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  1. .. and seeing planes better over 1 km distance would be nice.
  2. new pc: i8-3100, Nvidia 1060 6GB and 8 Gb DDR4 RAM - - 60 frames per second (Vsync ON) - Ultra settings with Sheriff's published settings.
  3. Agree, Multiplayer waiting list with the time of waiting would be awsome.
  4. My specs are low end but still any FPS increase would make me feel happy: Fx 6300 (original 3.5 GHz, overclocked to 4.0, 6 cores) R9 270 (slightly overclocked - 2Gb of Vram) 16 Gb of DDR3 RAM All in all i know im a peasant
  5. any out of the game setting for ATI cards ? Using Radeon settings ?
  6. at Kuban i had 35 FPS at some places before - with new update its 12...... TWELVE
  7. Now to reducing the graphics because 12 FPS at Kuban runaway is not fun. :-)
  8. my birthday is 16th - but even worse end of winter is near. And we all recall about having a patch "first part of winter". In other words: "SPRING IS COMING"
  9. im worst pilot ever but it would be 190 (any) for Luftwaffe or yak1B for VVS.
  10. Dont get your hopes that high. My birthday is 16th but thats the minimum - its better bet to think of 21st - 24th of March as release date.
  11. I bet its the model position calibration made wrong + sensitive Y axis.
  12. im still waiting for THE developer diary - with that nice date of release patch 3.0
  13. agree. Original skins should have numbers removed and skins should not be single pilot specific as they are now. With better customisation like il2 CLOD had.
  14. I was donated steam BOS during christmas by my online friend with whom ive played zillion hours of simulator mode in War Thunder. Only few days after that i bought 10 USD - FW190 a3. This new discount time i bought BOM and Yak1B. It all started with donated game. I wouldnt be surprised if I buy Kuban in the spring/summer next year. So i believe that buying and sharing the keys for BOS can help the the playerbase and to the company. Summary: donate the company by buying and sharing BOS.
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