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  1. Well, my result offline (since online hit detection is far from perfect) is at least 70%, so closing the thread seems a bit premature;)
  2. If you look at all of the Richthofen's reports, you will see that only 14 cases out of 80 describe desintegration of aircraft in the air. Moreover, 3 or 4 descriptions out of those 14 look more like fuel tank detonation, rather that wings collapse (those descriptions are rather vague). So, yes, those biplanes did shed wings under fire sometimes, but this did not happen often. At least, much less often than in our game presently.
  3. I'll just leave this here.
  4. Could you please upload those skins somewhere?
  5. Found the control in advanced. Promise, won't complain:) Could you please tell me, how does adjustment in "Mission AI" section works? I.e., by default it has "0" in both fighter and bomber AI. If I want AI to be veteran or ace only, what numbers should I put there? Also, is here a setting to adjust the mission objective distances?
  6. May I ask a couple of questions regarding PWCG FC? 1) Sometimes it generates mission objectives outside the map boundaries. Yesterday I was looking at a target observation baloon jast couple km away, but script kept turning me around. Can I do something about it in campaigh settings? 2) Can I get rid of climb waypoints somehow? 3) Does PWCG generates enemy/friendly flights in player's intended path, or do they just fly their own missions, regardless of player's position? 4) Is there a detailed description of advanced campaign settings somewhere?
  7. Dornil + BoN/BoBP Wow, that's some selfless generosity!
  8. So Camel doesn't turn well enough for you?!!
  9. Mix of high and ace should do OK, but regular should definitely go away. IMHO, of course.
  10. Since our IL-2 still doesn't have an option to use separate control settings for different aircraft, I had to come up with an idea to at least make two different set-ups for WWI and WWII. The idea is to make a .bat file, which would: 1) Delete everything from "input" folder. 2) Copy everything from, say, "input_WWI" to "input" folder. 3) Run IL-2. The second .bat to do the same for "input_WWII" Problem is, I lack knowledge to write this .bat file properly. Could somebody please help me with this?
  11. For me the very first "flight simming" experience was this: "Air Combat" - Soviet arcade machine:) It had scrolling foggy background and three enemy fighters (looking like US Navy's F-11 Tiger), which moved around the screen. The player had to shoot all three down within a time limit, by dragging a crosshairs over them via control stick and firing. Was quite fun back then:) As for "real" PC flight sims, my first were European Air War and Jane's WWII Fighters. But that's no memory lane for me, it's present reality - I still enjoy those from time to time. As well as Red Baron 3D, Mig Alley, CFS 1-2, etc. Making those to work is my first priority after every PC upgrade
  12. Thank you very much for these campaigns! Finally, something to play with in FC (considering lack of career and people on the servers). Just one request: please think about setting all or most AI to Ace level - even with recent changes they are still too easy to bring down. It kinda ruins the immersion, when player shoots down six airplanes in the very first mission (others survive just because player's ammo runs out).
  13. The second pic really looks like DCS Normandy screenshot in monochrome - even the foliage aliasing is there!:)
  14. Adequate AI and interesting career mode. Doubt this ever happens though...
  15. IMHO they are terrible - even worse than in RoF, and this does mean something. Back then they were way too dumb and predicatalbe, but at least a pair of aces in Camels did provide some challenge for a player in, say, Pfalz. Not anymore...
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