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  1. I think IL2 hits that perfect balance of not trying to pull a War Thunder Sim mode on us where its arcade but in a cockpit but at the same time you don't need to read the pilot's manual to fly a plane. (And believe me I recently am getting into DCS and bought the F14...I know how it feels)
  2. Just like to say thanks to everyone, I got it working just fine
  3. Yes I did that this morning thinking that was the issue, still not working
  4. All files that have spawned or added relevant are marked I assume the other data file is correct to be there
  5. Yeah still doesn't work
  6. PLEASE halp... I have tried everything...I downloaded JSGME I put it in the data folder...ran it it created all the files (the MODs folder ect) I downloaded your Kuban version, unpacked it using Winrar dragged and dropped it into JSGME it put it into the mods folder, opened the game...and STILL there is no 262 in the list of planes for kuban...I thought maybe its coz the kuban one was broken on your end since you only had a day but I tried the Stalingrad one and that didn't work either (and yes I deactivated Kuban before activating Stalingrad) Its in the career mod right?
  7. I'm gonna be honest....while in a regular game its gonna be basically impossible to do and still live from it....this discovery makes me very happy
  8. Done all that, doesn't pop up anywhere and the ticket basically got a support person so palm me off to Xsolla support so I'm waiting on a support ticket from them now
  9. I mean I don't see how this is an issue since I already have bought the P40, A3, BoBP and Kuban without issue but thanks anyway
  10. I downloaded it off steam but bought most if not all my things off the website using the account which it asked me to create when i first booted up the game...all purchases have been off their website aside from the Hs 129 because I screwed up when I first wanted to buy a friend a plane and refunded it....I had $10 on my steam idk what to do with and bought the Duck. otherwise its all been on the website for example my last 2 purchases was BoBP for a friend and Battle of Kuban for myself (granted I have throught since the Spit Mk V is the last plane of Kuban I have left to get and that I bought the spitfire and Duck individually rather in the Deluxe BoK bundle perhaps something is screwing up with that? idk)
  11. Now before I start, yes I have gone to support with a ticket I'm just covering my bases here... I wanted to by the Spitfire Mk V for my account off the website yesterday but it wouldn't go through even though I had the money and input all data correctly including the $1 verification amount which I don't see why has popped up onto my account anyway and yet I got similar to what you see in the image once I pressed 'buy'. Now yesterday was ANZAC day and I attributed purchase issues to my bank not processing orders on that day however come tonight the day after and it gave me the same image you see below only it actually charged my bank this time. Its been about 20min and I still don't have evidence of the plane in my website account and neither in game. Has anyone had similar issues and or can anyone help? P.S I'm not looking for a refund because I do want the plane i just...well...need to be actually able to get the plane
  12. I mean when it comes to the main server (wings of liberty) you will probably be lucky to see more possibly even a flight worth of aircraft given the numbers already seen I'd say 262s would number in the 4-5 range It will be effective in the right hands but its something any other bomber could probably do more efficiently once on target. As for the bombload I knew it could theoretically carry 1000kg worth of bombs but I didn't know that the 2 500Kg bombs were never fitted.
  13. Yeah I got pretty hyped when I saw it...main reason I made the post
  14. This is my first post on the forum and I'd like to say I've been loving the game and it's community from what I've read here. I know there is already (and still ongoing thread about the 262 coming to IL-2 Great Battles 'BoB DLC' next month but I'd like to write up a collected and concise report of what we should expect to see from our new Jet fighter. Now unfortunately I can't attach a word file to this but I have combined a few sources including wiki (for general info) about the over all history and short info about every single 262 variant that was actually built prototype or otherwise with a focus on the A1a, A2a and B1a/U1 as the main 3 versions. If this thread gets enough attention I will screen cap my document and add it to a post below. Now for IL-2, in IL-2 Great Battles we are getting both the A1a Swallow and also the lesser known A2a Sturmvogel 'Stormbird'. I know this due to the A1a being the obivous choice and A1as are seen on some of the loading screens (particularly depicted going head to head with P-47s). The A1a in a good addition for those skilled pilots but I doubt its gonna be the one that most people are looking forward to. I assume the 262 will be like the FW 190 A8 where you can also get the 190 F8 and G8 out of the same plane by giving it serious modifications to turn it into the A2a variant. The red circle shows 2 of the 4 regular Mk 108s sealed up which is iconic to A2a versions of 262 as 2 guns were removed to allow for a larger bomb load. While the A1a could also carry bombs the A2a version is the dedicated ground attack plane. maximum kilogram weight is 2 500kg bombs slung under the nose on hard points which theoretically meant it could also carry 1, 1000Kg bomb but the size of the bomb and where the nose wheel is prevents this. The Jumo 004 Axial Compressor engine: While I won't be totally surprised if this doesn't happen and won't care about much since in IL-2 1946 it was still very manageable it is still worth noting that I hope the engines don't explode or catch fire like they did in 46'. To all accounts I have manage to fine the main issue was rather engine flame outs due to the disrupted airflow in the combustion chamber causing the engine to flame out. While I know it will be a lot easier to generalizes in the code of the game quick throttle moments rarely resulted in throwing a compressor blade or an engine fire. Balance: Unlike what many think as I've seen on the other 262 thread I'd thought I'd address the balance of this plane directly. Many are saying that the allies should get a YP-80 or a meteor to go head to head with the 262 but ironically considering how IL2 operates this would only make it harder to fight. Once the plane is up it will be difficult to shoot down even if the German pilot doesn't want a fight. However what I suggest to Russian/Allied pilots is do what they did in real life and run Rat Run missions. The 262's take off and landing is a lengthy possess and its exactly what the Tempest V was used for as well as you could use P38s or P51s for this role as well. In a server like Wings of Liberty these planes will be in short supply anyway so try to get them while they are getting off and getting back down onto the ground and you shouldn't have an issue. Hope to see you all in the skies soon! I'm also gonna post all the screenshots we have seen so far:
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