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  1. thanks man, I will give it a go if all else fails i'll buy a new laptop on the quiet!!!
  2. Thanks for the feedback folks, I am running a ASUS GL502VM i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59GHz GTX 1060 16GB RAM
  3. ok thanks man , perfect ..so guess just spend the cash and I am good to go!
  4. I am about to purchase a VR headset, I would just like to know if that is all I require to play IL2 in VR? or are there additional sensors etc which I need, sorry if this seems a bit dumb, but certain info has confused me. I have an ASUS machine which is VR capable and can run the game currently at 60FPS on ultra Thanks
  5. thanks very much for the feed back guys Brilliant.. nice to see the people on here are are friendly and polite 😀
  6. Does anyone find this plane extremely difficult to get airborne? I just cant seem to get this one into the air, it says it is supposed to pull left but it pulls extreme right and no amount of rudder seems to correct this. I have no issues with any other aircraft!! Thanks
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