direct download for the APK available for people who don't have google play installed on their android devices?
  5. the original poster clearly said his performance was better BEFORE the patch, which would indicate that this might be a problem with something that was updated and interacting in a bad way with his specific computer specs, or a problem with the update in general. for me (without VR) the update introduced an annoying high FPS stuttering that is most noticeable when i follow an airplane with my trackIR view. if i keep my head stationary i can see other airplanes moving completely stutterfree and buttersmooth, as soon as i follow them with my view their movement looks very stuttery and laggy.
  6. hm. sadly for me it seems to be still there after the new hotfix 2009b. menu and gui is ok, but in the cockpit (without VR) it is visibly stuttering, which is was not on 2.008 for me :-( i did not change any settings between the updates... random guess is the tree fix is heavier on the graphics load maybe?
  7. i took some postings from the general discussions 2.009 update thread that seem to fit to my reported error and hopefully will help fixing this.
  8. i reported this bug yesterday i think: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/28583-2009-object-undefined-error/
  9. but according to the changelog "dynamic resolution" is completely disabled when you set it to 1.0, so this should not affect performance. but i agree that something is different, as i described above in my earlier posting.
  10. i think i am noticing the same thing, no VR, no changed hardware, drivers, options, only difference is the new update 2.009 and it feels somehow a little stuttery, especially around airfields and when turning around the head to the sides in the cockpit (with trackIR), even if there are no other players. which is weird, considering the changelog does mention they reduced some particle stuff and the performance actually should be optimized a bit. feels a little weird. what definitely feels a lot more sluggish for me now is the (O)bjectives map view, it opens weird (for a second i can see the
  11. first time this happened to me. flying online on Wings of Liberty Server, screen turns black, engine sound still playing, i saw an error window popped up underneath, this is the copy paste from it: --------------------------- Object undefined --------------------------- luascripts\worldobjects\ballistics\projectiles\shell_rus_37x195_ap.txt --------------------------- OK --------------------------- no mods or anything, a clean, very fresh installation with the latest patch. never happened before. Windows 7 Pro german 64-bit - since this is a script error i guess my system specs ar
  12. very nice video and good clear explanations. very helpful. thankyou
  13. thankyou! extremely helpful. i also remembered (from my RoF times) that IRFC requiem made a lot of "familiarization" videos, he has some BoM aircraft featured too. very helfpul indeed.
  14. is there any kind of updated manual available for BoM, was not able to find one. i only have BoM (at the moment) and since chuck lost interest in making a "chuck's guide" for the BoM aircraft, i feel a little lost in the meantime i found my old "cockpit arrangement guide" PDF from corsican corsair, which was made for il-2 1946, but turns out to be somewhat helpful for BoM too, especially to get familiar with the russian/italian cockpit (languages i can't read).
  15. thanks to both of you for the work-around tips. indeed very helpful, still a feature i really would love to see in the future.
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