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  1. You guys and your fancy 'Bomb sights' DIVE BOMB IN A HE 111 LIKE A REAL MAN. But more seriously I'd wouldn't want heavy bombers necessarily as player controlled planes as the scales BoX operates on doesn't allow them to get to altitude in time nor have the numbers which Bomber boxes would require to be effective. I would want them as a spawn able thing and or event that comes into the map in a formation which the Germans must shoot down a % of before the formation reaches the target to bomb the factory (say like half or so...so maybe 15 out of 30 or 20 out of 40 planes) and if they can do that then the formation ditches it's bombs and retreats. This (hopefully) would allow for a lower level of detail to be put on and thus better PC performance. However I do support two engine planes coming in eventually once they have the code sorted out.
  2. Ahhh fair enough...well thats just the the penny drops I guess...frankly in my opinion then as I've heard this server can take a month to get new missions ect having a blanketed 2 or 3 week break from like the 20th of Dec to like the 10th or so of Jan didn't seem all that had to do But of course its up to the Admins and I assume they just didn't consider it
  3. Although...what I've just mentioned also kinda applies to the Ar 234...it probably isn't but I mean...we already possibly the most complicated part (the engines) already strapped to the 262 and they would be identical As well as her bombs (3x250s, 3x500s, 2x250s and 1x500 or 2x250s and 1x1000)...only problem is you'd need to model the wings, fuselage and cockpit from scratch as well as I presume get data and then model the RATO systems for her so yeah probably mid way or near the end for her still... I can dream though
  4. My guess? unfortunately (I say that because I personally am not interested in them) but probably the Bf 109 G6 Late or Fw 190 A6 or even both...it only makes sense...very little 3D model changes..and allows content to be put out fast. As we saw with BoBP it doesn't need to be balanced release either. We only had the P-47 and the spitfire (the later being also a modeled before, Spitfire Mk.VB) for a VERY long time before we got the last Allied planes...before then we got all the German ones like the G-14, K-4, A-8, D-9 and then the 262 As for the first Allied planes to come...well either the P-47 as its just reskining and changing the cockpit over or perhaps the P-51 B/C as we have the Alison engine in the P-40 and the Packard in the P-51D as well as tail shape and engine casing.
  5. From what I can tell as a very new pilot to TAW that the argument that the Germans couldn't/Shouldn't attack during the Christmas break doesn't stick if this (as according to this new player's impression) server is also under the pretense of being historically accurate most of the time. There is a reason Operation Bodenplatte happened on the 1st of January after all, Wars don't care about your hang over... And if you want to argue game play over historical accuracy then the Axis players have every right to argue VVS being out numbered is fine as the numbers of players wanting to play said sides speak for themselves.
  6. I don't really know where else to put this question frankly... I know this is an odd question but we all know about if you bought the game on steam here is the A,B and C possess to link your steam account to IL-2 to buy IL-2 products off the website However is there a way to go backwards? disregard the reason...I suppose I could say a standardization of games so a friend has all his games on steam but is there a way to use the fact he has a IL-2 account and the game with launcher and get the game on his steam account without needing to buy at least BoS on steam all over again and log into his IL-2 account from there. TL:DR is there a way of letting steam know you already own BoS and make steam download it through Steam for free or do you have to by BoS through steam to do this?
  7. Oh yeah theres that XD Go pick up BoMP (Battle of Moscow Premium) its probably the best 'bang for your buck' as you get the P-40 and also classics like the Ju 88 and Bf 110 E-2 which are Very common aircraft on any server and then if your still hungry for a solid common Axis plane pick up the A-3 later P.S I say MP over SP because you already have all the Stalingrad aircraft and would only be getting the 2 collector planes anyway so MP is probably better value atm
  8. one little problem is since your new you don't really know what your gonna be good at However as a rule of thumb I always suggest this: The 190 A-5 will most probably be the most useful (unless its a really early Stalingrad mission but is open to be used from Moscow to BoBP in my experience and sometimes in Stalingrad depending on how accurate the server is trying to be) because it gets a decent amout of ground ordnance and is an alright fighter HOWEVER this plane is from an Expansion and is expensive in the bigger picture so the next best thing is the 190 A-3...that IS in every expansion mission and the earlier the mission (i.e Stalingrad and Moscow compared to Kuban and Bodenplatte) the better of fighter it will be...so Defiantly the A3 without a doubt as the G-6 can be kinda iffy when it comes to availability in early missions for Moscow and Stalingrad As for the Russians I'ma probably go a bit left field with this one...a tiny bit of personal bias I think but I suggest the P-40, good all round plane and will teach you engine management. Only down side would be Wings of Liberty as what makes it good is its an alright fighter but also can load 6 rockets/ 1 250 or 500kg bomb AS WELL as have 6 50cals good for ground attack BUT on Wings of Liberty ground ordinance for fighters is often locked meaning par for par the La-5s and such probably make a better fighter Other downside is while the 50s are a blessing they are also a curse as they don't really teach you how to lead allied fighter guns until you get into BoBP Following everything I just said I MAY end up replacing the P-40 with the Hurricane when it comes out depending on what modifications the Hurricane can get but, for now, it remains as this. But yeah...I'd say the Fw-190 A3 and the P-40 (for now) as both are solid starter buys for a new player. They are also both quite unique particularly the P-40 so you may like that too
  9. The reason we don't have them is we don't need them. Don't get me wrong I'd love to see them in but atm the largest ships we have in game are Destroyer Escorts or perhaps Destroyers which can be taken out just as easily with a 1000Ib or 500Kg bomb which is why the Dev's haven't focused it...I have a feeling we'd need perhaps a Mediterranean DLC (excluding a Pacific one) to give them a reason to add larger ships and by defacto, Torpedo Perhaps Normandy with the channel and all might also do this but I don't think its coming in the near future which is a shame because I'd love to load my Fw 190 A5 up with the U14 mod and drop a Torpedo with some mates flying in a squadron or as already stated in IL-2s ect
  10. Could I have a copy of BOKP? I have a friend who was strapped for cash trying to save up for some parts for his PC and really wants to get into IL-2 GB and I think this would just make his day Thank you for your kindness regardless, love seeing these give aways on this site so often
  11. I mean...the reason I said what I said is because at the end of the day...we just need a reason for the planes because that is what we want and probably a map for said planes but other than that we'd be set...so we don't necessarily need a thing like the 'Battle of Midway' and we don't need Carriers so if we can find some sort of campaign that gives us interesting aircraft on both sides and 2 or more land bases, one for each, we'd be set
  12. I sure multi play ability is intended, I mean its why the Ar 234 is in BoN, makes a good selling point and they probably couldn't fit it in BoBP. if your a hyper accurate server that plane with be seen in BoBP missions over Normandy ones
  13. This could mean that some sort of expansion for instance, early war or maybe Sino-Japanese stuff with American help could be possible but last I heard Aircraft carriers are not possible within the game engine...best I could come up with was this map, its cap from Operation Toenails and theoretically mean planes such as the SBD, TBF, F4F, F6F OS2U PBY and F4U could take off from Henderson Airbase and strike targets north but its one of the only few options we have if we want the classic aircraft we all know but get around the lack of any Aircraft carriers to put them on The Dimensions roughly correlate to the Battle of Normandy Map size. Henderson AB is right next to Honiara and you'd be attacking places on New Georgian island, the island with the towns of Peava, Hallsi and Seghe on it
  14. Might not have Heavies but we can all enjoy Tactical formations in the mean time
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