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  1. Boris_CRO

    Developer Diary 200 - Discussion

    .. and seeing planes better over 1 km distance would be nice.
  2. wait.... :-) mea culpa
  3. new pc: i8-3100, Nvidia 1060 6GB and 8 Gb DDR4 RAM - - 60 frames per second (Vsync ON) - Ultra settings with Sheriff's published settings.
  4. Agree, Multiplayer waiting list with the time of waiting would be awsome.
  5. Boris_CRO

    3.001 is running super smooth!

    My specs are low end but still any FPS increase would make me feel happy: Fx 6300 (original 3.5 GHz, overclocked to 4.0, 6 cores) R9 270 (slightly overclocked - 2Gb of Vram) 16 Gb of DDR3 RAM All in all i know im a peasant
  6. Boris_CRO

    3.001 is running super smooth!

    any out of the game setting for ATI cards ? Using Radeon settings ?
  7. Boris_CRO

    3.001 is running super smooth!

    at Kuban i had 35 FPS at some places before - with new update its 12...... TWELVE
  8. Now to reducing the graphics because 12 FPS at Kuban runaway is not fun. :-)
  9. Boris_CRO

    DD today?

    my birthday is 16th - but even worse end of winter is near. And we all recall about having a patch "first part of winter". In other words: "SPRING IS COMING"
  10. im worst pilot ever but it would be 190 (any) for Luftwaffe or yak1B for VVS.
  11. Boris_CRO

    DD today?

    Dont get your hopes that high. My birthday is 16th but thats the minimum - its better bet to think of 21st - 24th of March as release date.
  12. I bet its the model position calibration made wrong + sensitive Y axis.
  13. Boris_CRO

    Developer Diary, Part 189 - Discussion

    im still waiting for THE developer diary - with that nice date of release patch 3.0
  14. Boris_CRO

    Developer Diary, Part 188 - Discussion

    agree. Original skins should have numbers removed and skins should not be single pilot specific as they are now. With better customisation like il2 CLOD had.
  15. Boris_CRO

    Donations ? What would prevent it ?

    I was donated steam BOS during christmas by my online friend with whom ive played zillion hours of simulator mode in War Thunder. Only few days after that i bought 10 USD - FW190 a3. This new discount time i bought BOM and Yak1B. It all started with donated game. I wouldnt be surprised if I buy Kuban in the spring/summer next year. So i believe that buying and sharing the keys for BOS can help the the playerbase and to the company. Summary: donate the company by buying and sharing BOS.